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Casey's Bistro and Pub
7301 E 29th Ave
Denver, CO 80238
Thursdays: 9:00 PM
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12:19 PM, March 16, 2012
Chloe Sevigny's Ass Teeth 73

Stimulus Package 68

Hey Kony Imma Let You Finish, But Hitler Had The Best Genocide Of All Time 56

Oh Man? Ning 52

BTK and No We Won't Hurt You 51

Oh Shit We're Really Late 39

Cousin Chet


Quiz Schedule
Mondays at Ernie's, Wednesdays at the Denver Wrangler, Thursdays at Jackson's All American (Greenwood Village).
John LaHendro (Cousin Chet)

Johnny was raised in the Swiss Alps by his grandfather and often has trouble differentiating his life from the movie Heidi.  He has a completely worthless degree in Creative Writing from the University Of Colorado, which he has parlayed into never getting a real job.  When he's not quizzing, he can be found drinking good scotch and cheap beer and bitching about how Charles Bukowski has completely ruined his life.  John is currently living in a remote area of south Denver, which he knows for a fact to be Denver due to the large number of DPD officers he sees hanging around his apartment complex.  His hobbies include watching old episodes of Mystery Science Theatre, playing classic Nintendo games, and making fun of your favorite band.  He also sometimes confuses his life with that of Batman and is currently trying to track down the Joker and bring him to justice.

So I guess we have to address the big excitement of last night.  Something absolutely amazing happened.  Something that has never happened during a Quiz I was running before.  So amazing that it brought tears to my eyes.  I am of course referring to the CU Buffs beating UNLV and advancing in the tournament.

Naw, I’m just fucking with you.  Though, the whole CU thing was pretty fucking sweet.  I am of course referring to Tara and Ryan getting to change their facebook relationship status.  In case you missed it, Ryan had me read a bonus question about the two of them, during which he popped the question.  And Tara had the best response to a proposal ever.  After telling him to shut the fuck up a couple of times, she did say yes.  And thank god she did, because it really would have put a damper on the rest of the evening.  I don’t know how much fun we can have at Quiz if someone declines a marriage proposal right before round 6, but it all worked, so that’s cool.

I would also like to note that she almost missed him pulling out the ring, because she was busy answering the bonus question.  It is true Geek devotion to know that the most important thing is getting the point, not so much paying attention to the monumental things going around you.

So yeah, that was pretty cool and it was the first time that’s happened at one of my quizzes.  Now, if only could get some other firsts like that one.  I have a few ideas, so I’ll just put them out there right now; if you want to ask for a divorce or inform your significant other that you’re cheating on them through the quiz format, I would be more than happy to do that for you.  Hell, if you want to serve someone with a restraining order during quiz, we can make that happen too.  This format shouldn’t just be used for good news and positive things, it can be used for bad news too. You know, throw a little whimsy on it and make it fun.

Okay, that’s all we have today.  We’ll see you next time.  And by the way, Brad?  The clinic called, the tests came back positive.  Sorry you had to hear it like this, but hey, whimsy!