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Jack Quinn's Irish Alehouse & Pub
21 S. Tejon St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Mondays: 8:00 PM
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4:10 PM, April 09, 2013
Margaret Thatcher Naked On A Cold Day 75

Hamburger (mostly) Alone 66

Rocktapril 63

Thatcher? I Hardley Knew Her 61

Honeybadger Hell 60

Generic Team Name 58

Spengler, It's Venkman! 55

First-Timers 54

USS Gettysburg 53

Zoo Snatchers 44

Hyman Recyclers, Inc. 44

The Bottleneck Effect 40

Team Bee 17



Quiz Schedule
Mondays: Jack Quinn's 8-10pm Tuesdays: Thunder & Buttons 8-10pm Wednesdays: BooDad's 8-10pm
Justin (JewWario)

Justin is a quizmaster for the Colorado Springs area and has been for several years now.

He is also an internet personality for the video game reviews he does under the name 'JewWario' (for liking the character Wario and... well, for being Jewish) on several websites. He has been a guest at several anime and gaming conventions around the country and in Canada and has quite the following overseas (as Derek Knight would say: "He's big in Japan, yo.").

Check out his weekly videos at:





Another night of quizzing and fun and BWAAAAAGHWHATTHEHELL? What the hell's with all this wind? Gawd DAMMIT Colorado will you fricking STOP it already with the shite weather! You're keeping the quizzers away!

But we did get a good amount of people coming out and it was a great time. We laughed, we cried, we... ok. Here's the thing. I really missed you guys and I know that our second place winner did too.

People, we work really hard for y'all to come on out... and look! Just LOOK at what happens when people neglect the quiz.

These sad people that you see in the pictures are what happens when people don't show up to the quiz. But for just dollars a day you too could help these poor sad people enjoy a finer more fuller quiz. Your donations and attendance means a more fun quiz. Look at this poor picture of Keith. The man sat there and played by himself.

I cannot wait to see the bar so packed that people are SPILLING into the streets! Come enjoy next week!