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Geeks Who Drink helps events not stink.

Clowns are for kids. Deejays are corny and loud. And party games make guests feel awkward. The friendly competition of a Geeks Who Drink quiz breaks the ice, brings the laughs and makes any event unique and memorable. 

Wedding rehearsals and showers, birthday parties and family reunions, corporate events and conferences, bar mitzvahs and funerals -- whatever event you are throwing, Geeks Who Drink can tailor a quiz suited to your needs. We've hosted events with as few as 15 guests and as many as 250. You give us your vision, and our expansive archive of questions fills your requests. And our rates are reasonable. No, really, they are.

Even if your guests aren't geeks who drink, our quizzes appeal to a broad audience. By the end, Grandma will know the joy of shoving the right answer in junior's face - "Gershwin!" 

Here is what past clients have to say about our private event quizzes:

We have used Geeks Who Drink for several months now at our private club and have loved the quizmaster that they provide. The members look forward to seeing him each Trivia night and address him by name. They really make trivia not only fun, but also add their own personal touch to the trivia experience!

- Danielle West
Washington Athletic Club
Seattle, WA

We brought in Geeks Who Drink to host a quiz at a companywide corporate event. The staff worked with us on the question selection beforehand – we even had a round of company trivia – and were very responsive to our questions and needs. We had nothing but positive comments from everyone who participated for both the trivia quiz event and our hosts – and it served as an excellent team building activity for our staff. Everyone is still talking about it around the office months later.

- Anna Giuliani
American Innovations
Austin, TX

Geeks who Drink hosted our annual summer party; we had a great time! The Quizmaster was fun and entertaining and the questions weren't impossible, but just difficult enough that we had lots of spirited debate going on among our teams. We'll be doing it again next summer!"

Amy May
Sender & Wasserman, P.C.
Denver, CO


To request more information about having your own private Geeks Who Drink event, contact sales@geekswhodrink.com, call 303-532-4737 ext. 801 or fill out the form below.

Comment Now
3:03 PM, February 22, 2013
Quiztress Stacy


Quiz Schedule
Belltown Buckley's Every Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.
Stacy (Quiztress Stacy)

I've been told my entire life to "act like a lady" and "stop swearing so much". I finally found acceptance with Geeks Who Drink. I don't like acting like a lady, what the fuck does that even mean? And I love to swear. Every sentence is just better with swear words. People know you mean what you're saying, or you're kinda red neck - both of which could be said of me.

I grew up in Renton, Washington. I can always tell who actually came from Renton by the way they pronounce the city name. It's Ren-EN, not Ren-Ton you tard. Get it right. I'm married, sorry fellas, to a pretty awesome Irishman named Declan and he happens to be the scorer at Buckley's too. You say nepatism, I say networking. Before starting with Geeks, I had a quiz team that dominated called Captain Mike Hawke & His Privates. We kicked ass and my team and I still bust it out at non-Geeks venues around Seattle.

Most importantly, I like to drink...probably too much and I'm a total microphone whore with an unhealthy love of fucking with people on the mic. All in good fun, for me at least.

To sum it up, I'm fucking awesome and you should come down to my quiz. That is all.

Last night, Microsoft treated some of their interns to a night of pizza, beer and quiz. That just proves that Microsoft knows how to do it right, they provide beer. Our quiz was focused mostly on things that happened in 2000’s, which was for me is so recent however, one intern commented “I was only 9 in 2000”. Wow, I feel old…like really old. Even though they were only 9ish, these interns definitely go their quiz on.

They split into three competitive teams and a fourth team was made up of the event organizers. The interns all had a commitment to beat the organizers, and demolish the other interns. Top prize was a Kinect! I’d be super competitive as well! After the first couple rounds we had a tie for first place and the teams got even more serious. For the rest of the quiz there was shushing someone who may have been discussing answers a little too loud, teams were hiding papers and the competitiveness was taken to a whole new level.

In the end, it was Let’s Get Quizzical! with the first place win, followed by The Lifters. It was a fun night out a the Microsoft campus and the interns had a great time as well. Man, I wish I had intern programs like this when I was interning…would’ve made my 40 hours a week for $500 a month a much more appealing gig!