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Darcy's Bistro & Pub
4955 S Ulster St
Denver, CO 80237
Saturdays: 8:30 PM
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12:44 PM, February 17, 2013
Natalie Portmanteau Sharted Her Jorts at Brunch 79

Holly's Mother Fuckin Birthday 66

Vaginas Plus One 64

The Lil' Waning Cresents 63

BJ and the Bear 62

The Maple Kind 62

Waka Flacka Flaming Lips 59

Out of Town 52

Songpop Addicts 52

Such as Seals 51

Fargin Ice Holes 50

Aca Awkward 50

Uncle Johns Band 48

Space Monkeys Say Fuck You to Cancer 45

Cu Rams 42

The Spanish Word for Danger 41

The Young and the Rested 40

WBC 31

2 Dollar Wells All Night 15

Vertigo Chuck


Quiz Schedule
Pub on Pearl
Tuesdays 8:00 PM

Darcy's Bistro and Pub
Saturdays 8:30 PM
Charles (Vertigo Chuck)

I'm Charles, Charlie, Chuck, whatever non-derogatory nickname you can think of for Charles. Even though I started QuizMastering at the HandleBar Tavern in December '11, I have quizzed in dozens of places for years. Our teams never quite won anything, but we always have a good time racking our brains for those little tidbits of info that GWD requires nightly.

I am definitely a geek. That picture is of me swinging from two phonebooks leafed together. Yeah, just like Mythbusters used to make. A physicist by trade, I don my mask and head out into the night partying hard and consuming various social lubricants.

Join me at my quiz and I will try to swoon you with my dulcet tones of vector calculus and Star Wars references. If you are really lucky, catch me with my Rubik's cube and I will get rid of its entropy faster than takes a grown man (or woman) to change a toilet paper roll (or paper towel roll)1.

Gordon Freeman is my hero. For the winter gift-giving season, I want a red crowbar so that I can keep it under my pillow while I sleep.


1Times may be adjusted annually for inflation

Fun night tonight. Back from Geek Bowl, have a trainee. You guys gave him appaluse. I never get applause unless, like a proper overlord, ask for it. Graham did a pretty awesome job tonight. This was his second training night, and he is going to start full-time next week. I think he did a great job.

Graham is a scoring machine. He is endearing to more than one team with the phrase: Graham Crackers are sexy with melted chocolate & marshmallows.

For years I have been looking for a song with this really boss bass beat. I had no idea what is was until Geek Bowl when someone told me. I then forgot it and resorted to looking it up for 10 mins on the internet. So now I bring you this blog while listening to Rapper's Delight. It turns out it was in my iTunes crazily enough. Play on.

A little bit about the teams this week. The Lil' Waning Crescents decided to name themselves after my t-shirt, or the fact that they wanted me to moon them. I'm not entirely sure which was the biggest reason. Maybe we will never know. I also seem to remember something about photoshopping hair, but the cat girl had strange hair on her driver's license already, so no need.

Customary greeting last night from Natalie Portmanteau Sharted Her Jorts at Brunch. Titty twister. I haven't been greeted like that since middle school. Thanks Mike for bringing back repressed memories.


Don't worry, the Buzzcocks were there this week helping out another team at the bar. When I walked over and talked to them, they decided to change their team name to Buzzcocks - Life Coaches. Whenever they play, no matter what name they choose, it will default to that. Permanent change in my spreadsheet.

We celebrated Holly's Motherfucking Birthday tonight. That also co-incided with Linda celebrating 8 years of being cancer free! That's probably why they had the name Space Monkeys Say Fuck You to Cancer. The two teams had a cake, and I had some and it was delicious. It could be a staple food of my daily diet, Such as Seals.

NEWSFLASH!! I found out that even though the blog software only has spots for 8 photo uploads, I can put more than 8 photos in the slideshow. It only took me over a year to figure that out.


See you all next week! Same Bat time, same Bat place.


P.S. I got a valentine's card from my kids this week.