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1530 Blake St
Denver, CO 80202
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10:57 PM, April 09, 2013
Genuine Class 89

Broken Legs, Broken DreamsÉWoverines!! 83

The Thing Of It Is 80

North Korea: The Westboros Baptist Church of Countries 79

Margaret Thatcher Naked on a Cold Day 77

Pantry Sharks 76

Off in a Corner 70

Baltimorons 53

White Rascals 37

Kyle the Girl


Quiz Schedule
Tuesdays at Freschcraft Food - 8pm
Kyle (Kyle the Girl)

I'm Kyle. I'm a girl. Yeah, that's right, a girl. A Star Wars loving, BBC watching, Mel Brooks quoting, Monty Python dancing, Ginger girl! Think I'm not geek enough for this? Come to my quiz and find out!

So I was very excited because for the first time ever, my parents were going to be in town on a quiz night, and wanted to come to see me hosting. I told the bar, I told some regulars, every one was really looking forward to them coming. Then I get a call from Mom, and there’s midget wrestling going on in Breckenridge where they’re staying (oh, and that little thing called Winter Storm Walda), and they probably weren’t going to make the drive down to see their favorite daughter. HUGE disappointment. But, even with the temperatures at a nice, spring-like 17 degrees, I still had a pretty full house for quiz, so I can’t complain too much...

Things I can complain about however:

  • Thinking Howard Stern is a trusted news anchor
  • Mixing up Enigma and Enya
  • Not knowing that Wisconsin has 5 towns named Springfield
  • Thinking Breaking Dawn is the most recent Stephanie Meyer adaptation (okay, actually I’m fine that people think this)
  • The false notion that Madeline is a French cartoon, it feature the Eiffel Tower, but was actually created in Austria
  • Dosh – a word no one used ever
  • Thinking that gay Satan and Saddam Hussein starred in “Bedazzled”
  • Mixing up Charlie Day and Charlie Kelly – one is the actor, one is the character

Best question of the night: “Can we use abbreviations?” for the Name that State round. If you honestly are that illiterate, what are you doing at quiz?

My best screw up of the night: Accidentally announcing “PANTRY Raid” as “PANTY Raid” during a score update. I guess we know where my brain was tonight…

Thanks for braving this non-blizzard and coming out to quiz. I’m really happy I didn’t spend the night with 2 teams of newbies, but instead with several teams of regulars. Let’s all hope that spring come soon. Until then, you stay geeky Freshcraft.