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Rumble In The Pub is back! Our regional throwdown between dozens of obsessive, giant-brained beerhead teams was so popular this summer that we’re bringing it to autumn AND to a new region. Teams will spend eight weeks waging war in the Round Rumble qualifying period, trying to qualify for the Final Rumble. Our five Rumble regions are called Fires & Floods (Denver and Front Range), Tumbleweeds (ABQ), Soggy Pines (Pacific Northwest), Queso (Texas), and Land of the Wicked Pissuhs (New England), because, you know, cliches.

There you’ll compete for a $300 prize for first, a $200 for second, and $100 for third. How do you get an invite for your team? Well, that’s where the fun comes in. Read closely.

Registering -- NEW!!!

1) First things first, register here: XXXXXXX. You’ll need to use the same team name every week. Be creative, too. See below in our LAQ for a few guidelines. Also, if you played in the last Rumble, feel free to keep the torch going for that team name. Registration is closed. Lazies.

2) Registration will be open up until end of day on October 18th.  Don’t get left behind, and register before then.

3) Pay attention because this is important and we changed some things. Once you’ve registered you’ll receive an email confirmation. At the bottom of the email there’s a short code that starts with “RPF13.” Congratulations, that’s your Rumble Code for the duration of this tournament. We use that to track you. Any time you play you’ll use your team name AND the unique Rumble code on your answer sheets. Any problems? Email quizbot@geekswhodrink.com.

EXAMPLE: If your code is RPF13-0001 and your team name is registered as “Babraham Lincoln” you’ll need to put it on the answer sheets as “RPF13-0001 Babraham Lincoln” for our scanners to pick it up. Please don’t be Babraham Lincoln.

Round Rumble: Qualifying

Between Saturday, October 5th and Wednesday, November 27 (we don’t roll on Shabbat or Thanksgiving) your team will qualify for their Final Rumble via a point system. Winning 1st place at a quiz gets you three points, 2nd place gets you two, and 3rd gets you one. 4th through last? No points, try again tomorrow.

The top thirty teams (by points) in each region are automatically invited to their regional Final Rumble. Spots beyond that will depend on team availability, venue space, and who gives the best backrubs. There’s incentive to rack up those points -- we’ll reward the top ranked team in each Rumble region with a $100 giftcard to the Geeks Who Drink venue of their choice.

Note: You can play ANY day of the week at ANY venue you like ANYwhere in the Geeks network during the Round Rumble period, not just in the cities that are hosting the Final Rumble.


*NEW* The Boston Bribe *NEW*

We're sweetening the pot for Rumblers in the Land of the Wicked Pissuhs. If your team is the victor in the FINAL RUMBLE in Boston on December 7th you'll be given the choice between the standard $300 first place prize OR the Bonus Boston Bribe. If you choose to attend Geek Bowl VIII on January 25th, 2014, we'll give each player on your team $150 to put towards their flight to Austin. And yes, that's for up to six players. 

 Because New England is one of the hottest Geeks Who Drink markets in the country and you guys have yet to prove it at America's biggest pub quiz event.
Is this only open to teams in Boston? Nope. Any team in the Wicked Pissuhs region can play for it, so that includes teams from as far away as Buffalo (you just have to attend and win the Final Rumble).

When will you pay up?
 If you choose the $300 we'll send you a check right after the Rumble (or wire it via PayPal). If you opt for the Bribe we'll pay you the week after Geek Bowl (we'll just have to verify that you actually came to the event, you scammers you).

Why aren't you guys doing this in the other Rumble regions? As we mentioned before, Boston's a haven for trivia superstars and yet we've seen virtually no representation at Geek Bowl. If a bribe's what it takes, a bribe's what it takes.

Bounty Bars -- NEW!!!


Live in an area that doesn’t have quizzes five or six nights a week? Enter the Rumble, stay active and stay tuned. We’ll occasionally select Bounty Bars in certain regions where the winning team that night will automatically win a spot in the Rumble. Follow the Facebook event for details on when and where.

Quest Points -- NEW!!!

You requested it and we’ve delivered. If your team accomplishes the quest below they’ll qualify for these bonus Rumble points. The catch is, it’s up to you to track them, as we won’t be.    

Sightseeing Sentient -- Win three separate venues in the same Quiz week (Sat.-Thurs. only) - 5 pts.
Tertiary Typicality -- Win third place three times in the same Quiz week (Sat.-Thurs. only) - 3 pts.
Commanding Curioso  -- Win first place by 10 points in one night (up to 19 points) - 2 pts.
Dominating Dork -- Win first place by 20 points in one night - 5 pts.
Nomadic Nerd -- Most amount of different venues played at the end of the Rumble (regardless of wins). - 10 pts.

Fulfilled a quest? Good for you. Please email quizbot@geekswhodrink.com with the relevant blog entries that list your score and they’ll get credited to you. That e-mail will alert our team of official scoring robots: Score-o-Matt-ic 9001 Series Quizbot, and his special helper (who is really the brains, let’s face it): Numbertron 70G4N Rumblebot.  

Topple the Tyrant ***NEW!***
We’re adding a new quest!  Who’s excited?!

Through the rest of the Rumble in the Pub, we’re putting a price on the heads of the top teams in the Fires & Floods (Colorado) and Queso (Texas) regions.  If your registered Rumble team can get a higher score than them on the night we designate (via our Facebook page and the Facebook event), you’ll get 5 pts.!  If you get the top score in the country, you get another 5 pts.!  Yes, the team currently at the top can win these, so no whining.  We don't want to villainize you THAT much.

We're sure you have questions, so see below.

LAQ (Likely Asked Questions)
What do you mean “top team”? This is defined as whoever was in 1st place as of the previous “Geek In Review” posting in these regions.  Points won the week before thatWednesday are not taken into consideration.  So don’t ask.

But what if they puss out and don’t play that night?  Easy.  We’ll award 10 pts. to the top Rumble team in the region that night, and 5 pts. to the second highest score that night.

How will I know if I beat them?  Watch for Quizbot’s Daily Digital Download in our Facebook feed on Thursday.  He’ll break it down.

But what about video rounds, 104 pt. quizzes, lunar eclipses, and stock market crashes.  I’m scare and confused?  Chillax.  It’s not a perfect system, but it’s the best we got.  

But we weren't planning on playing that night!  You're getting closer to figuring out our fiendish plan.

Can I have your number?  No.

Final Rumble

The Final Rumble will be a date which will live in infamy. Saturday, December 7th in Denver, Austin, Seattle, Albuquerque and Boston. Tickets will be $30 per team and you’ll pay for them ahead of time via PayPal (we’ll send you the link if you qualify). Venues are TBA. No, Albuquerque, we won’t have a live music audio round.

Relevant Links

Standings are posted once a week on the Geek in Review: http://geekswhodrink.com/163/Geek_in_Review

Think we’ve done you wrong? Our corrections form is located here: www.geekswhodrink.com/853/Rumble Correction Form/


LAQs: Likely Asked Questions

I’m not getting emails from you guys. This is important. We’re going to email you from time to time, and some of them will be about things like PayPal, which sound awfully spammy to email providers. Please add quizbot@geekswhodrink.com, jws@geekswhodrink.com and marketing@geekswhodrink.com to your whitelist, okay?

How are we defining a team in The Rumble? The usual teams of six, except a team will have two team “captains” who are our go-to contacts. Team members may rotate for any reason but at least one of the two captains must be present.

How will team names work?  Save your quips for Twitter because we’re making you keep the same team name throughout the Rumble. We won’t need to be as anal with spelling and capitalization this time around, though.  You’ll probably want to avoid overused teams names or pop-culture references, to be safe.  Plus, if you’re referencing “The Big Lebowski”, “Anchorman”, or “Super Troopers”, then you really need to get more creative, in general.  Trust us: EVERYONE uses these names.

So, it's way easier to qualify if I play at a venue with fewer teams than at the more competitive venues with lots of teams? That's not really a question, but yes, you can totally qualify this way.

Do I have to put my Rumble Code on every answer sheet I turn in? Technically, no.  As long as the Quizmaster knows you are you, and your code gets uploaded to our blog at the end of Quiz, then all is well.  

Will this get me in to Geek Bowl?  This has nothing to do with Geek Bowl, but you might want to look at it as a warmup exercise if you’re considering making the trip in 2014. Tickets will be on sale in mid-December.