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Prickly Pete's
5151 Leetsdale Dr
Denver, CO 80246
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11:39 AM, February 17, 2013
yakov in space 71

lsr 67

denver jan 65

do vegans swallow 62

rise up your lights 59

sexrx 58

3 chaps and a fact hunt 56

take no prisoners 55

the wolfpack 51

devilish buffs 50

Who Knows 35

george lucas's neckbeard 34

less than brilliant 33

Red 2 33

vandelay industries 32

starbellied 31

jeff sue 28

potpourri for 667 0

Cousin Chet


Quiz Schedule
Mondays at Ernie's, Wednesdays at the Denver Wrangler, Thursdays at Jackson's All American (Greenwood Village).
John LaHendro (Cousin Chet)

Johnny was raised in the Swiss Alps by his grandfather and often has trouble differentiating his life from the movie Heidi.  He has a completely worthless degree in Creative Writing from the University Of Colorado, which he has parlayed into never getting a real job.  When he's not quizzing, he can be found drinking good scotch and cheap beer and bitching about how Charles Bukowski has completely ruined his life.  John is currently living in a remote area of south Denver, which he knows for a fact to be Denver due to the large number of DPD officers he sees hanging around his apartment complex.  His hobbies include watching old episodes of Mystery Science Theatre, playing classic Nintendo games, and making fun of your favorite band.  He also sometimes confuses his life with that of Batman and is currently trying to track down the Joker and bring him to justice.

So, it turns out that I am not David Lee Roth and I can’t get away with yelling, “after the quiz, I’m going to fuck your girlfriend!” I also can’t rock spandex or do amazing midair splits. But, I’ve also never been kicked out of Van Halen and replaced with Sammy Hagar.  So I guess on that front, I win.

It was good to be back at Pete’s.  You may be wondering where I was the week before.  I was in Beautiful Austin for somewhat attractive if you’ve been drinking Geek Bowl.  It was a blast.  And to those of you who didn’t make it this year, there’s always next year. But that said, you’re still dead to me.

I talked a little bit last night about the movie the Butcher Boy.  Apparently nobody but me has seen this movie and that’s a goddam shame.  It is a wonderful piece of dark comedy and I recommend checking it out as soon as possible.  In fact stop reading this and go watch it.  Right now.

Liberace.  What can we say about Liberace that hasn’t already been said?  I’ll say this, before it closed, his museum in Vegas was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen and I’ve a homeless guy fight a guy on a bike.  Hell, the cost of admission is worth it just to see his costume room.  I mean, between the short shorts he wore for his Fourth of July special and the giant Easter egg he emerged from for his Easter special, there really was no need for him to officially come out. We pretty much knew.

That’s all for today, kids. But I’d like to send a message to one person out there; Mike Piazza, you are not fooling anyone. As soon as you can be honest about who you are, the happier you will be.