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G Street Wunderbar
228 G St
Davis, CA
[Monday 9:00 pm]
Monday, Feb 06, 2017


Star Wars? Nope. Yoda? Yup!
Still Fucked
But, The Falcons Won the Popular Vote!
West Tupperware
The Eastern Tupperware Territory
2 Girls, 1 Casey
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Watching the Patriots Win is the Same as watching someone hit your mom in the face.


Well, the big Sportsball Fap-Fest known as the Super Bowl is finally past us. Which means that sportsball season is mercifully over! Now we can focus on the important things in life, like the goddamn Road to Wrestlemania! Yeah, I know, I'm the only one who cares about that, but hey, we all need to have hobbies. Anyways, we had a pretty fun week here at G Street. We saw The Great Tupperware Nations become divided for having too many members, so they became The Eastern Tupperware Territory, and West Tupperware. But, because they are all still friends, they united for a picture as The United Nation of the Tupperware Peoples. We also had Rod and Co. back in action, going on to win the whole shebang, as well as some usual teams in 2 Girls, 1 Casey, and But The Falcons Won the Popular Vote!, and of course, Still Fucked.

But, let's move on to some quizzness.

Round 1 had us start off easy with 8 questions about why we should TOTALLY get into a war with Australia. The first audio round was full of (not all) terrible covers of songs that were Billboard #1 hits on this day throughout history. I actually kind of liked a few of these covers, and then some were just the literal worst (I'm looking at you, Kidz Bop cover of Thrift Shop). And then our round 3 was a sooner or later round all about actors and their many roles. There were some pretty solid red-herrings in this round (multiple Hawkeyes, multiple Abraham Lincolns) that really help differentiate some scores. This round also brought up the point that since we've had to live through the McConaussaince, we deserve the Brendan Fraser Revolution!

After a quick scoring break, and a ton of wind and rain outside for us smoking folk, we get right back into things with round 4, aptly titled "Shake Your Booty: A round on stolen goods, and all things Shaken". This was a fun round, but sadly missing some Bond references. This week's visual round featured various Mice (or mice-like things) that we've come to know and love from animated pop-culture. And round 6 was a super-hard Science round. In fact, it was so hard (giggity) that we even spelled out half of the answer for everyone.

The final leg of the Pub Quiz featured an audio round all about THE BEST MUSICAL FORM EVER INVENTED: A Cappella! The fine, upstanding folks at Geeks Who Drink seem to really think everyone hates this style of music, but they are wrong. It's the best, and I love it. I will riff-off against anyone who thinks otherwise! Aca-Bring it on bitches! And yeah, Round 8 was random knowledge, because, Duh.

Your Winners:
1st Place- Star Wars? Nope. Yoda? Yup!
2nd Place- Still Fucked
3rd Place- But, The Falcons Won The Popular Vote!

Another super fun session of Pub Quiz here at G Street Wunderbar. Thanks to everyone for coming out and having fun, even when I got off track cursing about Tom Brady, and Bill "Made a deal with Satan as big as the one Trump Made" Belichick.

-Sean Oh.