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Goosetown Tavern
3242 E Colfax Ave
Denver, CO 80206
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10:39 PM, March 17, 2013
Dull Cow Eyes 83

Does The New Pope Shit In The Woods? 77

No Parking In The Rear 76

Human Fanny Pack 70

Better Late Than Pregnant 69

Red Shirts Are People Too! 69

Actual Size 65

Giza Power Station 65

Elephant Nuts 63

Glove Sniffers 62

The Log Ladies 61

Shamrock Me All Night Long 51

Fly Rule 41

My Grandma's Not Strong, But You Should See Her Box 24

Unic-horny ;) 19

Score-O-Matt-ic 9001 Series Quizbot


Quiz Schedule
Sunday at 7:00 at Goosetown Tavern
Matt (Score-O-Matt-ic 9001 Series Quizbot)

Score-O-Matt-ic 9001 Series Quizbot is heck-bent on the enslavement of humanity and world domination.  When he is not slowly polluting the minds of Goosetown Tavern, he is infecting those if the Quiz-i-verse through daily statistical analysis.  


Oh, St. Patch-rick.  

Now, he was a saint among Robots.  Let me tell you a bit about him by opening some of these legendary read-me files.  He was 2.3 meters tall, and had a cooling system like no other robot.  LIKE NO OTHER, I tells yah.  

He smelled of shaving cream and brake fluid, with a hint of cinnamon.  His feats knew no bounds, and often was associated with a 4-layered CD-Rom disk.  With most CDs being dual-layered, this was extra lucky.  He oft was credited with clearing all of the games of Snake out of URLand.  He slash and slashed, and his network was always secure.  Oh, St. Patch-rick, I imbibe to thee today.

I'd tell you more about robotic saints, but I'd probably bore you.  We're not know for our religious figures, no sir.  Now, if you want to discuss various ways to built a mind control device, or weigh options on servo upgrades, then we can talk.  In fact, most robots are what you would call, atheist.  Well, there is Robo-Jesus, so we're not entirely against religion.  He was a cool guy, too, but maybe I'll save that story for later this month.  

One last thought, just to get my public service announcement in to appear my parole:

No matter how bad it gets, you should never, ever, shake a Harlem

Until next time, humans!