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Black Star Co-Op
7020 Easy Wind Drive
Austin, TX 78752
Sundays: 8:00 PM
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11:27 AM, March 18, 2013
For Girlfriend Disposal Call Johnny 95

When the Events Over You Can Take Off the Wristband 90

Whore Leaf Clovers 85

Baby Spanky Was a Little Bastard 76

Jedi Mind Meld 76

The Rollo Tonies 73

No Weezy the Harlem Shake Doesnt Involve Seizures 70

Co-op is Code for Communism 69

Barry 68

McPoyle 67

Abusement Park 63

Pope by Popewest 62

Christ on a Bike 61

Klassy as Fuck 58

Carbomb 51

#TeenDrama 44

Longshoremen 43

Heartfelt Apathy 39

Feco-Friendly Munts 39

Whit and Wine 27

The Dumbliners 20

Jard Fard Bard 19

BK Larry Skyfall 5



Quiz Schedule
Red's Porch, Tuesdays -- AND -- Black Star Co-Op, Sundays
Evan ()

Formerly a scientist, Evan is a treacherous, high-ranking Quizmaster who turns into a jet and is openly known to want to replace Megatron as the leader of the Decepticons.

Yes, I do believe that was a fine Saint Paddy's Day Quiz.  

Did we suddenly pretend that we like Guiness for a day?  No.  Did we dress in annoying over-the-top plastic green hats and necklaces?  Not really.  Did we play Dropkick Murphys on a loop for every scoring break?  No sir.  Did we incessantly bombard you with round after round about Irish stuff, green stuff, Saint Patrick stuff, and an entire Boondock Saints audio round?  Hell, no.

(Although some of that might have actually been fun...)

But, did we drink craft beer and eat deviled eggs?  Yup.  Did we sport some fashionable green attire that would make Tim Gunn jealous?  Yes we did.  Did I give you just a small taste of Flogging Molly and the Pogues?  Yup again.  Did we have a sensible eight rounds and two bonus questions relating to the holiday?  Sure did.

If you ask me, that's how you do it.  Unless, of course, we filled Black Star with snakes and had someone in a golf cart drive them out using a push broom and a hose.

Which, by the way, most scientists agree that there is no evidence to prove that snakes ever existed in Ireland, or at least not in abundance.  So that whole legend thing is scientifically improbable.

Hate to burst your bubble...

Anyways, thanks for coming and playing along.  We'll have more of the same next week, so don't miss it!


-evan and kavi