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Lumpys Downtown
145 W Pierpont Ave
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Thursdays: 8:00 PM
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7:06 PM, March 08, 2013
Rand Paul Can Go For 13 Hours 78

Assistant Secretary of State Dennis Rodman 73

Armstrong's Swan Song 70

You'll Get Caught Up In The Crossfire 69

Chubthumping 60

Oil Changes For Everyone! 49

My Couch Pulls Out But I Don't 24

Multiple Scorgasms 18



Quiz Schedule
Wednesday, 7:30pm, Huka Bar Thursday, 8:00pm, Lumpy's Downtown
Sarah ()

Two years into this biz, and I am loving being Quizmistress at Lumpy's Downtown on Thursdays. Other than trying to fry brains during pub quiz I spend my life snowboarding and frying my own brain studying science at the U. Not too shabby, eh? After moving around to a bunch of different places after high school and college (Portland, Cuba, Chile, NYC, SLC, DC) I'm back in these big beautiful mountains (I'm from here originally)!

Come hang out with me at Lumpy's Downtown  for more exciting tidbits on the life of Sarah 'Jo' Newhall. That's right, 'Jo'. Not my real middle name, but it is a nickname that makes me turn my head when called. I promise not to laugh too hard when you say Africa is a country or something equally as outrageous.


Where I'm working this week

Thursday: Lumpy's Downtown, 8pm

I never really could get the name out right.

It was an interesting game tonight with a surprise twist ending! I was walking around before the quiz talking to people, and who do I meet but a guy that does Geeks Who Drink in his hometown! Philly or Hoboken or something. I wasn't listening. He obviously wanted to play, but he said he had to leave early to catch a flight home because he is going to be on Jeopardy tomorrow. That's right, this dude was on the game show Jeopardy. That's the sound your mother made last night, Trebek! It's already been filmed and is about to air. I couldn't get any information out of him about whether he won or not, but ya know, pretty sweet either way. So, a big thanks to You'll Get Caught Up In The Crossfire. You may be terrible at making up teams names, but you clearly have skillz that killz.

What a super duper quiz it was! Interesting questions all around. We all loved the MENSA round with its very gay math questions. I even found songs that not-so-covert lyrics about being gay just to make that a little more exciting. How many double entendres can you hear in Queen's I'm In Love With My Car? There was actually a full online article that rated the songs I played based on their "Rainbow Connection" value out of 5. That's right, some poor struggling young journalist wasted journalistic integrity on that article. But, then, I took advantage of it like I was Mark Foley on my 18th, 28th, 38th, 48th...birthdays. (*Sidenote: There was a great question about the number of young boys Mark Foley would have slept with by age 100 if he did so in every year his age had an 8). Also, I got to see several white kids try to do the Dougie when asked about for whom the dance move was named. Unsolicited white boy dancing...awkward and amazing. Those dancers included George and the members of My Couch Pulls Out But I Don't. What an image, right? Too bad I couldn't get that camera out fast enough.

Now for our surprise twist ending. Armstrong's Swan Song was killing it all night. In first place from round 1 (or possibly just round 3 when I first read scoring). Then, in the final round, that's why I call it the Kingmaker, they were taking down by not one but two teams. Even with our usual Smeagol lone wolf joining them they could not hold on to the title this evening. Rand Paul Can Go For 13 Hours took over for the lead, and coming in behind them was Assistant Secretary of State Dennis Rodman. I know, I know crazy stuff happening here. All in all though, it was a pretty low scoring night. Complete with a last minute team addition who actually only played 3 rounds. I appreciate the last minute enthusiasm, however, from Multiple Scoregasms. 

Good luck to Mr. Jeopardy. "It looks like it's my lucky day. I'll take 'the rapists'for 200." "That's therapists, not 'the rapists."


Loves and Hugs,