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The Cheeky Monk
14694 Orchard Parkway
Westminster, CO 80023
Saturdays: 9:00 PM
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10:59 AM, March 17, 2013
Everybody's Legal? 77

Could You Please Repeat The Question? 66

The Abs Dereks 64

Boba Fettish 63

Why Not Zoidberg? 62

Incognito 60

Mother Pheasant Pluckers 60

Shattered Remains 59

I Knew That! 55

Knowledge is Power 50

McLovin 44

Pwny 3/5 43

Justin Berg


Quiz Schedule
Tuesdays - 8 PM @ Double D's Sourdough Pizza (Westminster) and Saturdays - 9 PM @ The Cheeky Monk.
Justin (Justin Berg)

I went to film school. Now I do this.

Good morning, geeks! Thank you all for coming out last night. The bar was hopping and there was great energy. You could say it was EPIC. According to last night’s round four, describing it that way would make you a douche.

It doesn’t stop there. Want someone to call, text, or email you? Please don’t ask them to PING you. “Why don’t you just ping me when you get to the bar? I’ll be by the jello shots. Lates!” Douche.

You’ve probably heard this one if you’ve been in a work meeting talking about combining forces to reach maximum potential: SYNERGY. Ugh. I know its off topic since it wasn’t included in the round, but I would put “synergy” right there with “holistic.” Oh god, I hate that word. “Let’s just take a holistic approach to this thing. Let’s synergize.” Go to hell, Douche!

The phrase, “think outside the box,” doesn’t necessarily make you a douche. It just makes you unoriginal. Let’s think outside the box to come up with a better phrase than think outside the box. Think outside the douche.

Glad we’re all in agreement that we will never use any of those words again. Ever. First place went to Everybody’s Legal? They finished with 77 points after using their Joker at just the right time and walked away with $30. I still don’t know what they’re getting at with that name. Oh well… Second place went to Can You Please Repeat the Question? They walked away with $20. Lots of question marks in team names these days. That’s a weird trend.

So ends another week. Enjoy your St. Patty’s Day, if you’re into that kind of thing. Let’s shift some PARADIGMS this week! SYNERGY.

See you next Saturday.