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Lumpys Downtown
145 W Pierpont Ave
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Thursdays: 8:00 PM
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11:22 AM, June 09, 2013
The King Shits, The Hand Wipes (Scheisse Minnelli) 84

Should Have Fucked Her Bloody When I Had the Chance 81

The Rainbow Guard 81

Winter Is Coming...On Your Face 76

Imping Ain't Easy 74

The Bear & The Maiden Fair 74

It's a Nice Day for a Red Wedding 70

Hey Tony Stark, Your Family Needs You 66

Ours Is the Fury 65

The Sullied 65

Westeros Baptist Church (#oldballz) 64

Bastards of Baratheon 63

Jon Snowbunnies 56

Crows Before Hoes 51



Quiz Schedule
Wednesday, 7:30pm, Huka Bar Thursday, 8:00pm, Lumpy's Downtown
Sarah ()

Two years into this biz, and I am loving being Quizmistress at Lumpy's Downtown on Thursdays. Other than trying to fry brains during pub quiz I spend my life snowboarding and frying my own brain studying science at the U. Not too shabby, eh? After moving around to a bunch of different places after high school and college (Portland, Cuba, Chile, NYC, SLC, DC) I'm back in these big beautiful mountains (I'm from here originally)!

Come hang out with me at Lumpy's Downtown  for more exciting tidbits on the life of Sarah 'Jo' Newhall. That's right, 'Jo'. Not my real middle name, but it is a nickname that makes me turn my head when called. I promise not to laugh too hard when you say Africa is a country or something equally as outrageous.


Where I'm working this week

Thursday: Lumpy's Downtown, 8pm

Game Of Thrones! Game Of Thrones! Game Of Thrones! I just want to spend the rest of my life chanting that phrase with everyone from our quiz last night chanting behind me. I will build an army of Geeks (Who Drink) like the Khaleesi that I was last evening. I loved last night more than I can even say, and I hope everyone who took part in our SLC quiz loved it too! Thanks again to Westeros.org for being so awesome and to Lumpy's for being super cool!

The quiz had a strong showing with 14 teams, most of whom were new to GWD. We had some absolutely brilliant team names and really knowledgeable people behind those names! My favorites for the evening were Westeros Baptist Church, Winter Is Coming…On Your Face, and Crows Before Hoes. Even with a lot of full teams you were the most well-behaved group of quizzers I've ever had. Cash prize on the line, you can't get too crazy. Focus is necessary. Maybe if Khaleesi would have eaten a heart for you that would have gotten a rise.

Although I love you all to pieces, I was slightly disappointed by the lack of costumes. I spent at least one hour out of one day finding the perfect shades of brown and leather to go with my braided blonde wig. For you! All for you! And my co-conspirator Jennifer looked killer as well in her renaissance outfit. I do have to give mad props to The Bear And The Maiden Fair for their work. The minimalism of the bear coupled with how ugly Gar looks in a dress really made Brienne of Tarth come to life for me as a character. Check out the pics if you don't believe me.They even re-enacted a battle scene when I played "The Bear And The Maiden Fair" by The Hold Steady. It was a nice dance break moment. Also, a shout out goes to The Rainbow Guard for the t-shirts they made while sitting in the bar waiting for the quiz to start. They put mild effort into those, but since they also cheered the loudest I will ramp it up to an A for effort.

Let's get down to actually quiz biz. After about a billion pieces of paper piled up in front of me and Jen we got through scoring rounds 1-3 with an interesting outcome. It seems you all lacked knowledge in the exact same areas. If I remember correctly there was a 4-way tie for 8th and 6th place and a 2-way tie for 1st and 3rd. Even until the very end there were a couple different ties within the game it was crazy. Then I played some songs about George R.R. Martin and people who read the books years ago and have been waiting for "16 fucking years" for him to finish. See that video here, compliments of Jesse (who did not show, btw). Then we danced to Spirit In The Sky and everyone killed it on the visual round. 8's across the board.

After a couple breaks and me standing on bar stools to take dangerous pictures we went into our Iron Throne Round!! This was to determine the next usurper and winner of the evening. It was still a tight race with only a 14 point difference between 1st and last. Since this was our only 16-pt round most people still had their jokers up for grabs. It was gonna be good. The Rainbow Guard looked into the flame of their lighter to see their fate. It wasn't good. Even with their PERFECT jokered last round our winners of the Geeks Who Drink & Westeros.org Fire Cannot Kill A Quizmistress: Game of Thrones Quiz is The King Shits, The Hand Wipes!!! The 6-person team took the win by 3 points over our two 2nd place teams. Congratulations. They are also doing Rumble In The Pub currently, so woot! Our 2nd place teams were quite the contenders as well. A 2-person team, Should Have Fucked Her Bloody When I Had The Chance killed it along with The Rainbow Guard. Then my other favorite team Winter Is Coming…On Your Face took 3rd. 

Congrats again to our winners. Thanks so much everyone for playing and to my co-conspirator Jen.