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Casey's Bistro and Pub
7301 E 29th Ave
Denver, CO 80238
Thursdays: 9:00 PM
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10:24 AM, February 17, 2012
Whitney Drowns, Bodyguard Regrets Dancing With Wolves 66

Whitney's Bathtub Gin 65

The Splinter Cell 64

Boobs On the Frontline 63

Butt Hymen 63

Turd Ferguson 62

Team Heliocase 61

Boys Drool 54

The Ben Franklins 50

Cousin Chet


Quiz Schedule
Mondays at Ernie's, Wednesdays at the Denver Wrangler, Thursdays at Jackson's All American (Greenwood Village).
John LaHendro (Cousin Chet)

Johnny was raised in the Swiss Alps by his grandfather and often has trouble differentiating his life from the movie Heidi.  He has a completely worthless degree in Creative Writing from the University Of Colorado, which he has parlayed into never getting a real job.  When he's not quizzing, he can be found drinking good scotch and cheap beer and bitching about how Charles Bukowski has completely ruined his life.  John is currently living in a remote area of south Denver, which he knows for a fact to be Denver due to the large number of DPD officers he sees hanging around his apartment complex.  His hobbies include watching old episodes of Mystery Science Theatre, playing classic Nintendo games, and making fun of your favorite band.  He also sometimes confuses his life with that of Batman and is currently trying to track down the Joker and bring him to justice.

Well, we learned a lot about the Legend of Zelda.  Or maybe we already knew those things.  I mean some of you are pretty epic video game nerds (Hi, Nick.  How ya doin’?).  But to recap, Zelda is the princess in the game.  Link is the hero, you know the funny looking little guy in the green tunic with the annoying fairy that keeps telling him to listen.  And Zelda was named for Zelda Fitzgerald, the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald the author of the Great Gatsby, because apparently Miyamoto is a huge fucking fan of Jazz Age literature.  Also, the original villain was Gannon and he looked a lot like a giant green pig monster, as opposed to his later incarnation as Ganondorf, the evil ginger with the questionable facial hair.  Boy, learning about video games is fun.  Or something like that.

It’s been a really rough week for Stephen Colbert.  In case you haven’t heard, they suspended production on his show because his mom is very sick.  I’m not even going to make jokes about that because I really like Colbert and feel really bad for him right now.  That is not something I wish on anyone, so I’ll just say that my thoughts are with him and his family.  And then, on top of that, we try to honor him with a clip last night and some sad bag of fucks can’t resist yelling the answer repeatedly and then getting upset when I tell him not to shout out the answers.  I’m sorry your mother never taught you that yelling out answers during quiz is socially unacceptable.  In my household that was a two week grounding.  But try not to sully the good name of Stephen Colbert by being a total dick slap in a bar full of angry nerds.  Thanks, that’s all.

Well, that’s all I’ve really got today.  My clock in time on Fridays just keeps getting moved up.  Pretty soon, I’ll just leave quiz and go straight to work.  But in the meantime, I’ll just encourage you to do what I’m doing; rock out to the new Los Campesinos album and don’t take any fucking guff off these swine.