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Casey's Bistro and Pub
7301 E 29th Ave
Denver, CO 80238
Thursdays: 9:00 PM
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2:03 PM, February 10, 2012
Uncle Beef 66

If You Get Too Close I'll Bite Your Face 64

Frothy Mixture For President 61

Kyle Does Doggy Style 60

Glitteromney 57

Thanner/Johnson Awesome 42

The Three Stooges 33

Moriarty 3

Cousin Chet


Quiz Schedule
Mondays at Ernie's, Wednesdays at the Denver Wrangler, Thursdays at Jackson's All American (Greenwood Village).
John LaHendro (Cousin Chet)

Johnny was raised in the Swiss Alps by his grandfather and often has trouble differentiating his life from the movie Heidi.  He has a completely worthless degree in Creative Writing from the University Of Colorado, which he has parlayed into never getting a real job.  When he's not quizzing, he can be found drinking good scotch and cheap beer and bitching about how Charles Bukowski has completely ruined his life.  John is currently living in a remote area of south Denver, which he knows for a fact to be Denver due to the large number of DPD officers he sees hanging around his apartment complex.  His hobbies include watching old episodes of Mystery Science Theatre, playing classic Nintendo games, and making fun of your favorite band.  He also sometimes confuses his life with that of Batman and is currently trying to track down the Joker and bring him to justice.

Full disclosure; I’m writing this while listening to a playlist of all early Ramones songs and Johnny Cash gospel.  They are going amazing together.  I have a feeling this is going to be the best day ever.

So, true story, the best show I ever went was Motorhead with the Misfits opening for them.  Not only was it a soul searing awesome good time, but at this particular time, Marky Ramone was playing drums for the Misfits.  So that means that members of my three favorite bands in high school were sharing a stage together.  Really, the only way it could have been better would be if Stephen Malkmus dropped by to jam with them on Killed by Death.  Then it would have been the greatest night of my life without doubt and I would have had to kill myself immediately after, because nothing would be that cool ever again.

We’ve already talked endlessly of my love of Perfect Strangers, so we don’t need to revisit that.  We have not however talked about my love of the Laverne and Shirley theme song.  Admittedly, I don’t watch the show.  Never have.  I mean, I’ve caught episodes here and there, but it never struck me as a show that I would seriously get into.  However, that is one catchy as fuck theme song.  I could sing that all day long.  In fact, I might.  In fact, I’m doing it right now.

So, there was some controversy regarding whether or not Dick Cheney has a pulse last night.  Now, we were talking in a strictly literal way last night.  So, here’s the basic reason why Darth Cheney actually does not have a pulse, courtesy of Jason Hart, quiz editor and beard grower extraordinaire; our pulse is created by the left ventricle pumping blood from the heart into the aorta.  But Dick’s got himself a device that does that work for him, thus in the traditional sense, he has no pulse. And considering the fact that this guy is already part cyborg, we should probably be glad he’s only shot one person in the face.

Finally, let’s talk about Grey’s Anatomy.  Ugh… never mind.  Fuck that nonsense, it’s terrible and has no reason to exist.  And I really think the organ that was dropped on the floor in that one episode was Katherine Heigl’s career.  She really is an awful person and has no business being on tv or in movies.  She can go to hell and die.

That’s all for today kids.  I’ll see you next week, when I’m thinking of new ways to insult you and sneak the word cunt into random rounds.