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The Highball
1142 S Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78704
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2:22 PM, November 18, 2012
First Twinkies, Now This? 86

All Good Things? 85

Legitimate Ape 83

Insert Last Beltcock Joke Here 81

Designated Drinkers 75

As of tomorrow we're unemployed 70

If we don't win we won't come back 68

The Highball may be gone, but John's still fat 67

Wreck it Ralph Macchio 67

The Pope's Vagina 66

Ghost of Fangio 64

Shoulda been gone, knowing how I made you feel 62

Neon Carrot 57

Linda Tripps over Jill Kelly 54

This microphone feels like a dick 54

Illustration of guy running from lightning 51

Mike and Britt 47

Afternoon Delight 46

Bye Bye Balls 46

Fanny Bandits 17

First Timers 17

James Sterling Pound


Quiz Schedule
Mondays 8PM @ Pinthouse Pizza Tuedays 8PM @ The Goodnight
James (James Sterling Pound)

James is a Movie Geek, Comic Geek, Music Geek, and Beer Geek.

Man, it's really over. It's still not really sinking in for me that we're not quizzing at The Highball anymore, but I'm sure once Wednesday gets here and I have nothing to do... I'll be crying in a fetal position, playing some shitty facebook app trivia trying to get my fix. But really, it's been a heck of a good time these past two and three quarters years!

I wasn't a part of the very first quiz at the Highball. John got the official hosting gig before me. But after the great turn out, and from what I hear some minor flailing, of the first show, I was brought on to assist. John and I did not know each other before this gig. We literally met on the Highball stage, so it's somewhat amazing that this partnership/friendship has worked out as well as it has. I seriously couldn't ask for a better, more creative, and open co-host than him. We had unknowingly been playing on rival teams at Fado's way back when GWD was first introduced to Austin. Both of us built a love for quizzing back then; and I suspect a sense of “I-could-do-this” attitude too.

In the time that I've been hosting this quiz I've witnessed some incredible karaoke/dancing, girls air “milking” one another, a dude yanking his undies out of his pants, a group of grown men wearing adult diapers outside their clothes, a full on lightsaber duel, the other side of a “Sexy Back” competition, some truly weird hidden talents, our representing teams win three of the four possible prizes at Geek Bowl (proud parents moment), and tonight, a staff member pwning everyone in an especially epic cup toss game. During our themed quizzes I've portrayed a number of characters, including: Theodore Donald “Donny” Kerabatsos, a fever dream Nihilist (junk on display), Cosmo Kramer, Green Man (junk on display, again), and Roger Sterling. I guess I couldn't think of good Bill Murray or Simpsons costumes.

The amount of friends, acquaintances, and people who “know me from somewhere” that I've gained from doing this little show is huge. It's also been an honor to be the meeting point for some people, or the place to kick off birthday celebrations, or (especially) being the birth place of new friendships when we paired together strangers. It's going to be weird not seeing the same faces on a weekly basis. Or have dumb things I say put in an echo effect (is there an app for that?). Or being able to talk shit to people and get away with it (where else will I be able to call a lady a word that rhymes with punt and begins with c, and be applauded for it?!).

John and I will be involved with Geek Bowl VII (which you should totally register for as a Highball team!) in some form or fashion. We'll also be hosting the occasional Action Pack/Alamo show, so keep an eye out for us there. Truly, it's been a great experience hosting this quiz, and I look forward to many more crazy fun times at Highball 2.0! See ya 'round geeks!

The Highball
1142 S Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78704
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11:25 AM, November 15, 2012
All up in John's beltcock 93

Sneaky Bastards 90

Tickle me beltcock 89

Last call for Highball 88

The Highball is seceding 87

Cone of Silenced 84

Starring: Beltcock in Slimer's Vagina 83

Brutal Mercy 81

Doe Ray Egon 78

No Means Eat Me First 77

Dave Petraeus is a true Undercover Boss 76

Mos Def is the one married to Beyonce, right? 76

Alligator Fuckhouse 75

Beltcocks-- John is a shower, James is a grower 75

Lemonade Dogsauce 75

Bad Bitches Club 72

Natalie and Brian vs the World 69

No Lanes Available 69

Please don't be last 69

In third place 67

I may have lost my virginity, but I still have the box it came in 60

The Pennsylvania Quitters 57

Tom Selleck's moustache 52

Formula One More Round, Bartender 49

John W. Smith


Quiz Schedule
The Highball | Wednesdays and Sundays at 7pm
John Smith (John W. Smith)

Doomed planet.
Desperate scientists.
Last hope.
Kindly couple.
Loud snorer.

I'm going to take a break from hosting these there quizzes until the Highball reopens next year. Semi-retirement, really, since I might sub for other hosts from time to time... but I probably won't, actually, because I don't like doing that. Once I subbed for a long forgotten dude who hosted at Mister Tramps, a fine establishment that has awesome owners and a great staff and an intense and loyal fan base (and where you should go on Wednesdays if you live north). And, you know, it went *fine.* The crowd enjoyed it well enough, the food was good, the room was comfortable... but ... I just didn't have much fun.

Part of that was because I'm so used to having a sound person (something that isn't the case in literally every other establishment in the Geeks system), and part of that was because I had to do all my own grading, something I'm mentally incapable of... but mostly I just didn't enjoy myself because I like the Highball, and working with James and Steve and Dylan, and the regulars it attracted, and the friends I've made there, and that perfectly sized stage, and cajoling you folks into dumb games that we made up on the spot, and yelling at people and seeing if Bobb's team could squeak out a victory and, if he lost, whether he'd kill himself, and trying to convince Evan's team to kill themselves, and riding a weird Excedrin high until 1am where I'd remember I had to write this blog, and then feeling like ass the next day at work but laughing at what a stupid and fun time it was last night.

Let's do one more show. Saturday at 2pm. It's a weird time but I think you can make it. Just leave a little early to accomodate the billionaires on their way to the F1 track in their hovercraft.

How about this-- we'll sweeten the pot with a $100 cash prize (in the form of a check that will be mailed to you) for the winning team. That's called bribery, I know, but we'd really like to see you. We'll have games! We'll have awards! We'll have no precise time limit so we can take all day! Also, if you're the sort who'd want to play another quiz that night, know that the 2pm will be a different quiz than the ones you'd play at the various Opals later on. 

Here's some round themes:

Bobbys and Fidels we hate.


Disorder in the Court.

The Highball
1142 S Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78704
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1:47 AM, November 12, 2012
Selena Gomez's lesbian phase is over 88

Happy motherfuckin birthday, Dave! 80

Periodic Table Dancers 79

Golden Girls Gone Wild 76

CIA: Cocks In Action 73

#1 in the BCS is?KSTATE! 71

John, tell James we'll miss him 71

Bitch pudding and her rainbow friends 70

Alas, poor Highball! I knew him, Horatio 69

Double OMG, not Heineken! 68

Fuck your yuppie lifestyle, mixed-use condo-plex 65

Ann Romney's Gangnam Style Rash 57

Sarah's supposed savants 57

No he don't 55

Q: What do you call a nosey pepper? A: Jalapeno Business 53

I will have that third steak, please 51

Why yes, I did get a haircut 51

PB&E 11

James Sterling Pound


Quiz Schedule
Mondays 8PM @ Pinthouse Pizza Tuedays 8PM @ The Goodnight
James (James Sterling Pound)

James is a Movie Geek, Comic Geek, Music Geek, and Beer Geek.

So, as some of you may know, Dylan, our sound tech on Sunday quizzes has become kinda an essential component to our show. Not only has he always been on top of mixing the audio for us and “echo effect-ing” any stupid shit we might say, but he's also added an incredible depth of humor to the show on the screen behind us.

He's always been there to add more punch to a good zinger, or make a shitty joke of ours actually work. Maybe even sometimes mocking us before we're quick enough to turn around to see. Whatever the case, I've always been excited for the evening's show when I knew Dylan was with us. For a pretty quiet, reserved guy in person, the sense of humor he shares in Google images, Cosby .gifs, and clips of the Super Mario Bros. movie, shows how hilarious he is. I mentioned Gelflings randomly and 5 seconds later there's some goddamn Skeksis on screen! Google image search wizard.

Dylan's back says fancy in old english and he's got Lincoln tatted on his arm. He's an ardent fan of 90s pop culture, screening Mrs. Doubtfire, Space Jam (owns a ToonSquad jersey!), etc. post quiz a few times. As well as keeping Fresh Prince, N*Sync, and funny fat cat photos at the ready. A baby faced (without beard) bassist, Dylan is quite the handy man too (builds chicken coops on the weekends). He really has added quite a lot to our quiz and I hope people can recognize him for it.

We're winding down here at the Highball, so yea, these blogs are getting sappy and sentimental, but shit, I'm gonna miss that dude. And y'know, I bet you will too a little.

Two more shows. Money to be won at both. Will beltcock make any reappearance? You'll have to be there to find out kids.

Go to www.facebook.com/geekshighball to keep badgering us about where our next venue will be (NOT Barleyswine or Uchiko, but we will let you buy us dinner there).

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