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The Royal Hilltop
18581 E. Hampden Ave
Aurora, CO 80013
Saturdays: 8:00 PM
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10:24 PM, March 09, 2013
Fallopian swim team 72

Jo's sex tape 71

I'm new in town 70

Church bus rape van 68

John's broken "toy" 68

Cake or death? 65

The El Dude bros. 59

Insert clever name 43

Tear stained pillow 8

Dynamic duo 6



Quiz Schedule
Wednesdays = Rio Grande (Lone Tree) Saturdays = The Royal Hilltop
Eddie (Eddie)

"UNDER the Bridge!"

We persevered.  Even through blinding winds and frozen roads, we persevered.  Even through volcanoes and republicans, we persevered.  We are…Hilltop.  WE ARE…HILLTOP!


In a mostly frozen wasteland known as Aurora, Colorado, 10 teams converged on the pub quiz known as Geeks Who Drink, and it was good.


We covered all subjects from Vivaldi to Roosevelt.  From best to worst.  From large to small.  From here to infinity…and beyond!


Church bus rape van walked away with more than just all our candy, they won the internet bonus prize, the Reboot Charm!  Now if only they could do something about all those damn zombies on their team…


It was another close night, with the top three teams separated by only two points.  Fallopian swim team returned to the winner circle with a first place finish.  Jo’s sex tape and I’m new in town finished second and third respectively, and we all wished on a magical unicorn known we dubbed, Alcohol.


See you next time, where the temperature will be 75 degrees and sunny.  Or -35 and hailing.  Hey, it’s Colorado.  What do you want from me?