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The Geek In Review is your weekly look at the best in team names and mathematical break downs of the best Quizzers across the country. Think your team is good? Not until you rank on the Geek In Review!

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8:03 PM, May 05, 2012
Eric The Jewish Viking


Quiz Schedule
O'Niell's Heights: Mondays, 8PM O'Niell's Nob Hill: Wednesdays, 9PM
Eric Kohen (Eric The Jewish Viking)

I've been a Geeks Who Drink quizmaster for seven years, bringing it outside of its Colorado home. I work full time for Geeks as its Jewish Viking Outreach Coordinator, organizing our Private Events, Quiz For a Cause, and whatever else they tell me to do in exchange for a paycheck to feed my habit of good scotch, beer brewing, board games, and video games.

I'm actually Jewish, not really of viking descent, I like the Tim Robbins movie, and met my lovely wife when I offered her extra points on round 8 in exchange for a lifetime of dealing with my child-like tantrums.

You can reach me at eric@geekswhodrink.com.

So all those Junior Seau Said Ow or Say Ow! team names? You suck. That's the best out there? A play on his name? Try harder next time someone dies. Not MCA though. I loved that man. The world is far less ready to rock without him in it. In other news, I haven't seen the Avengers even though it's been out for 24 hours. I know, I'm that bad of a nerd. I haven't even seen Thor or Captain America. I'll get around to it, but for now shouting FUS RO DAH at my Kinect has been what I've been up to.

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  • Tucson, AZ
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This Week In Geek
Every quiz is unique - and these are the unique-iest 

 DNOTE finds out that when you're drunk you think people really like dubstep.

CASEY'S combines cab shows and fails to recognize the genius inventor in their midst.

TRUELOVE questions the Germans who invaded their Waco quiz.

Someone very interesting showed up in the photos at CAPITAL BAR.

NOONAN's reminisces about the first time they were rickrolled.

RACKHOUSE gets all British with fun facts about The Beatles and Monty Python.

THE HIGHBALL uses their "Hulk-Off" as an excuse to photograph shirtless men.

Downtown Saint Paul got their first quiz on at BARRIO.

STAR BAR had a big ol' dance party.

Team Names of the Week!

Driving Over the Geschwindigkeibbegrenzung (TRUELOVE)
Jessica Simpson's Baby Name: Jenny Craig (Coaches)
Foster the Penis - Pumped Up Dicks (Trifecta on 3rd)
These Hippos Need Zoloft (Fish Tale Brewpub)
2 Girls 1 Femmecup (The Colony)
Jessica Simpson Already Taught Her Daughter Everything She Knows (Freshcraft)
What Has 75 Balls And Fucks Old Ladies?... BINGO! (O'Niell's)
Hanging With Mr. D.B. Cooper (Blue Star Cafe)
Lord of the Nuva Ring (Roxy's)
I Got 99 Problems, And the Brooklyn Nets Logo Makes It An Even 100! (Playground)

Evil Rob's Weekly Champions of Quizlandia!
A weekly look at who is better than you by the guy who is smarter than you.

--That blast came from McCabe's Tavern in the Springs.  That thing's operational!

--3-way tie for 5th place in the team rankings between Fiendish Dr. Woo's Kung-Fu Treachery (Killarney's--Riverside, CA), The Super Friends (The Highball--Austin, TX), and Allie Rocks (Joshua Tree Bar & Grill--Somerville, MA).  Dance-off!

--Waco bolts all the way up to #RG3 in the city rankings this week.  I wonder if RGIII plays quiz.  I think he'd be really fucking good at that, too.

--Now that there is a GWD quiz in NYC, I can officially combine that quiz's score and those of the quizzes across the river in NJ and count New York's score in the city rankings.  Right now New York is getting an atomic wedgie in pub quiz from the likes of Sacramento, Boise, and Nashville.  I generally don't even bother calculating an average for those cities because they're so far from contention for the Top 5.  So you all have a reason to feel superior to the Big Apple.  For now anyway.

--I really, really, like the caliber of most of the team names in the team rankings this week.  Good work, people.  I'm not gonna lie, a funny team name makes me MUCH less suspicious that you're cheating.

--Speaking of #3, that's the Texas Theatre's spot in the bar rankings.  In their FIRST WEEK PLAYING THE QUIZ.  Somehow Dallas actually got a bar in the bar rankings, but didn't finish in the city rankings for the first time in three weeks.  Glitch in the matrix...

--Speaking of Dallas, they tied with Fort Collins for #7 in the city rankings (70.18).  Dance-off!

Top Cities
1. Austin 73.04
2. Denver 72.33
3. Waco 71.41
4. Colorado Springs 71.35
5. Seattle 70.59

Top Bars
1. McCabe's Tavern--Colorado Springs, CO 79.34
2. Birch Street Bar & Grill--Brea, CA 78.14
3. Texas Theatre--Dallas, TX 76.00
4. The Highball--Austin, TX (Wed.) 75.42
5. TRUELOVE--Waco, TX 74.65

Top Teams by Power Ranking
1. Emo Kids Should Kill Themselves With Sigh-Anide, O'Niells Pub (Heights)--Albuquerque, NM 87.94
2. I Feel More Patriotic When My Pants Are Down, Zio Romolo's--Denver, CO 86.82
3. Zombie Apocalypse, Texas Theatre--Dallas, TX 84.69
4. Piccadilly Twitz, British Bulldog--Denver, CO 82.52
5. Fiendish Dr. Woo's Kung-Fu Treachery, Killarney's--Riverside, CA, The Super Friends, The Highball--Austin, TX (Wed.) & Allie Rocks, Joshua Tree Bar & Grill--Somerville, MA 81.12

Photos I Like!

I want to believe you, but this photo isn't helping your case.

The look of someone who lost by one point.

A common tactic. FOR LOSERS.