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The Whiskey Bar
2203 Larimer St
Denver, CO 80205
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1:30 PM, February 17, 2013
Team Whhhiskey 69

Quizzard Sleeves 66

The Cunning Stunts 62

Muscle Beathes 61

Kayden's Little White Asparagus 60

The Fresh Prince of Persia 59

Green Slothes 47

Don't Touch Me There, You're Not My Uncle 23

Snoogs 5



Quiz Schedule
Tuesday: Oblio's, 8pm/ Wednesday: Park Tavern, 8pm
Emilio Scattaglia (horseluvrfat69@valis.xxx)

Pink laser beams and pop songs.

I have many fine, rich-wooded compartments in which to store my wrongheaded embarrassments.

So for the first time in months, we quizzed upstairs in the main bar. Oh yeah, now I remember what it was like to have every new retard who walks in this he's a genius and shout out answers. It had been so long since I'd had to belittle someone for that that I almost for got how. But let's be honest: that's a skill that I will never unlearn. Telling people to shut their goddamn dick holsters (thanks, Pam from Archer) just comes naturally. I had also forgotten how satisfying it is. Damn it feels good to be a quizmaster.

Speaking of things that are good, 50% of one of my very first teams from way back in 2008 were in attendance last night. Yes, Lauryn, Lisa, and Sarah from Nobody Puts Donkey In The Corner from my first venue, Cap City, were doing it. It's definitely never a bad thing when they come around. Here they are as The Cunning Stunts doing naughty things with cherries:

Another group of lovely ladies came late to the quiz, but managed to come out with team name of the night with Don't Touch Me There, You're Now My Uncle. And, y'know, since they were all grabbing each other's boobs in the photo, it's my civic and moral duty to feature that kind here:

Okay, I've given you two pictures of cute girls doing cute things. What the hell else do you want from a blog? Congrats to Team Whhhhiskey, Quizzard Sleeves and of course, The Cunning Stunts for coming in the money and not cumming in the money. Yep, I'm done.