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Blue Star Cafe & Pub
4512 Stone Way North
Seattle, WA 98103
Mondays: 8:00 PM
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11:27 AM, February 28, 2012
We're Just Here For The Free Pencil 67

Romney Care Bears 61

What Do We Want? A Cure For Tourette's! When Do We Want It? Cunt. 60

What Makes You Think I Won't Cut You? 57

Whitney Houston 2 Weeks Sober 56

The Wily Chineses Arrive Exactly When They Intend To And Not A Moment Sooner. 56

Swiss Chardonaise 55

Octrivia Spencer 52

Dr. SpaceMan 51

Sleptons 50

The Left Behinds 42

Transforrrrm! 39

Brittany "Michael Bay" St. Julien


Quiz Schedule
Wednesdays @ The Dubliner, 8:00 pm Thursdays @ Jabu's Pub, 8:00 pm
Brittany (Brittany "Michael Bay" St. Julien)

Friends call me Michael Bay because I love action and make a lot of sound effects with my mouth.

Well, nobody calls me that, really. But they should for the above reasons.

If I had to rank my top 3 books, it'd look something like:

1)Plato- The Republic
2)Heinlein- Stranger in a Strange Land
3)Silverman- The Bedwetter

Or something. 

Yeah, it was a pretty silly night.

We're Just Here For The Free Pencil ended up taking the first place position and, presumably, at least one pencil. Enjoy those, guys! Romney Care Bears took second, followed by the team with what should have been the most offensive name: What Do We Want? A Cure For Tourette's! When Do We Want It? Cunt. I say it should have been the most offensive name because while it's teeming with things like the C-Bomb and insensitivity toward a mental handicap, the team name that actually got the biggest rise out of the bar was Whitney Houston 2 Weeks Sober. Too soon? We here at GWD say never.

One of the silliest moments took place when I wandered the bar snapping team photos. For one team's quick shoot, the alpha blonde addressed her team with a stern instruction: "gaaaang signs!"

As everyone twisted their little Caucasian fingers into some sort of expression of quasi-thugness, two of them teamed up to rep a gang of their own: the Shocker Gang.

I'm sure these were not the gang signs that Alpha Blonde was going for. The silliest thing about it to me, though, is how excited the two Shockers got about sneaking that into the picture.

Look, she's downright giddy! I haven't seen someone that excited about the Shocker since [**SECTION REMOVED DUE TO EXCESSIVE LANGUAGE, ADULT THEMES, AND MOCKERY OF LITERARY GREATS**] all over Neil Gaiman's face.

See you next Monday!