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The Geek In Review is your weekly look at the best in team names and mathematical break downs of the best Quizzers across the country. Think your team is good? Not until you rank on the Geek In Review!

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12:05 PM, February 25, 2012
Eric The Jewish Viking


Quiz Schedule
O'Niell's Heights: Mondays, 8PM O'Niell's Nob Hill: Wednesdays, 9PM
Eric Kohen (Eric The Jewish Viking)

I've been a Geeks Who Drink quizmaster for seven years, bringing it outside of its Colorado home. I work full time for Geeks as its Jewish Viking Outreach Coordinator, organizing our Private Events, Quiz For a Cause, and whatever else they tell me to do in exchange for a paycheck to feed my habit of good scotch, beer brewing, board games, and video games.

I'm actually Jewish, not really of viking descent, I like the Tim Robbins movie, and met my lovely wife when I offered her extra points on round 8 in exchange for a lifetime of dealing with my child-like tantrums.

You can reach me at eric@geekswhodrink.com.

So I'm back from Philly. Back from Quizzo Bowl where I helped try and win some Geeks Who Drink cred back from the Philly Bastards. It didn't happen. But hey! Take a look at your Quizmaster-in-Cheif John Castro! In other news - SEINFELD. It's coming up soon, so gather your team and get ready for more quiz. Also, be on the look out for our newest quiz locations in Ohio and Montana!


Nerd News Now!
Important Updates From GWD Headquarters

Tweet of the Week

Talked about our mutual love for @geekswhodrink with my interviewer. Got the job two days later. #thankyoubasedgwd

Yes, that's how you get a job with us. Tell us how awesome we are. Congrats to Dylan on his new low-paying career move! 

Hiring All Over
We're in another hiring frenzy. So if you or someone you know is in the following areas, make sure to fill out an application. Be like Dylan! 

  • Lawrence, KS
  • Great Falls, MT
  • Olympia & Everett, WA
  • Park City, UT
  • Boston, MA


Our Next Themed Quiz:

Yes, our famed all Seinfeld quiz is back and it's going to be in more cities than ever before. Check out all the venues, dates, and times RIGHT HERE!

We ARE The Best In Boston, We Just Need to Make Sure Everyone Else Knows That

We've been nominated for Best Trivia Night in The Boston Phoenix. Now, we just need to ballot stuff the hell out of it to secure our rightful place as the kings of Quiz. Help us out by voting by clicking here. You don't have to live there! Thanks, internet anonymity!

This Week In Geek
Every quiz is unique - and these are the unique-iest

At COACHES, I got a look at what people confuse with Star Trek.

BUMSTED'S had a dance embarrassment off.

A team at LUMPY'S argued about Matthew McConaughey film release dates. It's official: there is nothing other than quiz in Utah.

TRUELOVE's blog has one comment. One literary nerdy-ass comment.

Whether you get more offended at jokes about eating disorders or religion, PARK TAVERN has you covered.

The AULD DUBLINER TUCSON had a quiz AND face-painting!

I don't know what was more disturbing at PADDY COYNE'S TACOMA: the QM's ass references or the terrible Whitney Houston song titles.

MELLOW MUSHROOM CENTENNIAL is totally down with running and drinking, so long as it's from the parking lot to the bar.

LUSCIOUS NECTAR introduces us to the tradition of the Mardi Gras baby.

Team Names of the Week!
Rhianna's Battered Women's Shelter: Ask about our Punch Card. (The Ram - Tacoma)
My Penis a Gentleman, It Always Stands Up So Ladies Have a Place to Sit Down (O'Neill's)
Lentsanity (Joshua Tree)
Indiana Politician Says Girl Scouts Promote Abortion, I Blame Those Sexy Uniforms (West End Pub)
Mountain Climbers Take It Up the Butte (Lion & Rose Westlake Hills)
I Can't Wait to Tell My Grandkids One Day that I'm Older than the Internet (Westside)
I hope people give up Jeremy Lin puns for Lent (Little Woodrow's Rice Village)
Beads of purple, beads of green, every week is fat Tuesday when you're paula deen (Harpo's)
Had A Dream I Was A Muffler, Woke Up Exhausted (Lion & Rose Broadway)
it's my perogative to leave the funeral early (Buffalo Bros)
Rhapsody in Pabst Blue Ribbon (Sideshow)
I Bet If Alter Boys Could Get Pregnant, The Catholic Church Would Be All About Contraception (O'Niell's)
The Worst Part of Aspirin as Birth Control is Dislodging it From Your Urethra (Cheeky Monk)

Evil Rob's Weekly Champions of Quizlandia!
A weekly look at who is better than you by the guy who is smarter than you.

--A banner week for Denver as the Mile High City gets top city, top bar, and two teams in the Top 5.

--Albuquerque is nowhere to be found in the city or bar rankings, but did field the country's top team by a good margin.  This means said team has very little competition locally.  Are you gonna let that stand, 'Burque?

--In case you're wondering who that team from the Snug is that finished #3 this week, it's the team that won Geek Bowl V.  The team that won Geek Bowl IV was unavailable for some unknown reason.

Top Cities
1. Denver 77.87
2. Austin 77.60
3. Salt Lake City 76.97
4. Colorado Springs 75.98
5. Tucson 73.99

Top Bars
1. Rackhouse Pub--Denver, CO 85.01
2. Forecaster's Pub--Woodinville, WA 82.67
3. Birch St. Bar & Grill--Brea, CA 81.02
4. Lumpy's Downtown--Salt Lake City, UT 80.37
5. Irish Snug, Denver, CO 80.36

Top Teams
1. Prescription Pedophilia Puppets, Coaches--Albuqerque, NM 88.94
2. Suck It, Sucky McSuckerson, Forecaster's Pub--Woodinville, WA 87.66
3. Party-Related Noise, Irish Snug--Denver, CO 86.51
4. Anne Frank's Pubic Hair, Rackhouse Pub--Denver, CO 85.60
5. TIE! Rectal Exam, McNellie's Norman (Abner Ale House)--Norman, OK & We're Giving Up Your Mom For Lent, Birch Street Bar & Grill--Brea, CA 85.48

Photos I Like!

Just off to the right is someone being murdered.

This may give you nightmares. If it doesn't...

...then this will.