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Trifecta on 3rd
360 Neuces street #30
Austin, TX 78701
Wednesdays: 8:00 PM
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8:59 AM, April 04, 2013
Bite the Pillow, I'm Coming in Dry 84

Autocorrect is My New Worst Enema 84

Gaydolph Shitler 81

Brits Abroad 81

Antonin Scalia Did Gay Porn in the 70s 74

Jeavon Boner Strikes Back 73



Quiz Schedule
Wednesday 8pm: Trifecta on 3rd
Cally E. (J-Boner )

One time, when I had a little too much to drink, I put my number in a friend's phone as 'J-Boner'. The nickname has stuck and my mom is super proud. I am a law student at UT and I have an obsession with little animals in little hats. It makes my ovaries swell just thinking about it. I also no longer find Justin Bieber attractive now that he has hit puberty. That's about it. 

I think the rain separated the wheat from the chaff last night because we had a small, concentrated group of dedicated quizzers. The competition was so intense that even the door of the bar kept getting stuck open because all of the energy inside the room (that or it was broken). 

The night started off a little rough when Brits Abroad did not enjoy my playing of Mmmbop by Hanson during the first round on America. Hanson was the original hipster and nothing is much more American than their beautiful hair and dreamy voices. The lowest score for Round 2 was 14 and everyone jokered. You guys know your shitty demo versions of songs! The America theme continued into Round 3 which was stictly about GM, Chrysler and Ford. After Round 3, Jeavon Boner Strikes Back was in the lead, which they really fucked up in the second half of the quiz and ended in last place. 

Things were neck-and-neck through the second half of the quiz, and we ended with two ties. Gaydolph Shitler and Brits Abroad were tied for third, and Bite the Pillow, I'm Coming in Dry and Autocorrect is My New Worst Enema tied for first. Gaydolph Shitler declined to participate in the dance-off, but I still made Brits Abroad earn their win by showing us some sick dance moves. The sudden death round for first place was intense, and Bite the Pillow, I'm Coming in Dry forced their way into first. This is their second week with a first place win, so we shall see if their winning streak continues. 

I had so much fun last night (maybe it was partly due to the second glass of whiskey Pillow got me), and if I had all of your numbers I probably would have drunk texted you how amazing you all are. So instead I'll just say in sober on a public blog the next day. 

See you guys next week. Mmmmmmmbop.