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Evening Star Cafe
2000 Mount Vernon Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22301
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4:04 PM, January 30, 2012
Xanadu 75

Burnt Beans 74

His and Herpes 72

My Couch Pulls Out But I Don't 67

The Antics 64

Nick Rivers, Linda Ronstadt and Time Permitting, Frank Sinatra 63

Team Casey 54

The Bishop


Quiz Schedule
Tuesday, 8pm; Hard Times Cafe; Springfield, VA
Marcus (The Bishop)

Just 29 days into the New Year and the rivalry between Xanadu and Burnt Beans shows no signs of abating. Sunday’s quiz at the Evening Star’s No. 9 Lounge saw not only the first, four-time winner, but also the return of Nick Rivers, Linda Ronstadt and Time Permitting, Frank Sinatra and new teams My Couch Pulls Out But I Don't, The Antics, Team Casey and the on again, off again team name of His and Herpes. All were welcomed – all will hopefully return the weekend after the Super Bowl.

Yes, no quiz next Sunday as most are committed to Super Bowl activities; whether or not we give a shit as to who is in the game. But tonight, everyone gave a shit and as far as we were concerned, this was the Super Bowl of quiz nights – never mind the bit of business that happened in Austin this weekend.

But yes, our Geeks Who Drink event rocked the house as Xanadu and Burnt Beans found themselves, yet again, in a tie. How it happens, I do not know, but here we were, at the end of eight challenging rounds with X and BB tied with 74 points. Yeah, dance-off time.

If records are correct, this is only the second time we have had a dance-off and both times, the dance-off was between Xanadu and Burnt Beans. Xanadu won the first time, as judged by the applause-o-meter and they were set to do the same again this week until – out of nowhere – Burnt Beans lead man “X-Monster,” took the mic and rapped every single line to Will Smith’s “Getting Jiggy Wit It.” CLASSIC!!!.

So yeah, that was pretty much the end of the dance-off. Burnt Beans won the day, the girl and the $50 gift card. Well-played. Sorry to say, the video of the dancing is just a black blur but I am getting closer to figuring out this HTC. At least Google Sky works (kinda).

It was a great night, Mav, all around. Jose was here to do a bit of training for his take-over of the Hard Times Café in Springfield, VA and team Casey was here celebrating the birthday of somebody called Casey (I assume).

I am happy to see His and Herpes have reclaimed their name and delighted to see the return of Nick Rivers, Linda Ronstadt and Time Permitting, Frank Sinatra, still one of my favorite team names.

The Antics seem like they could be regulars. This six-person team did pretty well for the first time and clearly had quizzed before. My Couch Pulls Out is actually a Springfield HTC team and we were happy to see them but were a little fearful of having a napkin or some other object thrown at yours truly. If anyone has seen the blog from the Springfield HTC you know it reads like a police blotter. Perhaps things will change with the new Sherriff in town (AKA Jose).

 Minus next Sunday, we are here every Sunday, 6pm, and we look forward to seeing you again (we is really just me).