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The Geek In Review is your weekly look at the best in team names and mathematical break downs of the best Quizzers across the country. Think your team is good? Not until you rank on the Geek In Review!

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9:58 AM, February 25, 2013
Eric The Jewish Viking


Quiz Schedule
O'Niell's Heights: Mondays, 8PM O'Niell's Nob Hill: Wednesdays, 9PM
Eric Kohen (Eric The Jewish Viking)

I've been a Geeks Who Drink quizmaster for seven years, bringing it outside of its Colorado home. I work full time for Geeks as its Jewish Viking Outreach Coordinator, organizing our Private Events, Quiz For a Cause, and whatever else they tell me to do in exchange for a paycheck to feed my habit of good scotch, beer brewing, board games, and video games.

I'm actually Jewish, not really of viking descent, I like the Tim Robbins movie, and met my lovely wife when I offered her extra points on round 8 in exchange for a lifetime of dealing with my child-like tantrums.

You can reach me at eric@geekswhodrink.com.

The Geek in Review Guest Quizmaster Series
This week’s blog was written by Sweet Adam. You can find him in Loveland, CO every Monday night at Grimm Brothers Brewhouse.

I’ll tell you what’s got legs, this Geek in Review, that’s what. Take that, all of the Olympic South African runners who happen to read this blog. And to those of you who have eaten horse in the past month, I congratulate your newfound veganism.

I can’t say I’m sick of the Harlem Shake yet. I feel it’s one of those things that will produce a line of shitty Cafepress t-shirts a month from now and people will wear it and you’ll say to them, “oh, hah yeah that’s funny did you see the one they did in space?” and then we’ll all laugh, sigh awkwardly and wait for someone to say something. Because that’s what Internet memes are for.

And to Oscar Pistorius, please remember people way more popular than you have gotten away with murder. Just ask OJ. Also because you’re legless this means we get to poke fun at your disability because you screwed up. If this was 1939 we’d all be making Amelia Earhart jokes about water filled airplanes and how women can’t follow directions.

A common theme running amongst all of this week’s 274 blogs is the weather. My God, we quizmasters are SO THANKFUL that you came out to play quiz in the snow/sleet/rain or whatever is falling out of the sky. I think it’s a common theme between all of us that if there’s an hint of inclement weather no teams will show up and we’re all going to be sitting alone in the corner of the bar, microphone on, sobbing gently as Round 2 plays in the background. Hey for those of you risking life and limb to play quiz, we salute you.

Hey you, I did the stats thing again because I wrote a script to collect all of the blogs to make them easier to read. Take a look-see at these badass word frequency maps:

Blogs and team names.

Oscars, Pistoriuses, Carnival Cruises, Popes, and Harlem Shakers, we salute you all. Until next time, be sweet.

This Week In Geek

Every quiz is unique - and these are the unique-iest

THE CORKSCREW gives us a peek into the future, Harlem Shake style.

THE DENVER WRANGLER got 150 likes on Facebook. Ace does part of his quiz shirtless.

QM Stephen at OSKAR'S KITCHEN is thankful for eight months on the job.

QM Geoff finds out he's an orphan at LUKE'S ICEHOUSE.

At TELLER'S TAPROOM subbing QM Lucas finds out regular QM Jeremy got alien abducted.

NICK'S OFF MARKET gives us alternate top-40 lyrics, most of them better than the originals.

Our very own Quizbot goes wild at GOOSETOWN TAVERN.

Team Names of the Week
I Like Blizzards Better When They Taste Like Mint Chocolate Chip (The Canyon's Crown Restaurant & Pub)
"My Precious" Based on the Novel "Push" By Smeagol (Lumpys Downtown)
Guns Don't Kill People, Olympians Kill People (The Rackhouse Pub)
Other Than That, How Was the Play, Mrs.Lincoln (Ernie's Bar & Pizza)
Sylvia Plath’s Easy Bake Oven (Barley Vine)
BP: No Longer The Shittiest Thing In The Gulf (Little Woodrow's)
If only Pistorious Had Been Born Unarmed (Hard Times Cafe)
Live Every Week Like it's Shark Week (Little Woodrow's in the Heights)
Congrats to Whitney Houston, 53 Weeks Sober (Hotel Congress)
Amistad Calls Bullshit on Your “Cruise from Hell” (The Refinery)

Score-O-Matt-ic's Weekly Champions of Quizlandia!
A weekly look at who is better than you by the guy Robot who is smarter than you.

Greetings, humans!

Seattle!  You're welcome.  That's all I got to say.  I've moved back to lumping all of your quizzes in the state of Washington to "Seattle".  I broke them out to the various sides and ends of Seattle to see if that really meant anything, and it didn't.  So, welcome to the winner's circle.  You've earned it.

NKOTB, Phoeniz, AZ, is showing off by it's first stop in the top-five Metro areas.  Give Tucson the what-for.  Snow falls in Arizona and pretty much anything can happen, huh?  Denver is clinging onto relevance, and Austin is nowhere to be found.  The world may be ending.

I believe Grease Monkey Burger Shop & Social Club is one of our newer quizzes, and it's nice to see a n00b in the venue rankings.  Even for Texans I'll still admit to that statement.  So, what's everyone else's excuse?  Nevermind, as I don't care anyway, so just read this already.

Top Five Metropolitan Areas
1. Seattle - 87.2
2. Nashville - 87
3. Phoenix - 86.5
4. Denver - 86.2
5. D.C. Area - 86

Top Venues
1. Buckley's In Belltown, Seattle, WA - 84.63
2. Opal Divine's (Marina), Austin, TX - 84.18
3. Roxy's, Columbia, MO - 84.02
4. Birch Street Bar & Grill, Brea, CA - 82.28
5. Tommy Doyle's (Kendall Square), Cambridge, MA - 82.02

Top Teams By Power Ranking
1. "Village Idiots" - 92.69
Buckley's In Belltown, Seattle, WA

2. "Dr. Drew's Celebrity Death Club" - 90.29
Grease Monkey Burger Shop & Social Club, Arlington, TX

3. "Pirates of the Cari-Gene-On: Dead Man's Bucket" - 89.02
Cedar Creek, Houston. TX

4. "We Put the Hot in Psychotic" - 88.29
O'Niell's Pub, Albuquerque, NM

5. "Roomba-Bloodhound Love Triangle Jarvis" - 88.07
Opal Divine's (Marina), Austin, TX

Respect the stats, my minions!  They respect you.  Until next week!

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Craigslist > Casual Encounters with Bonus Prizes

"Hey, check out my senior portrait."

A Strange Brew.