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The Highliner Pub
3909 18th Avenue West
Seattle, WA 98119
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1:09 AM, February 17, 2013
Kitten Mittens 76

Happy Ferris Wheel Day 72

Quiz in My Pants 67


Carnival of Unflushable Delights 62

Ted Nugent's Ushers 59

Admiral Snackbar 49

The Brothers Horton 46

OJ 45

Damn Straight it's V-Day! Hail to the V! 44

You Don't Bring Me Flowers 29

Sad Face 28

Stevo-O 21

Party Poopers 10



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Lunchbox Laboratory (Bellevue) - Monday 6pm to 8pm Snoqualmie Brewery and Taproom - Wednesday 7pm to 9pm The Unicorn - Thursday 7pm to 9pm
Ken (R-Kenny)

Master of the old skool jams and token white boy, R-Kenny rules the land on the strength of his street knowledge. And by street knowledge, he means his middle class suburban upbringing. 

Happy V-Day everyone! From the brink of cancelation we came and boy oh boy am I glad that you all decided to be my valentines! I asked you pretty much every question I could about that miserable Hallmark creation that occurs on this, the 14th of February, and we managed to survive it together with copious amounts of booze and merrymaking! I just wanted to say it again, ya’ll are the best! I can’t think of a more satisfying way to spend my Valentine’s day. I’m going to drown in a cup of Vodka mixed with my own tears now. Salty…

Hall of Shame

  • You Don’t Bring Me Flowers – I don’t see a lot of 0’s so your performance on R7, “Everyone’s Least Favorite Holiday”, was pretty shameful.
  • The Brothers Horton – Well… not only did you manage to score 0 in R6, “Philophopia”, but you managed to invent a new musical. When does Jesus & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat open? I can’t wait to see it!

Mad Props

  • UNKEWL – Thank for saying I rock. It doesn’t get you a point, but it warms my cockles.
  • Happy Ferris Wheel Day – Did you really come in second place, playing by yourself on Valentine’s day? Somebody should have taken you home with them!
  • Quiz in My Pants – Your team name was a disappointment, but you did post the top score in R4, “Lady Business”.
  • Kitten Mittens – No surprise you won it all, you were the only team all night to post a perfect score in a theme round!

Bitchin’ Team Names

  • Carnival of Unflushable Delights
  • Admiral Snackbar

Tonight everyone was a winner. I gave the loneliest member of each team a shot of drink and we drank away our sorrow together. Even though everyone drank, not everyone could be a true winner tonight. Kitten Mittens took home the top prize with the powerhouse Happy Ferris Wheel Day taking second place all by herself! Our “Thank God We Didn’t Come in Last” prize went to Damn Straight it’s V-Day! Amanda AKA Happy Ferris Wheel Day took home the Facebook free beer in addition to her other, numerous accomplishments and Wendy of Carnivale of Unflushable Delights took home the email bonus prize. You should go ahead and like the Facebook page for awesome stuff and a chance to win a free beer every week!