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The Harp Inn
130 E 17th St # A
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Wednesdays: 7:30 PM
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10:25 AM, April 18, 2013
Penguins Stole my Sanity 82

Neam Tame 81

I Dream of Paul's Hairy Chest 75

In 2nd Place 74

Generally Experts in Esoteric Knowledge, Stupid! 73

Multiple Scoregasms 71

T&A 67

The Boston Snap Crackles & Pops 64

You Put the Cunt in Country 63

We Don't Know Shit 37

Vader Pussy 29

MIA 26

Resident Egon


Quiz Schedule
Bryan (Resident Egon)

Born on a mountaintop in NYC, crowdedest place in the land of the free. Moved cross the country just tryin' to see, come to California when he was only 3.

Bryan, Bryan the Quizmaster. Duke of the wild frontier. (I wouldn't want to be King...too many assassination atttempts)

You people are amazing and infuriating...and so am I. Good lord...11 teams...every other week you all come down and cram the fuck outta The Harp, running Paul and JJ ragged but I know they couldn't be happier. We had some energetic newbies in the house, and hopefully they become loyal harpists and prevalent quizzers. You may not have known shit tonight, but study up and next week you could even present a challenge to GB...no...ok..no one presents a challenge to the UltiTeam. But when you notice phones boy do you fuckers ever present a challenge! You got the minor chiding my dear as we believe you were just texting, but now you know. This bar will descend on you like a pack of angry mother bears if I don't hold them back. Hell...we saw whenever I mispronounce something they leap upon me as a zombie horde would tear apart a prone man. This is Quiz...and Quz is Srs Bizness...

Quick aside - good wishes and a spedy recovery to our other ginger, Marisa. She was involved in a 5-car pileup on the 105 recently and has unfortunately missed some of our fun the past few weeks. I know like me everyone in the bar sends their pleasant thought and karmic wishes for a Wolverine-like healing. You will marathon yourself again, good maiden! We now return you to your regularly prattled blog...

Such properly insensitive bravery tonight in a couple team names...in particular the Boston one. Was it too soon? Too tsunami? Maybe, but it wasn't all that mean of a name so I allowed it. Plus the chance to make a "how can you say that" joke over a microphone that wasn't my fault...I truly treasure moments of horror that are awesome.

My favorite Team Names Tonight:

  • The Boston Snap Crackles and Pops
  • I Dream of Paul's Hairy Chest
  • You Put the Cunt in Country
  • Vader Pussy (It's a trap!)


  • The cries of recognition and horror at R2Q8 were so delicious I think I still have the aftertaste in my mouth. Never before has an entire room demanded a bonus point for being forced to think about and listen to Nickelback.
  • Apparently based on the Round 3 scores, you nerdy little fuckers have no clue where to live.
  • I'm pretty sure Round 6 brought its pencil...shit I loved that video as a kid.
    • Oh shit...speaking of Round 6 there was a bonus email question. You're on the list, right? Last night's opportunity for a bonus prize was: In 1978 the communists of Afghanistan overthrew their government, installed a Soviet-friendly regime, and inspired Rambo III, following the assassination of what party leader?
  • Obviously this is why I love Round 7.


We had some action on the scoreboard tonight, a real flip-flopper, real humdinger, real peanut butter in the middle of the candy! Sometimes it comes down to Jokers, sometimes it comes down to a tie breaker. Tonight it came down to Round Mothafukin' 8!

  • In 3rd - I Dream of Paul's Hairy Chest
  • In 2nd - Neam Tame
  • And your victors in 1st - Penguins Stole my Sanity

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I drink to your health when I'm with you,
I drink to your health when I'm alone,
I drink to your health so often,
I'm starting to worry about my own!