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Dad & Dude's Breweria
6730 S Cornerstar Way, Suite D
Centennial, CO 80016
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1:28 PM, June 08, 2012
Drones Over Pakistan 65

Dutch Rudders 46

Not Dumb Blondes 45

Red Smurf 43

Chips N Salsa 40

Off To Gay Porn 40

Dudes & Chickes 39

Bazinga! 36

Four Eyes & An Apple 33

Ma's Team 18

Quiz In Your Pants 13

Lorenzen 10

Timbo Slice 8

Gunner 0



Quiz Schedule
Dave (Dave)

Quizzing it up in Chicago!

You guys did it again.  Not only have more teams played than EVER before (14 teams) I'm pretty sure at one point, the entire restaurant was GWD Quizzers.  I'm beyond ecstatic about that.  Maybe it's the free beer, the good weather, or something in the drinks, either way last night was awesome.  Let's keep this up and try to get 15 for next week.

Now to the quiz.  Some things we learned this week:

  • Being a reular pays off.  The same group of teams have been doing better week to week than anyone else. DUTCH RUDDERS  had the best score in both of our lowest scoring rounds.  So what does this mean for you?  The more often your team comes to quiz, the more likely your team will be to place at the end of the night.
  • Everyone seems to know the sound isn't optimal and as a result we were able to get to the point where you could hear a pin drop when I read a question.  That's very much appreciated.
  • Half of our finishing teams beat OFF TO GAY PORN.


Round One was our weakest round.  While we did have a 0 for the round most people at least knew their tennis players and astronauts...just not the right ones.

'That's what she said,' was the theme of round two.  You needed to name the artist and song title.  Just about everyone seems to know their Chuck Berry, Britney Spears, and Beyonce.  CHIPS N SALSA had the best answer for #8 with 'It's too big.'

I was 'Hungary for Turkey' during round three, but D&D's doesn't have too many turkey options.  With only two options for the answers from the get go, it was easy to see while most everyone did pretty well.  Interesting side note:  While Romania (the answer to the bonus question) gave us Dracula, more recently 'vampire remains' were discovered in Bulgaria.  They have plans to turn the site in to a tourist destination.  Read More Here.

In Round Four just about everyone seemed to think Andy Dick is older than 50, he does look older than 50 but in Round Five everyone was on their 'A Game'.  Just wow is all I have to say about the appearance of some of those celebrities.

For 'Kidnapped' in round 6 there were a lot of 'almost' answers. Everyone got Elizabeth Smart for #1.  I still find it amazing that Elizabeth Smart was something like 30 mins away from her house with that psycho for 9 months and that law enforcement pretty much overlooked Phil Garrido's sprawling backyard for years.

Rounds 7 and 8 were pretty straight forward.  Must not be a lot of John Leguizamo fans in our group.  As usual, Round 8 produced the highest score with DRONES OVER PAKISTAN scoring 24 points due to strategic joker use.  In case everyone doesn't know they are the reigning champs for 6 weeks now.










Again, great night. It was good to see SO MANY new teams.  Don't forget to bring your friends, neighbors, mailman, dentist, whoever.  We can make it to 15 teams, I can sense it!

Don't forget to check out our new Facebook page for a last night's playlist and more info.  http://www.facebook.com/dadanddudespubquiz 

See you all next week at 8!