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The Geek In Review is your weekly look at the best in team names and mathematical break downs of the best Quizzers across the country. Think your team is good? Not until you rank on the Geek In Review!

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4:03 PM, February 11, 2012
Eric The Jewish Viking


Quiz Schedule
O'Niell's Heights: Mondays, 8PM O'Niell's Nob Hill: Wednesdays, 9PM
Eric Kohen (Eric The Jewish Viking)

I've been a Geeks Who Drink quizmaster for seven years, bringing it outside of its Colorado home. I work full time for Geeks as its Jewish Viking Outreach Coordinator, organizing our Private Events, Quiz For a Cause, and whatever else they tell me to do in exchange for a paycheck to feed my habit of good scotch, beer brewing, board games, and video games.

I'm actually Jewish, not really of viking descent, I like the Tim Robbins movie, and met my lovely wife when I offered her extra points on round 8 in exchange for a lifetime of dealing with my child-like tantrums.

You can reach me at eric@geekswhodrink.com.

Yes, I'm back after my 10 day excursion to Austin, TX for not just Geek Bowl (of which I did the official blog), but also to celebrate my birthday in hipster Texan style. I had fun, I ate several pounds of BBQ, and drank more alcohol than any other liquid during that trip, but it's good to be home. That is until next week when I head out to Philly to fight those bastards that won our event two weeks ago. I'll probably lose, but I'll try. Why? Because I am a man, who will fight for your honor.


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Important Updates From GWD Headquarters

Our Next Themed Quiz:

Yes, our famed all Seinfeld quiz is back and it's going to be in more cities than ever before. Check out all the venues, dates, and times RIGHT HERE!

We ARE The Best In Boston, We Just Need to Make Sure Everyone Else Knows That

We've been nominated for Best Trivia Night in The Boston Phoenix. Now, we just need to ballot stuff the hell out of it to secure our rightful place as the kings of Quiz. Help us out by voting by clicking here. You don't have to live there! Thanks, internet anonymity!

This Week In Geek
Every quiz is unique - and these are the unique-iest

BUMSTED'S argues that no musician can compare with the great Lemmy Kilmister.

Folks at RACKHOUSE PUB learned that you do NOT steal hats from bears.

TRUELOVE quizzers had some good ideas for new Mortal Kombat finishing moves.

HARD TIMES CAFE CLARENDON has a survival guide to playing quiz.

QUARTER LOUNGE loves sloths. Probably because they're awesome.

MELLOW MUSHROOM CENTENNIAL points out that it was a very manly quiz on Tuesday, and "if you had a dangle, you had the angle."

Poor TAPWERKS had to deal with two teams trying to use the same shitty name.

DARCY'S learns that there are people who go to bars not to watch sports events, but political speeches.

Team Names of the Week!
Hey, NO MORE TEAM NAMES about Santorum or Sandusky. It's done with. You had your chance to come up with a clever name and it's over. This is a call for all Quizmasters to start docking points for any team name that is about Santorum or Sandusky. I'm tired of seeing your crappy team names that you're so proud of, but was done over two months ago.

Joan Rivers Halftime Show was Awesome (Paddy O'Quigley's)
EMF Lied. I'm Totally Believable. (Moe's BBQ NORTH)
Looks Like Macaulay's Next Movie Will Be Called Home-less Alone (Coaches)
Great, Now There's Another Dimension For George Lucas To Suck In (O'Niell's)
Kids in the Backseat Cause Accidents, Accidents in the Backseat Cause Kids (West End Pub)
If Ferris Had Gone to School He Might Not Be Driving a Shitty CR-V (Freshcraft)

Evil Rob's Weekly Champions of Quizlandia!
A weekly look at who is better than you by the guy who is smarter than you.

--I come back from Geek Bowl hiatus and there's a team from OKLAHOMA in the top 5?  Maybe the rest of us should outlaw Sharia law too.  And where are you Albuquerque?

--Another ho-hum week in city rankings where Austin leads the pack... except for Tucson who smoked them by 4 points.

--Even though they couldn't be arsed to send more than a handful of teams to Geek Bowl despite it only being an hour's drive away this year, San Antonio places in the city, bar, and team rankings this week.

--I'm going to try use these power rankings later on this year to handicap Geek Bowl VII.  If I can somehow convince all you guys to use the same team name from August to October, maybe I'll be able to track all the Geek Bowl contenders and put together a BCS-type ranking together before I go on hiatus again.  Any suggestions on how best to handle this?

Top Cities
1. Tucson 78.55
2. Austin 74.22
3. Denver 72.48
4. Houston 71.89
5. San Antonio 70.28

Top Bars
1. Auld Dubliner--Tucson 82.90
2. British Bulldog, Denver 78.78
3. Birch Street Bar & Grill, Brea, CA 76.13
4. Lion & Rose (Park North), San Antonio 76.07
5. (TIE!)Rapture, Charlottesville, VA & Maple Leaf Pub, Houston 75.46

Top Teams
1. Eddie Puss & The Mama's Boyz, Auld Dubliner, Tucson 93.63
2. Piccadilly Twitz, British Bulldog, Denver 86.38
3. Leaky Sphincter, McNellies--Norman (Abner Ale House), Norman, OK 83.23
4. Axis of C'Ville, Rapture, Charlottesville, VA 82.98
5. This Isn't A Discussion And You're Wrong, Lion & Rose (Park North), San Antonio 82.90

Photos I Like!

It's like the crappiest album cover you've ever seen. Are you guys angry, happy, or just manic?

It's probably empty, but it doesn't stop me from wanting to vomit every time I look at this picture.

...and there went my breakfast.