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Casey's Bistro and Pub
7301 E 29th Ave
Denver, CO 80238
Thursdays: 9:00 PM
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11:37 AM, February 24, 2012
Blood Daggers and Stepmoms 72

#mylittleponycumfartbeetlejuice 72

Emoticon Smiley face 66

Dead Things, Mikey, Dead Things 60

Name 40

Fast Action Response Team 34

Cousin Chet


Quiz Schedule
Mondays at Ernie's, Wednesdays at the Denver Wrangler, Thursdays at Jackson's All American (Greenwood Village).
John LaHendro (Cousin Chet)

Johnny was raised in the Swiss Alps by his grandfather and often has trouble differentiating his life from the movie Heidi.  He has a completely worthless degree in Creative Writing from the University Of Colorado, which he has parlayed into never getting a real job.  When he's not quizzing, he can be found drinking good scotch and cheap beer and bitching about how Charles Bukowski has completely ruined his life.  John is currently living in a remote area of south Denver, which he knows for a fact to be Denver due to the large number of DPD officers he sees hanging around his apartment complex.  His hobbies include watching old episodes of Mystery Science Theatre, playing classic Nintendo games, and making fun of your favorite band.  He also sometimes confuses his life with that of Batman and is currently trying to track down the Joker and bring him to justice.

Good morning and salutations.  Fun times were had by all on a chilly Thursday night at Casey’s.  We aren’t afraid of the cold like some people are.  And by “some people” I really mean “pussies.”

Our speed round on Star Trek provided an important service last night.  Namely it pointed who in the audience is still a virgin.  We had two perfect scores on that round and it’s safe to assume that those two teams have never seen a vagina that wasn’t on their computer screen.  I’m not knocking them, I’m simply pointing it out.  And as for the team that put Spock Cock Party IV, everyone knows that they only made three of those.  Get your shit together.

A quick word on the Batman; yes, Batman has no superpowers and he’s just a rich acrobat who misses his dead parents, but he’s still way cooler than all the other Super Friends.  I mean, Aquaman is super lame.  You talk to fish?  Go fuck yourself.  And Superman is too much of a goodie goodie to be any fun.  And the less said about Wendy and Marvin, the better.  The dog was way more compelling than the two of them combined.  So, in closing, Batman is the best member of the Super Friends and also the best superhero ever.  Eat a dick, Spider-Man.

I’ve been listening to Boys Don’t Cry by the Cure a lot this past week.  The reasons for it are none of your business, but that’s one of my favorite songs right now.  On the flip side, the movie Boys Don’t Cry is very, very different.  For one thing, she doesn’t wear nearly as much lipstick as Fat Bob.  So if you haven’t seen it yet and are expecting a biopic about Robert Smith, you have been warned.  Very much not the same thing.

Oh, internet memes. I am a little ashamed to say that I knew every single one of them as soon as I opened the file.  I’ll be honest, I spend far too much time on the internet.  I’m trying to wean myself off of it, but it’s really hard when you have so much free time and so little ambition.  At least it’s not heroin or My Little Pony.  Those are addictions I just can’t get on board with.

That’s all for today, kids.  I’m going to try and see the Artist before Sunday, because I like movies and as I said last night, it just looks so fucking charming.