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Alley Katz
2019 O Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
Tuesdays: 7:30 PM
Thursdays: 7:30 PM
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11:24 PM, February 26, 2013
Chirographum x 72

Argo Fuck Yourself 71

Anne Hathaway's Boobs 67

A is for Awesome 61

Philosoraptor 59

Legalize Married Iguanas x 50

Pinky and the Brain 49

Seth McFarlane: Show me your moobs 40

Pick a Color 31

Rob and Big 23

Blahskits and Gravy 20



Quiz Schedule
Mondays from 9pm-11pm at G Street Wunderbar in Davis, and Tuesdays from 730pm-930pm at Alley Katz in Sacramento.
Rachel (Rachel.)

Hey folks,

I am Rachel! Welcome to my intro profile thing. I am a graduate student at UC Davis, studying Education (I was an English major, though, so that's my thing...) I student teach around the area and will get a credential and MA sometime in 2014.

When I am not leading the youth of tomorrow, I can be found at the local Beer Shoppe having a tasty pint, or a punk show in Sacramento or the Bay Area. I spend a considerable amount of time caved up doing school work, so Monday and Tuesday as quizmaster are kinda like my weekend. Except I can't really drink much cuz I have to teach in the morning. It's a test of my will! 

I welcome my quiz-followered to friend me on Facebook! If you can find me >:D

Tonight was so much fun! Black Diamond Beer was in promoting beer, giving out $3 refills, shirts, glasses, and beer bottle openers (snagged one!) Tomorrow will be equally awesome with Jason the Bartender's band is playing in the parking lot at 7pm!

But to the quiz... I was very pleased to have our 3rd place team get a PERFECT 16 ib R2, aaand they Jokered! That means 32 points. Well done, on playing strategically. 

Most people were surprised by R3's religion questions. I didn't think Dave Chappelle had a religion, let alone Islam. Go figure. Even jokes take shit seriously.

R5 was adequate. Who would have guessed a pope had a UTI? Weird... I thought only girls got it from holding in their pee when drunk. Er, tmi?

Anyway, tomorrow will be awesome. Beer Week brought in a lot of new people and I think it was pretty successful. Except for the idiot whose girlfriend thought Shakespeare was the answer to a question regarding literature written in the 1920s. I asked her, quite simply, how did Shakespeare do that? He died in the 1600s... and she said exactly. He then continued to call me an ignorant jerk for being right. I asked if he should be at an AA meeting somewhere, and he said no. Such is life.

Off I go :) Adieu!