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Three Lions Pub
2239 E Colfax Ave
Denver, CO 80206
Wednesdays: 8:00 PM
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10:30 PM, April 11, 2012
Drunken Clams 79

Kneel Before Zod 78

I Rush to Judgement, and I Already Hate You 73

Nacho Average Team 69

Mastadon vs. Whedon 56

They Might BeÉ Jaguar Sharks 29

Indiana Jones 8

Reginald Nelson 8



Quiz Schedule
Pasquini's (DTC) - Wednesday 7:30p
Nate ()

Nate claims to be a nerd, not a geek (though he doesn't quite understand the difference). He reads graphic novels, is a walking IMDb, watches "Lost" on repeat, and enjoys a good reimagining (looking at you, BSG) but hates when George Lucas messes with the OT. 

Geeks tonight was a race to the finish:

Teams were racing each other for the top prize, and I was racing my voice. 

It felt like the plot of a incredibly lame Speed ripoff: “Nate is a quizmaster at Three Lions Pub. Every Wednesday night, he hosts a quiz for geeks throughout the Denver-metro area. But tonight is different... He is losing his voice.” Explosions. Car wrecks. Raspy screams. Lady Gaga embarrassingly coming up on shuffle. 

It worked better in my head.

Tonight, Gretta won all four bonus beers AND the internet bonus question. I have to admit, that on her fourth win I was begging for someone else to beat her. In fact, I purposely looked away from her during the last question, but no one else could come up with the correct answer. So, congrats, Gretta.

It was a quite night at Three Lions Pub, which allowed some newcomers to take the top prizes. I Rush To Judgment, and I Already Hate You took third place, Kneel Before Zod took second place (damn you, Tolstoy!), and Drunken Clams took the top prize for the evening!

Dunkleman out.


Oh yeah, fuck you, cold.