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Black Star Co-Op
7020 Easy Wind Drive
Austin, TX 78752
Sundays: 8:00 PM
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10:40 PM, March 31, 2013
More Like Lame of Thrones 87

Brocktoon 76

A Nice Egg in This Trying Time 75

Virgin Whore Complex 75

Maloney 69

Dublin Hardcore 67

The Main Hangs 62

The Stoned Sultry Waffles 62

Who Sures 61

Justin Parsley Sage Rosemary and Thyme 54

The Tootery 54

Harry and Lloyd 50

Bag Ladies 45

Bukowski Party 30

Que 23



Quiz Schedule
Red's Porch, Tuesdays -- AND -- Waterloo Ice House Southpark Meadows, Wednesdays --- ALSO -- Black Star Co-Op, Sundays
Evan ()

I like hats, the artist Poe, and anything nerdy.  My sole aspiration in life is to be Tom Cruise, but better.

Here is an excerpt from my Wikipedia page:

"Evan Boston was born a poor sharecropper's son in Upper Manhattan.  So dire was his family's poverty that young Evan was forced to subsist on soy sauce and steamed fingernail clippings.  His life was forever changed when he pressed his soy-sauce-bespattered face to the glass of a public house wherein a Geeks Who Drink pub quiz was being held.  Evan knew then what his life's work would be from that moment on.  He sold his father's prize possession, a tortoiseshell comb, to pay for tuition for Quizmasters' Academy.  After years of being bullied and shunned by the rich students and Samoans, Evan finally proved his worth by graduating 4th in his Quizmaster's class, for which he was presented an Applebee's gift card.  He has yet to use it."

We had the same number of teams at quiz tonight as we did at the Super Bowl quiz...!

I'd say that's proof that football is a religion.  At least in Texas.


God, I'm SO full of chocolate right now.


By the way, don't listen to those memes that would have you believe that Easter is derived from Ishtar.  That's a load of bull.

The symbols of eggs and rabbits are almost definitely borrowed from pagan celebrations of fertility, yes, but those are most likely Germanic in origin.

Not that I have any facts to back that up-- I just like mentioning shit like that so that someone intelligent will correct me.

Beats actually doing research.


Anyways, thanks a bunch for being a bunch of thankful quizzers!  I'm gonna go gorge myself on more chocolate and watch some Archer.


See y'all next time!


-evan and kavi