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Red's Porch
3508 S Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78704
Tuesdays: 8:00 PM
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12:35 PM, February 25, 2015
Drinkers Who Geek 93

Thesaurus Rex 89

Curly Girl and the Gropers 86

When Life gives you lemons, throw a lemon party 80


Cats Rule Everything Around Me #DOLLADOLLABILLMEOW 75

Fried Gold 71

Best team name of the night 70

Everything is Awesome 67

Golden Girls Gone Wild 64

Vee Love tabbed out! Now give us free stuff 63

Like a Surgeon 62

Quizalea Banks 62

Asses in Glasses 60

Can't Trivia Don't want to 58

Party like its three easy payments of 19.99 56

Entertainment720 55

F U Groundhog 51

Randos 50

How Ya' Doin?! 42

What is this, Black History Month?! 26

Eric With A H 17



Quiz Schedule
Score at Red's Porch, Tuesdays at 8pm. Host at Opal's Penn Field, Saturdays at 9pm.
Chelsea (cheez)

Whoa you guys, whoa. I'm Chelsea. I used to work in movies when I was like 7 and shit. I rap when I'm in the shower. I'm totally hetero for Justin Timberlake. My favorite color is blue. The sky is also blue. I'm the faster scorer ever. I really like beer. My hero is Martina Hingis. Tennis. Something else about beer. 

Boom, bio.

You guys! Last night was SOOO amazing! Thank you so much for being so inviting. Everyone was excited for my first night hosting at Red’s. We are all sad to Evan go, he is really great, but he let me take over. Which is really nice of him.

With 21 teams braving the cold, we had a blast. We quizzed you on Duh! What’s Your Sign, Bond Villain or Dictator (that was my favorite), and Spin Offs. The Spin Off round was by far the worst one for every team. It was pretty tough. I have heard of all of them, but I have not seen all those shows. I would have totally tanked it.

My dad ended up winning the email bonus prize tonight. I gave him a trucker hat, which he then gave to my GF. Last time he won the bonus question my roommate loaded up a GWD flash drive with a bunch of porn. Which he then gave to my GF. Is that weird? It is, kinda.

Alyssa graced us with her presence last night, and boy did we make her work for her beer. She was scoring like a maniac, and trying to eat her Chicken Fried Chicken at the same time. It was pretty impressive.

In the end, Party Like It’s 3 Easy Payments of $19.99 won team name of the night. In 1st place we had Drinkers Who Geek. 2nd went to my old friends Thesaurus Rex, they reprised their old team name just for last night! And then Curly Girl and the Gropers grabbed the 3rd place prize.

See you all again next week!
Chels and Alyssa

Red's Porch
3508 S Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78704
Tuesdays: 8:00 PM
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7:27 AM, February 11, 2015
Drinkers Who Geek 84

Cheerbleeders 79

5 people you meet in Evan 77

Onions Don't Go on Po-Boys 75

Banobos 72

The League of Extrodinarily Gentle Men 71

C U Next Tuesday 71

Oww, My Balls! 69

Evan, its been fun, but the last round is on you! 63

Slappy butt day,Justina Fagulara 62

Rear-ended by Bruce Jenner: The Worst Way to Go 62

Brian Williams: Not just a Pretty Face 60

Columbian Neckties 58

Learn to Park, ASSHOLES! 56

We Drink More Than We Geek 48

Hops and Brains 47

Imma Let You Finish,Beck,but Beyonce is better 44

Slappy butt day,Justina Fagulara 30

Kanye West wears Beck Pajamas 24

The Notorious HEB 20



Quiz Schedule
Red's Porch, Tuesdays -- AND -- Black Star Co-Op, Sundays
Evan ()

Formerly a scientist, Evan is a treacherous, high-ranking Quizmaster who turns into a jet and is openly known to want to replace Megatron as the leader of the Decepticons.

Four years ago, I stepped in for Ozzy at Red's Porch.  The very first thing I witnessed as I sat at the bar, waiting for the manager to come and introduce me to the setup, was a quizzer who came to the bar to pick up a to-go order.  The bartender asked, "Are you staying for trivia?"  And the quizzer replied something along the lines of, "No, not if Ozzy's not here."

Rough thing to hear, especially for a Quizmaster who did not yet have a year of experience under his belt.  But don't worry, fair quizzers-- I'm pretty sure the one who said that was actually at quiz last night!  Why do I tell this story?  Because quiz changes.  We grow, we develop, we sometimes devolve.  But we ebb and flow, and the overall effect is this:

Quiz is free.  We give out prizes every week.  And we don't let chumps run a badass venue like Red's.

That's why I feel confident handing it off to Chelsea.  She's been kicking around at pub quizzes for longer than I have, and let's all admit it, she's much more personable.  Have fun with her, and in the meantime, here are some stories I remember from Red's:

  • Spilling an entire margarita on my laptop, making it produce an almost comical error noise before shutting off of its own accord.  (Don't worry, after booting it back up, the sound was fine.  But my keys are still a bit sticky.)
  • After a delayed flight from Costa Rica, rushing straight from the airport to quiz.  I wore my newly acquired wide-brim hat, causing one team to name themselves I Stole This Hat from Steve Irwin's Grave.  Morbid, timely, and clever.   They won Best Team Name of the Night.
  • Asking a question during quiz about the Most Interesting Man in the World, just as that very Dos Equis commercial played on the big screen behind me.
  • That time the entire sound system petered out, and I had to stand on a chair and shout questions through a janky little speaker.
  • Remember quizzing inside...?  I miss quizzing inside.
  • ...except for when drunk assholes try to play darts almost directly above your scorekeeper's head.
  • Hosting both the Joss Whedon quiz and the Middle Earth quiz.  That's right, those were both held at Red's, and they were both EPIC.

Got your own story?  Share it in the comments!

...the fuck am I saying, nobody ever comments on these blogs, except to complain about my fuck-ups.

(Did I guilt trip you into commenting on the blog...?  I hope so.)

Special thanks to Kim who is awesome and the only person who bought me a shot.  (More guilt!!!)

Remember to like the Facebook page.  We post stuff on there sometimes, and sometimes we give out hints and prizes on there too!

I will truly miss this quiz, but I'll be around.  So keep coming to Red's, and everyone have a great time!



-evan and kim

Red's Porch
3508 S Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78704
Tuesdays: 8:00 PM
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11:01 PM, February 03, 2015
the super bowel was the shit 82

je suis left shark 78

mousetrap 77

poop, there it is 76

the suite life of zach and cody's penis 74

mike tython thuper thquad 72

how do jellyfish make babies? 68

parks and rec it ralph maccio: who are they now? 68

team jerk 66

bonobos 58

entertainment 720 53



Quiz Schedule
Red's Porch, Tuesdays -- AND -- Black Star Co-Op, Sundays
Evan ()

Formerly a scientist, Evan is a treacherous, high-ranking Quizmaster who turns into a jet and is openly known to want to replace Megatron as the leader of the Decepticons.

I'm gonna make a movie called Chasing Chelsea.  It'll be about how a mopey Ben Affleck makes Chelsea MORE gay.  Jennifer Lawrence will play Chelsea, and Casey Affleck will play Ben Affleck, because I can't afford to get Ben Affleck to play himself.  Opening soon in select theaters.

John Denver made a couple of appearances on tonight's quiz.  Which, out of context, sounds like some sort of folky Christmas Carol type shit.  As if the Ghost of Grammys Past came to us and taught us about the true meaning of music award ceremonies.  And then sang "Rocky Mountain High."

We also had a fun round five.  It was like a board game!  I think next time we should make little game pieces to move around the board.  I'll bring crafting supplies and paints and glitter and we'll make a thing of it.  I mean, if we have another one of those by... next week.

We'll see.

I think Kenny G should make an album with the Insane Clown Posse.  It'll be a genre-straddling masterpiece.  It would be called Kenny ICPG.  Or maybe just Miracles.

And the audio round with the Japanese versions of English-language songs?  Maybe I'm just too much of an animation lover, but was I the only one that imagined each of those songs as intros to different anime series...?  I don't care, I had fun.  Though I guess you guys were a little more concerned with figuring out the original songs.

This is why I host pub quiz and don't play too often.

Anyways, come back next week for my last quiz at Red's!  Send me off in style, or Chelsea will make you PAY.


-evan and chelsea

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