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The Rackhouse Pub
203 S Kalamath St
Denver, CO 80223
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10:57 PM, April 04, 2013
Tofu Bison 80

Team Snarky Bitches 76

Thor Quantum Dog 73

Liquid Inspiration 70

I got Nothing, Bitch! 64

Red Rocket 59

No Chance 58

3 Wolf Moon 56

It Hurts When I quiz 55

The Microbrew Gurus 54

Tawanda 41

Joanie Loves Chachi Pilates 31

Shwale Cheeks 20

Mac Lankyhand (funtime Nabokovian anagram alias)


Quiz Schedule
Thursdays at 8:00, at the Rackhouse in Denver
Dylan (Mac Lankyhand (funtime Nabokovian anagram alias))

Another sucker wasting some liberal arts degrees. Once presided over the ancestral keep of Pass Manchac Light (pictured) until Hurricane Isaac sank it.

Another fine night of pub quiz at the ol' Rackhouse....
Tofu Bison returns for vengance and victory, like one of them South Korean movies. Team Snarky Bitches takes an uncharacteristic silver and Thor Quantum Dog defiest physics and expectations to take the bronze.
You guys ever hear those Peter Sellers versions of "She Loves You." Pretty good. There's a German version, a Cockney version and an Irish version. Probably others..... I've got an mp3 of the "Chinless Wonders Version" that does not seem to be on those YouTubes.

You guys ever see the ol' Night of the Living Dead? Well worth seeing. The big irony at the end is that our lead (Duane Jones) handles his shit and keeps everyone else cool throughout the whole of the terrifying ordeal only to be shot the next morning by the unthinking cracker sheriff. Who would have guessed that forty-five years later the unthinking cracker sheriff would be spun off into a highly successful TV series.
Nick Cage is going to have a pretty interesting career when its all said and done. I'll always have a spot for him on account of Sailor's rad snakeskin jacket and belief in personal freedom. He's not bad in Moonstruck either, which is one of the most inexplicably good movies in film history.

I think we're selling Dean Winters short. There's Dennis Duffy of course, but I think he'll be best remembered as Ryan O'Riley from Oz. For those who haven't seen Oz, O'Riley is the character that gives every white dude hope he can survive prison without becoming some Aryan Nation Lieutenant's bottom. 

Just to clarify, I don't think we're saying Edward Furlong is actually a Neo-Nazi. I think.

Thanks to everyone for coming out (and for checking out the blog).
Hope we'll see you again next week.