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Dublin's Street Pub (Las Cruces)
1745 E University
Las Cruces, NM 88001
Tuesdays: 8:00 PM
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8:21 AM, February 27, 2013
We Saw Your Moobs 89

Gutter Ways 75

Bubblicious: definition make them boys go loco 73

Tropical Storm Pucky 71

Chardee MacDennis 70

Shut up and Sway the Tits! 68

Zero Dark Cowbell 67

How much Pot could a Pickled Pothead pick, if a Pickled Pothead could chuck wood? 61

Show me your Ripples 56

Italian Elections are a joke 53

4 Score & 7 Beers ago 49

Suicidal Green Koopas 49

We write jokes for Daniel Day Lewis 49

Jessica Rocks our socks 42

That one guy (& six other people) 41

There's a party in my pants 41

I never knew tiny Asian women could grow red beards....ok that's just Donnovan 35

Oscar Pistorius is single but he is a killer Valentine's date 33

The Pitchers & the Catcthers 32

Steve Jobs' life didn't flash before his eyes because Apple doesn't support flash 32

"Generic Team Name" 30

Twiat my Nipples and call me Shirley 20

Primas 18

H Clan 13

Nuts 11

K-Doggy Deluxe 9

Keeping it Riehl


Quiz Schedule
Tuesday nights at 8pm at Dublin's Street Pub Sunday nights at 6:30pm at Dublin's Street Pub
Alan Riehl (Keeping it Riehl)

It's bragging time!  I have been with GWD since January 12, 2010 at Dublin's Street Pub in Las Cruces, NM.  I have published 4 novels since 2005: Angel Falls, Married Alive, and The Treasure of Akkad.  I wrote two plays:  Angel Falls and Online (which is being produced).  I wrote the screenplay for a 5 minute animated short for Dooglamoo Studios.  I co-wrote a horror screenplay.  I wrote a ahlf hour episode for the horror TV show The Witching Hour entitled Writer's Block which was accepted and is in production.  I have emceed several non-profit events and have creted several events as well.  I am in the process of creting a Writer's Festival and Stephen King wants to be me when he grows up.  (Stephen if you're reading this, you know I love you man!)  I have over 9 years experience in radio and about the same in television.  I like the ladies and I appreciate the bevy of beauties that grace Dublin's week in and week out just to see me.  I also created the GWD Olympics which is now an annual event at Dublin's.

I have now written a screenplay from my produced play: Online; a British Sitcom Pilot; and I am working on my first novel as a Mini-Series!  Writing rocks!

I'M BACK BITCHES!  Yeah it was only for one night but so what?   I put the "Master" back in Quizmaster!  I put the "Mastur" back in masturbation!  waitaminute

Scoremistress Kathy and I were back in action last night thanks in part to Seth having to dig his way out the shallow grave I dug....uh...personal business.  I seemed to have not lost my touch.  Seth is doing a great job, but I have to give him a verbal smack down just because I can.  And I may not get another chance!  

I wept a tear when I counted 26 teams that showed up for my reunion quiz.  All the old favorites were there including some newbies and some weirdos.  BTW Kathy rocked as usual!

For those of you trying to figure out what the dates in blog title mean....it is the last time I QMed to the most recent.  

Well enough about me...on with my dissection of last night's events:

My favorite team name of the evening has to go to Steve Jobs' life didn't flash before his eyes because Apple doesn't support Flash!  I'm still chuckling over this one.

It's nice to know that the teams haven't gotten any smarter since I QMed the last time.  

Neither Pac Man nor Ethel was the correct answer regarding the 80's title character created by American Greetings.

We all do agree that Kate Gosselin is a stupid babymaking, bitch-whore who has the I.Q. of any Justin Bieber fan (that's not a compliment)

The Rocky Horror Picture Show sounds nothing like All About Eve. Although I think Betty Davis would have killed as Dr. Frank N Furter!

I smelled SHORT BUS while reading one team's response to the question involving the group Brian Jones got kicked out of:  The drummer from Def Leopards only got one arm (dee dee dee=Carlos Mencia reference)

To the team that spelled Led Zepplin, "Lead", you now have to give up your last remaining brain cell, and are no longer aloud to listen to anything except shit like Bow Wow, Bieber, and Celine Dion!

I do want to say I was surprised that I didn't have to use my heavily researched comebacks against the assholes who shout out the answers because there were no shouters!  Nice.

Since I have this moment, I am going to shamelessly plug myself and my Wife.  I am a writer and will Ghost write or turn your novel into a screenplay.  MY Wife is Editor-Extraordinaire and will edit your writing.  There are fees but extremely reasonable.  Email me at alanriehl@hotmail.com for more details!  AND QUIT SENDING MIDGET PORN TO MY EMAIL!  

Seth will be back next week so I have homework for all of you:  pick a word or phrase for your team name that Seth will have to pronounce.  :)

It's time for me to go back into deactivation mode until next time...

Oh yeah Show me Your Ripples, "Generic Team Name" & That one guy all at one time had more than 6 people at their table so they were penalized.  So bleah!