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The Rackhouse Pub
203 S Kalamath St
Denver, CO 80223
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10:57 PM, April 11, 2013
Uncle Touchy's Magic Puzzle Basement 76

I Knew We Should Have Stayed Home and Fucked 75

The Unfuckables 72


Glory Holes 70

An Ale of Two Cities 70

Rick Pitino's Tramp Stamp 61

Better Late Than Pregnant 60

Potty Humor is Your Doodie 57

Rocket Surgery 54

"Ben Cried Today" 53

Kim Jung Underpants 51

$409 Worth of Tears 49

Buck Tooth Athena 48

The Loon Walkers 31

Fuckin N Stuff 26

Conan's Mom 23

John Snow & The White Walkers 23

Mac Lankyhand (funtime Nabokovian anagram alias)


Quiz Schedule
Thursdays at 8:00, at the Rackhouse in Denver
Dylan (Mac Lankyhand (funtime Nabokovian anagram alias))

Another sucker wasting some liberal arts degrees. Once presided over the ancestral keep of Pass Manchac Light (pictured) until Hurricane Isaac sank it.

Howdy everyone, thanks for coming out.

Barn burner tonight. “Uncle Touchey's Magic Puzzle Basement” wins by a nose. The hilariously named “I Knew We Should Have Stayed Home and Fucked” takes second. “The Unfuckables” bring a knife to a gunfight, but manage to take third.

So on the way home from Skyfall, I was making the case that it wound up as a sort of portmanteau of several other movies (or styles of movies), and we got to the last act. The conclusion we came to (which I will defend) is that Home Alone is basically the little kids version of Straw Dogs. Go see the original Straw Dogs. Or not... I don't know. It's pretty nihilistic. Go see it if you're a nihilist.

Depending upon what Neil Young songs you've been listening to, you may have had trouble with that one question. “Helpless” pointed you in the right direction, but “Don't Be Denied” suggests Manitoba and “Four Strong Winds” suggests Alberta. Then again “Four Strong Winds” was written by The Brothers Four, “Don't Be Denied” is on an album nobody really listens to (unless you got them turn tables), and all you really had to know was Canada's most populous province. I guess the point is, there should be more Neil Young questions.

Also, Tex From Pittsburgh has a nice cover of “Four Strong Winds.” I'll play it for you sometime.

Ah the Boer wars. There was a Boer big shot commander from Traasvaal named “Oom” Paul Kruger. Among other things, he's got a neat pipe shape named after him.

Didn't Christopher Lambert of Highlander fame play Raiden in the first movie? “You have the internet, why are you asking us?” Indeed. Anyway, the first Mortal Combat movie was actually pretty good (if you were like 13 at the time) the second was a cinematic abomination.

Thank you for coming everyone, we'll see you next week.