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Phoenix Landing
512 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139
Wednesdays: 7:30 PM
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10:54 PM, March 26, 2014
The Annexation of Puerto Rico 74

Andrew's Waspy Tie 73

Pattrow Finally Listened to Coldplay 67

Clumps 64

Little Leo The Tamborine Man 62

2 Guys, a girl and too many degrees 59

The Winner-ers 55

Bitches Love Tapas 51

Just the Tip 50

Funky Fred Phelps Funeral 48

Dick Deck Dick Deck Dick Deck 47

Sisters from another Mother 46

Bowl Whisperers 31



Quiz Schedule
Every Wednesday from 7-9pm
Josh (Josh)

Show up with a smile, we're here for the yuks. And the beer. Oh and prizes, too. But mostly for the beer.

Ya know, being a substitue host can feel a little dirty. I come in, do my thing and then never see you guys again... like a one night stand, but without all the fun of touching each others junk (wait, how come we didn't do that?). But honestly, it's great. I can say whatever I want and pay no consequences. For example, I can call Phyllis from the Office fat and not feel the least bit bad. Really though, isn't *she* the one who should feel bad? I wonder if she's fat in real life or just a really good actress?

The quiz was fun. I learned all kinds of things. Not really. I still don't know what the fuck oleaginous is... And I especially have no idea what the deal is with vibrating bowls... thanks for nothing Bowl Whisperers. Apparently they're not these things: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singing_bowl... but they should be, cause those cure cancer. Oh and I still have absolutely no idea what Dick, Deck, Dick, Deck, Dick, Deck is all about. WTF guys?

Let's talk about some seriously wacky answers... in Funky Fred Phelps Funeral's universe there is a movie called "Indiana Jones and the the Holy Grail"... Okay? That at least has some connection to reality. In response to a quesiton asking about a 1985 movie starting off with a VW Bus loaded with Libyan Terroists... Sisters (From another Mother) responded with "Happy Endings". I can't even begin to understand how that could have happened. Now, I actually love the movie. However, it's an independant movie hardly anyone has ever seen, so how in the fuck did it just pop into your heads with absolutely no prompting at all. God knows the question couldn't have been involved.... "Happy Endings" was released in 2005! 20 years later. Maggie Gyllenhaal was 8 in 1985, way too young to be banging Tom Arnold's gay son (spoiler alert... I did that backward, didn't I?).  The movie has no action, no terrorists and as far as I can remember... no VW Buses. However, Tom Arnold did turn in a pretty killer performance as the homophobic dad who eventually sees the error of his ways.

Man, that got off track for a minute, but sometimes when faced with extreme congnitive dissonance, it's necessary to talk things out or risk dissociation. Moving on... learn how to fucking joker, dummies. Just the Tip should have gone home with second prize... but apparently their perfect score in round two didn't seem like the right opportunity to double up... (P.S. 4 points in round 8. Way to go).

Before I let you guys go, I want to make one last observation. Friendship is dumb, free booze is not. The Annexation of Puerto Rico has tonight proven this fact once and for all. Got more than 6 people with you... well there's a moron in every bunch and everyone knows who it is (and if you don't, it's you). Send 'em packin'.

Be excellent to your new host!

Phoenix Landing
512 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139
Wednesdays: 7:30 PM
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10:22 AM, March 20, 2014
Dinosaur Sr. 81

Richard Pictures 80

Dude Where's My 777? 76

Something Clever 75

The Team That Shall Not Be Named 73

Third Wheel 73

The Screeching Eels 70

Clown Ballerina 68

The Dowager Countesses 68

Rus' Minions 65

Crimea River 64

Quiz in My Pants 62

Big Problem in Little Vagina 60

Noodies for Noodles 47

Max Power


Quiz Schedule
Battery Park Mondays 7:00 PM
Kevin (Max Power)

Kevin lives in Somerville and spends his time doing lots of math so that robots can more easily take over the world. When not doing that, he's devoting his time to brewing beer, and listening to Bowie. He's also an ordained minister (it's amazing what you can do for free on the interwebs). And yes, that's Kevin chilling with Tommy Wiseau, director of the wonderful film The Room (nbd).

Battery Park:
33 Batterymarch St
Boston, MA 02109
Mondays: 7:00 PM




So as I was prepping for the quiz yesterday, I realized that I had been hosting for Geeks Who Drink for some time. In fact, it turned out that it was 2 years ago this week that I started hosting, right here at Phoenix Landing. So it was pretty nice to be back up on stage in front of that weird white DJ turntable stand thing quizzing with you nice folks.


There were some high scores all around, with two teams breaking 80 points, and half of the teams over 70! I guess that means we have to start making things harder on you guys.


After three rounds, Richard Pictures had the lead over Dinosaur Sr.  and Dude, Where’s My 777? (all great names I must add).  They all jokered round two, but only Dick Pics aced the round, to start things off nicely. Those standings held for the next scoring break, but round 7, which tripped many of you up, tripped them up as well, giving Dinosaur Sr. the edge they needed to take the victory.


On a side note, I’m sad at how many of you can’t tell the difference between Tupac Shakur and Ghostface Killah. No disrespect to everyone's favorite hologram (inexplicable CNN coverage of the 2008 election notwithstanding), but he ain’t got shit on Ghostface. As proof, I’ll leave you with the words of Mr. Starks himself from the incredible Bring Da Ruckus:


Ghostface catch the blast of a hype verse
My Glock burst, leave in a hearse, I did worse
I come rough, tough like an elephant tusk
Ya head rush, fly like Egyptian musk
Aww shit Wu-Tang Clan spark the wicks an'
However I master the trick just like Nixon
Causing terror, quick damage your whole era
Hardrocks is locked the fuck up or found shot
P.L.O. style, hazardous cause I wreck this dangerous
I blow spots like Waco Texas

Phoenix Landing
512 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139
Wednesdays: 7:30 PM
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12:03 PM, March 13, 2014
Jonathan's slot isf unfillable 75

rus' mimions 74

clinton between two bushes 69

dowager countesses 67

supple nips and steak tips 62

aquib taleaving 60

phx staff 56

malaysians can't float 56

crimean jokers 56

pecan sandies 46

matthew mcconaghey mcconawho? 41

#mybossfartsatwork 38

shut your damn mouth 37

lol jerry 26

quiz boners 10

Jon Julio Anejo


Quiz Schedule
Monday - Battery Park 7:00 pm Wednesday-Phoenix Landing 7:30 pm
Jonathan (Jon Julio Anejo)

My name is Jonathan and I hail from West Roxbury.  I came over from a competing pub quiz company in the Boston area that was started in this very same neighborhood.  If you can guess who they are, message me with the correct answer to win nothing. You know who else comes from here?  The actress who played Dagny in Atlas Shrugged Part I but not Atlas Shrugged Part II.  I bet you'd love to know more fun facts about West Roxbury.

I grew up in a Suburban town South of Boston which now includes a large retail outpost for a company in Sweden that makes furniture. After high school I spent the next 12 years in Philadelphia where I paid a large amount of money for a college degree which I do not currently use.  Over 40 grand to lose my Boston accent.  I also hacked out a living in my post-college career bumming around the "Swamps of Jersey".  These days I tend bar at a Restaurant in Boston for a living.  And yes Mom and Dad, it's a way of making a living

As far as quizmastering goes, I can be found both in Boston and in Cambridge.  I run the show at Battery Park on Monday nights at 7:00pm as well as at The Phoenix Landing in Central Square on Wednesday nights at 7:30.  Stop by and say hi!

Tonight I bid farewell to the Phoenix Landing, a gig I've held here for well over a year. My new work commitments permit me from doing this anymore on Wednesday and while it was the logical move, it wasn't an easy one. Regardless I've made a lot of friends here and had many good times. I can only hope we fill this slot with a worth replacement.

One team seriously doubted that tonight and dubbed themselves Jonathan's Slot is Unfilliable. To my suprise (but not really) they won tonights quiz with an impressive score. They jokered in round 2 and racked up a point lead they would cruise on all the way to round 8 where they almost slipped into 2nd. Rus' Minions had been nipping at their heels all night long and outperformed Slot in round 8 but it wasn't enough to win. Slot for the win, Ru's in 2nd and Clinton Between two Bushes jumped ahead of some teams to finish in 3rd. Tony won this weeks e-mail prize which was a bottle opener/usb flash drive. Neat-o!

Many things were learned tonight as there are every night here. “Torn” was originally done by some grungy band? Theres a board game about railroad cars?! There's a top 40 hip-hop artist from Maine?! Anyhow. So sad to be leaving this venue. So were tonight's champions. They were planning a surprise for me the whole night and they wisely waited until the quiz finished to show me my very own going away “Bon Voyage” cake. Cake or no cake, they won fair and square. Seems only fitting! After the gig we brought the cake to a bar where we made instant friends with everyone! Just like I did here. Thanks for the memories, Cambridge. We will not be seeing you next week, but you will be seeing Kevin Leahy. He's a swell guy. Bon Voyage!!

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