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Dry Ground Brewing Co.
3121 Broadway
Paducah, KY
[Thursday 8:00 pm]
Thursday, Feb 16, 2017


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Taylor Swift Got Drunk and Tried to Eat My Pizza

Todd Holloman

Let’s talk about expectations. We all have them. We expect the sun to rise every morning. We expect the next “Star Wars” movie will have a spaceship. We all expected that rebooting Vin Diesel’s “XXX” series was not the greatest idea. Lately, we expect our new POTUS to say something dumb on a daily basis. Personally, I expect every slice of pizza I eat to be delicious, no matter where it came from, because pizza is perfect food. Also, drunk people who try to engage me in conversation when I’m on the microphone in the middle of a round during the Geeks Who Drink pub quiz at Dry Ground Brewing Company should expect that I’m going to talk about them into said microphone, especially when the conversation involves that drunk person asking me if I’m going to eat the rest of my yummy Mellow Mushroom pizza and, if not, can they have a slice. Expect the answer to that question to always be NO, Mr. Drunk-Person-Who-Also-Bumped-Into-The-Quizmaster-Table-And-Almost-Knocked-It-Over.

Since we are on the topic of expectations, I would like to apologize to our participating teams. We had a round last night where every correct answer contained the letters A-R-T. I’m sorry that your expectations for that round were not met and that none of the answers was FART. Don’t let go of that dream, though. Anything is possible.

Our teams posted some impressive scores, especially when you consider that Taylor Swift popped up twice during last night’s quiz party. She was featured in a couple of questions, I mean. She didn’t really pop up in person. Or maybe she did. Maybe Taylor Swift was the drunk person who tried to eat my pizza. #AlternateFact

One question last night involved “Law & Order” spin-offs and one team gave what is probably my favorite incorrect answer of all time. There is no “Law & Order” spin-off called “Law & Order: Gangs!” but dammit, I would watch that show every night if it was real.

GREAT MOMENTS IN SCHADENFREUDE: I loved the look of dismay on player’s faces when I announced that Round 6 was completely devoted to Austrian composer Franz Schubert. That is something that people who just ordered beer number 4 don’t like to hear.

When we came to the end of our little beer ‘n’ questions party, it was the team of Skeet Me in St. Louis taking first place, followed by Hillary Gave Pandora 20% of our Unobtanium in second and Sperminator 2: Fudge Pack Day in third.

Favorite team name that didn’t place in the top three: Too Many Holes, Not Enough Glory

Join us next week for more questions that cover everything from junk food to Antarctica. It’s Geeks Who Drink, every Thursday night at Dry Ground. Start time is 8pm. Until next time…

Todd Holloman

Todd Holloman is a stand-up comedian, podcaster, DJ, improviser, ranter, writer, and husband to Adrian. He lives with his wife and two cats, Rigby and Ed. If he wasn't hosting the Geeks Who Drink quiz, he would be quizzing random people on the street,