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Lumpys Downtown
145 W Pierpont Ave
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Thursdays: 8:00 PM
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8:37 AM, March 01, 2013
Holy See You Later 83

The Winners, By Unanimous Decision 82

Turd Ferguson 80

Pope Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger Emeritus 77

Jonathan Livingston Smeagol 74

Gettin' Toasty 70

:) 67

Darth Vader's Left Hand 64

Aye, P.A. 62

D-Rose The Return 61

Is That Gum On Your Leg? 60

Don't Make Me Whip It Out! 54

Whiskey Dick 51

Queenies (well 1 of us) 45



Quiz Schedule
Wednesday, 7:30pm, Huka Bar Thursday, 8:00pm, Lumpy's Downtown
Sarah ()

I'm almost a year into this biz, and I am loving being Quizmistress at Lumpy's Downtown on Thursday and now, Huka Bar on Wednesdays. Other than trying to fry brains during pub quiz I spend my life snowboarding and frying my own brain studying science at the U. Not too shabby, eh? After moving around to a bunch of different places after high school and college (Portland, Cuba, Chile, NYC, SLC, DC) I'm back in these big beautiful mountains (I'm from here originally)!

Come hang out with me at Lumpy's Downtown or Huka Bar for more exciting tidbits on the life of Sarah 'Jo' Newhall. That's right, 'Jo'. Not my real middle name, but it is a nickname that makes me turn my head when called. I promise not to laugh too hard when you say Africa is a country or something equally as outrageous.


Where I'm working this week

Wednesday: Huka Bar, 7:30pm

Thursday: Lumpy's Downtown, 8pm

What a night, what a night! I have finally arrived as Quizmistress Extraordinaire! There must have been something in the water this week because 14 teams showed up to play, and there were finally some teams that broke that 80 point mark. It was a-mah-zing and a nail biter to boot. 

Our one-man team, Jonathan Livingston Smeagol was in 3rd place until the last round and would have taken a prize if he had jokered differently. Our long-time champs The Winners, By Unanimous Decision were in the lead going into the Kingmaker round but lost by just one point to Holy See You Later. Turd Ferguson redeemed themselves from a terrible showing the week before to take 3rd place. It was the perfect night for them to bring out the big guns as well because our beloved Jeremy has played his last quiz at Lumpy's. He will be moving to Hawaii, that bastard. Take me with you!! And finally, Gar's team had the best name of the evening again going with Pope Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger Emeritus

I'm mostly just astounded at how many people came out to play. Best ever. I'm not gonna beg too much…please please please come back next week and forever! Be my friends! I may have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off to get pictures, but ya know, who doesn't love a headless chicken in a skirt? We had a bunch of new comers and some pub quiz newbies. I love yelling at people who don't expect it. I'm all nice and innocent when you walk in, then 8 pm hits and I get to spend 2 hours calling you all idiots and heckling you. Looooove it!! So…bring your friends? Everyone needs to spend a night being berated by a good-lookin' lady. Alright, sickos, that is not meant to be sexual. Yuck.

Enjoy the beautiful pics of this week's teams. Come back again. Bring your friends. Let me heckle you.


Lots o' love,



P.S. We'll miss you Jeremy!