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Dubh Linn Square (Bordentown)
167 US Highway 130
Bordentown, NJ 08505
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1:17 AM, February 16, 2012

Big Truckin Andy 69

Yermom 66

Kitten Mittens 58

Sperm Bank Bailout 56

Hipster Speed Bump 48

Sometimes I puke when I shit 44

Wedding Singers 43

The Opposite of Lin-tastic 39

Whitney Houstoun ÒI will always love crackÓ 38

Suck it, Trebek 36

Fourth and Shlong 27

Those Guys 17

Matt Sorrentino


Quiz Schedule
Tuesday's @ Dublin Square - Cherry Hill NJ 9-11pm Wednesday's @ Dublin's Square - Bordentown NJ 9-11pm
Matthew Sorrentino (Matt Sorrentino)

Some would argue that he was the greatest man ever born! It was a cold christmas night, he was birthed from a virgin in a quiet manger. That was Jesus, but a close second was October 15, 1984 when Matt Sorrentino escaped the clutches of his embryonic home. 

If there was one thing Matt was born to do, it was to make people laugh.  He has been doing just that since day 1 (rough estimate). Matt is young, smart, hilarious and extremely good looking, he comedy will leave you peeing on the edge of your seat. 

On a more personal note he likes mushrooms on his pizza and he throws pennies in the trash.
I do a podcast!  Check me out.. I talk to the internet!  It's kind of a big deal.  www.turtleheadcomedy.com

So some of you left right after the quiz and missed us singing to Meghan... It was her birthday, technically it wasn't until Thursday.  Happy Birthday Meghan!  Have a good day... and don't get pregnant.  

Big woopty doo to STFU Donny for destroying the competition once again.  You guys should seriously look into doing pub quiz professionally.... Travel from state to state... living off gift cards and comp'd drinks.  That's the life... buy a trailer, get that started... and don't forget us little people!

Everyone else did nothing of interest.

That's all I have to say about that.  

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