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Mister Tramps
8565 Research Blvd
Austin, TX 78758
Wednesdays: 8:00 PM
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9:46 AM, October 30, 2014
To All the Single Ladies---Happy National Cat Day! 87

Urethra Franklin 83

Fuck Fuck Goose 82

NASA's Used Rocket Parts 81

Texas Seesaw Massacre 77

Pop Pizza Not Pills 76

Tequila Mockingbird 75

Actually That Last Team's Name is About Ethics in Game Journalism 74

Hey Girl, You Make My Antares Rocket Explode 74

Team Friendship 74

Whiskey Quizness 73

Feel Me Up Buttercup! 71

Pelvic Sorcery 71

A Really Long Team Name That RJ Can't Read 70

Murder in the 5-8 70

Dammit Phil Strawberry Shortcake's alone in a dark room. Somewhere, a child cries. 68

You?ve Got Red on You 68

Tom Selleck's Mustache 66

Cali Pigeon 63

$2.50 PBR 62

Our Name is Always Sugartits 60

Whiskey Ninjas 59

Queers with Beers 30

King Of The South


Quiz Schedule
Mondays at 400 Rabbits 8:00 Tuesdays at Moontower Saloon 8:00
RJ (King Of The South)

Hey yo. I'm RJ. The Urge. R-Jizzle. I'm a transplanted Austinite, originally hailing from Clarksville, Tennessee. I was educated at a school where it's perfectly acceptable to show your Peay-ness. I'm your typical sports fan. (Soccer being my sport of choice.) Cereal is my favorite food, simply because you can eat it at any time of the day. And it makes milk totally flavorful and drinkable.

I'm a total nut for pop culture...movies, music, books. I try to take as much of it in as possible, regardless of how it eats into my daily responsibilities. I'm still a video game nerd, although there isn't a lot of time for it nowadays. I'm a shameless fan of reality television and I once made it through the first two cuts of casting for The Real World. But, alas, I wasn't emotionally challenged enough to make it all of the way.

Professional wrestling is still real to me.  

I don't get to write this blog too often. I usually just provide Evelyn with the title. So I thought over the next couple of weeks, I'd use it as a way for you quizzers to get to know me a little better. You already know I'm good at reading team names and numbers but did you know...

RJ Fun Fact #1: I absolutely despise white condiments.* 

Mayonnaise. Sour cream. Tartar sauce. Ranch dressing. They are all disgusting and should never be visible ingredients in anything. Making some tuna salad? Sure. I'll eat it. Putting mayonnaise on a tuna salad sandwich? NOPE. When I was younger, I thought about things way too much. So I came up with this idea that since they were white...what could possibly be in them?!?! Ingredients should add color. Also, they all make the same abhorrent sound when coming out of their respective containers. Gross. 

We had 23 teams at quiz ready to ignore Game 7 of the World Series. We made sure to get the obligatory Halloween round done with early. We then taught all of the gentlemen in the room how to speak to a lady in the audio round. 

Round 4 displayed my lack of knowledge in both the French language and the art of ballet. Thankfully, I had both Viva Zapata and our resident French-Canadian to assist in my time of need. 

I started to really sweat as we got closer to Round 7 since I've never been able to get the video round to work correctly when I've QMed in the past at Mister Tramps. Luckily, Evelyn is a great teacher and SK Claire is a decent good luck charm, because it went nice and smooth last night. I've been knocking on wood ever since. (Not a euphamism.)

After the final round, Fuck Fuck Goose finished in 3rd but tried to bargain for the rest of the winning to no avail. Urethra Franklin took home 2nd, right below my favorite pick-up line of the night: To All the Single Ladies - Happy National Cat Day.

See you next week!

*Cottage cheese, however, is delicious. 

Mister Tramps
8565 Research Blvd
Austin, TX 78758
Wednesdays: 8:00 PM
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8:33 AM, October 23, 2014
Strawberry Shortcake Is Just Going Through the Motions At This Point 99

Fuck Fuck Goose 98

Whiskey Quizness 97

Cromulent de la Renta 94

Dong Jovi 94

I Voted. It Was Easy and Fun 90

Pink Pieces of Flair 85

Renee Zellwegger's Two-Face 85

Team Samsquamch 85

DonÕt Mind Me, Just Pitchin' a Tent 84

Team Friendship 81

Canadian Drive-by 80

Tequila Mockingbird 80

Now Offering: Second Chance For an Orgasm 78

Magic Shortbus 77

Tom Selleck's Mustache 77

Cali Pigeon 73

Renee Zellwegger's Face 72

I Heard He Stopped Shooting When They Asked Him Nicely 69

Of Course 66

Saved By the Beer 65

Trivial Hirsute 65

People Order Our Patties 60

Pug Life 60

We'll Do Anything For Love, Even That 59

Gettin Shit Done 58

Viva Zapata 58

We're Clueless About Names! 55

Born Black and Repented Of It 47

Wolfman's Nards 33



Quiz Schedule
Mister Tramps: Wednesday 8pm ---AND--- in.gredients: Thursday 7pm ----AND---- Opal Divine's Marina: Saturday 10pm
Evelyn (hurls)

Hi, I’m Evelyn. Been QMing since mid-2009 and I’ve seen it all. One time I saw an emu, although it wasn’t at a quiz. 

Last night marked the first time QM RJ successfully ran the video round from his computer. Mostly. There were a few bumps in the road, but I think he's got it all figured out now. 

But seriously, fuck Apple and their stupid AirPlay. Fuck 'em.

Next week should be smooth-sailing, and I'm gonna miss the hell outta you guys during my hiatus. I know you were all shocked to hear the news, but I've just got a lot going on in the next 6 weeks. 

Last night was saved by RJ's quick scoring, and my speed-reading of Rounds 3 & 4. But we made it through alright, and I think we only missed our 10pm mark by 10 minutes or so. There were just a lot of things working against us.

I'll come back and visit at my first opportunity, and I'll be back on December 3rd to give you the best quiz of your LIFE. Or maybe it'll just be the best quiz of MY life.

Til then, take care of RJ, and get to know his ladyfriend Scorekeeper Claire. She's lovely.

Evelyn & RJ 

Mister Tramps
8565 Research Blvd
Austin, TX 78758
Wednesdays: 8:00 PM
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8:21 AM, October 16, 2014
Kim Jong-Un RIP (Rest In Provolone) 89

Phenotype Phreaks (DQ) 83

Ebolarama! 81

Wizards N' Shit 81

CromulentÉFuck Its Dark Out Here 78

The Strawberry Shortcake Ebola Protocol Now With Puppies For the Kids 78

It Takes Hard Work To Look This Pregnant 77

We Got Dodgson Here! (DQ) 77

The Awesome Power of Indifference 75

We Might Be Groot 75

Pelvic Sorcery 73

Team Friendship 69

Fuck Fuck Goose 68

Tom Selleck's Mustache 67

Grandma Got Run Over By a Greg Abbott 66

Cali Pigeon 65

Whiskey Quizness 65

Gay Lovin' v. Virginia 60

Groping For Elmo With Friends 60

Hanging With David Carradine 59

Relegation Zone 55

Late Arrivals 53

Dropout Laureates 50

Ebola Godda DaVita 50

Sunday AM 46

Team Cobra 46

Balls To the Wall 37



Quiz Schedule
Mister Tramps: Wednesday 8pm ---AND--- in.gredients: Thursday 7pm ----AND---- Opal Divine's Marina: Saturday 10pm
Evelyn (hurls)

Hi, I’m Evelyn. Been QMing since mid-2009 and I’ve seen it all. One time I saw an emu, although it wasn’t at a quiz. 

We had so much fun last night! You guys were fun and rowdy, and it was a great night. 

That is, until we entered into the final question of Round 8's Random Knowledge. We heard some ruckus coming from the bar area; as it turns out we had someone yelling out answers. Ok, so first of all, thanks for waiting until the final question to start breaking Rule #1. Second, please STFU. No one's here to find out how much you know about Organ Diseases.

We got through it ok, though, and all was right in the world.

That is, until I started heading around the bar to get your team pictures. As I approached one table, I discovered that a total DICK had stolen one of the Email Bonus Prizes from our QM Table. As I incredulously asked him, "Did you steal that from my table?!" His response? "Well, no one stopped me."

Excuse me? No one STOPPED you? Who the fuck do you think you are?! 

If I were that asshole's friends, I'd never associate with him again. Who hangs out with thieves? Well, thieves, of course. Although it may not technically be true, this is a reasonable assumption I can make. And the law has the same approach when it comes to accomplices.

In my 5+ years of QMing, I have never encountered such an asshole. And I've seen a lot of assholes.

Then, as I approached the back room, I discovered that our would-be 2nd place team had no less than 7 people at the table. "Oh, she didn't participate." She didn't? I'll tell you who also didn't participate - the fine young man who sat all alone at a table in the bar while his girlfriend played with her team in the dining room. He sat at a separate table, fully following Rule #4. 

So, for the 7-person table, how fair would it be for your table of 7 to win a cash prize? If you were allowed to win, any team with more than 6 players could claim that some of the people at the table also "weren't playing". You'd be pissed, right? Well, so would all the players last night if I hadn't disqualified you. 

So, there you have it. An amazing wonderful night, only tarnished by a common thief and a table of cheaters. Oh, and the guy yelling out answers.

Damn, folks. We're living in a society here.

Oh, and Mr. Thief? Don't come back. Your kind isn't welcome here.

Evelyn & RJ 

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