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The Highball
1142 S Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78704
Wednesdays: 8:00 PM
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3:37 PM, November 20, 2014
Think Tanked: Nude Rude Dudes 81

Where The Hell Is My Team?! 73

Vomit Jihad 72

Undead the Airwaves 71

Freaks Who Drink 71

Laoation Space Station 70

The Sex Geckos 70

The Chick With Three Boobs From Total Recall 69

The Titters 66

Vladamir Poutine 66

Penis Flytrap 62

We Can't See. Who's Winning? 59

I Can Actually Remember 1989 58

Beer and Loathing in Las Vegas 58

Limp Brisket 55

Safeword 54

Quizzed My Pants 50

Bears Who Care 49

Turfuckens 41

Ineligible Children 35

Lowered Expectations 29


Two Buttholes 12



Quiz Schedule
Shelby ()

Hi!  I'm Shelby and I am an actress and comedienne (and, as you could probably assume, a quiz-masterette for Geeks Who Drink).

I'm a Gemini and 99% of my diet is either chocolate or hummus (though not at the same time.  Wait a second - hmmm...) and I also host a weekly Stand-Up open mic and study improv at Hideout Theatre.

AKA - I'm extremely indecisive and refuse to make up my mind.  But I have a fun time and look good while doing it!  (So I'm told.  Not being arrogant here.)

I also really enjoy proper grammar coupled with sailor-mouths.
It's a thing.

Cheers and looking forward to Quizzing you sometime soon!


So, first - I am not James.

I didn't do anything to him!  He just was unable to fulfill his post yester-eve, so I snagged the chance and now I'm writing about it!

Also - the moment I happed to find $70 hidden in a seldom-used jewelry box in my room (probably from when I was moving in July) and made the conscious decision to ignore the how-poor-I-am-vs-how-much-rent-is ratio, I should have known yesterday was going to be a above-averagely amazing day.  And it was - made all the better by getting the chance to co-host The Highball quiz (after it's suspenseful renovations at that)!

Confession: Despite being in Austin since 2009, I had never been the to original Highball.  Gasp!  So it was extra-delightful to get to finally see it for the first time EVER and understand all the praise I have heard all these years past.

Dim lighting, lovely chatter, RED LEATHER BOOTHS?!  Wonderful!!  And their cocktail-and-small-plates menu is very intriguing-without-being-scary, whether that potential scare coming from Too-Weird-Even-For-Austin dishes or prices.  Score!

I met John for the first time and he's a good guy!  Very nice.  All of the Geeks I've had the chance to meet so far have been super welcoming, so I'm very glad to be part of the team.  And he introduced me to the crowd ("y'all") and y'all said "Hello!" and that was very nice.

Despite being super-awesome, John was also a little bit silly and forgot his MacBookPro charger and I, despite also having a MacBookPro (did this just turn into a sponsorship?  Is that how those things work?), did not bring my charger since I made a point to fully charge it at home first.  But I almost always bring my charger, so it was kind of a line of coincidences (coincidi?).  But!  That just meant we got to use my computer more and I got to be more useful!  Though somehow, two other computers magically appeared throughout our quiz and I never really found out how, but just accepted it.  It's a really good tactic…?

The quiz!  It was awesome!  And John and I had fun splitting the task of hosting and scoring; he claimed I was a speedy scorer, so that was good for my Geek-ego.  I also got to host a couple of rounds whilst he went off to look for stuff and take pictures.

JOHN TOOK THE PICTURES AND I DID NOT soooo I'm captioning them with my slight-information-and-mostly-imagination!  I hope y'all enjoy.


Highlites for Me:
-Getting to be at the Highball
-Getting to be on a STAGE (which, as an actress, is always a delight!)!
-The seeded Crackers that came with the Eggplant Dip (way schmance)
-Our server, Sara(h) (I never thought to ask her spelling, but she's amazing whatever the "h" content!)
-The other server, and also "Other Blonde Shelby", with whom I got to discuss Steel Magnolia and "Like the Car?!" lamentations and I just felt so less alone.
-Learning the pronunciation of "Poutine" (I made a harrrrd "i" and John called out my silliness, which delighted the crowd.  In my defense, I am not unversed in the kitchen and know how to bake a bounty of yummies, as well as make a mean Meatloaf pie - but also in my defense, I do not need to be great in the kitchen to have any worth as a woman and person.  But, I repeat, I totally am great in the kitchen.  Kind of thing.)
-Also loved there being a round that involved both Kurt Vonnegut and Kurt Cobain, which also featured a "Patti Smith" reference, so that made me super giddy.

In closing - Highball's wonderful!  The crowd was wonderful!!  I didn't take the pictures, so I don't know the specific team names of people, and I thought "maybe I can read it off of the score sheets in the picture", but that made me feel creepy and uncomfortable and, besides, I had already resized the pictures (like a responsible blog-poster) and it was super tricky, but everyone's awesome!  I will be back to said-Highball as a guest, and can't wait until I have my own venue and "regulars" with whom I can build a rapport!  Bring chargers!  Seeded crackers feel classy!!  Have fun!  And I need to stop buying Cinnamon-Raisin-Swirl Peanut Butter because I just killed a jar whilst typing this and I DEFINITELY bought it less than 48-hours ago.

Cheers, Y'all!

The Highball
1142 S Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78704
Wednesdays: 8:00 PM
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12:42 AM, November 13, 2014
So glad we came on free bourbon night 93

When it's springtime in the mountains 91

I have a Rosetta Bone 89

The Julianne Moors 88

The Titters 86

Hotboys69@sex.com 85

The Arlen Gun Club 85

Dick Pixar 82

Isis 80

Vladimir Putin's Taint 79

We're banging the hosts 79

The Hot Toddys 76

Hunger Games, Ya-Ya-Ya 75

The Long Khaaaaan 74

Jeffrey Nelson owes us a beer 72

Fancy Pants 70

Happy birthday Naz! 67

I'm gay and that's okay 64

Got quiz in my eye 61

ChromeTroopers 55

Sexual Walrus Does Austin 55

F the cold, I thought this was the South 52

Charlies Angel 30

Johnny Utah 25

Me and Miles 18

James Sterling Pound


Quiz Schedule
Mondays 8PM @ Kick Butt Coffee, Tuesdays 8PM @ Pinthouse Pizza, Wednesdays 7PM @ The Highball
James (James Sterling Pound)

James is a Movie Geek, Comic Geek, Music Geek, Internets Geek, and Beer Geek.

Hi there Highballateers! Thanks so much for joining us again! Damn, numbers are looking good, eh? Like Ye Ol’ Highball type of numbers. Me likey. Puts John in a good mood too. I dunno if that’s good or bad for us ending on time. I guess he’s gonna ramble regardless. All the same, we’re glad you guys appreciate our self-centered douchebaggery and bangin sound system. Aaaaanyways, I should just be quiet and move on to recapping shit.

Last night had S-t-e-p-h-e-n C-o-l-b-e-r-t and NamretteL DivaD greet us in Round One, some un-instrumented tunes for Round Two, and then we set the scene in Round Three with MacClane reminiscing about being called baby that one summer. Round Four made me hunger for pie and question my sexuality. Well, I guess every round makes me do those things. Up next Round Five killed off all our favorite characters. Oh, spoilers. Round Six started out pretty tricky with calling itself a British round and then asking a Kids in the Hall question, but then it settled into your traditional Newcastle and Posh Spice fare. Seventh up was the great debates. Who can forget the epic debates McCain vs Palin? Bush vs Nixon? Eastwood vs Chair? Finally the proverbial bow was put on it with an acrobatic Dick, a hassled Hoff, and some late night regrettable infomercial purchases.

Thanks once more to you guys for playing and being cool and stuff. Also big ups out to sound guy Dylan for always making the funny on the screen behind us and his echo effect trigger finger. Another ups given out to Fons PR for the Hunger Games: Mockingjay passes/pins AND to Bulleit Bourbon for the awesomely delicious booze. Good lord I wish I didn't have work in the morning or I would shown that representative just how much of their product I can consume. See you all everybody next week!

Hunger Games QUIZ!

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The Highball
1142 S Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78704
Wednesdays: 8:00 PM
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12:34 PM, November 06, 2014
Dr. Wertner Von Bra 46

Wendy Tang Clan 46

The Crying of a Lot of Aesir Except Loki 45

We're banging the hosts 45

And they will know us by the Trail of the Dems 42

Long Khaaaaaaan 42

BC 40

We have your girlfriend, James 40

Dynamic Duo 39

I landslided in my pants 38

Taco Catcalling 37


Half Man Half Amazing 33

Electric Mayhem 29

Voted Yes to Proposition Someone 24

Flash Flood 22

I quiz my pants 19

SF Chicks 17

Los Mexicanos 16

Canadian Tuxedo 15

Scotch scotch scotch scotch 14

Doe-Ray-Egon 5

James Sterling Pound


Quiz Schedule
Mondays 8PM @ Kick Butt Coffee, Tuesdays 8PM @ Pinthouse Pizza, Wednesdays 7PM @ The Highball
James (James Sterling Pound)

James is a Movie Geek, Comic Geek, Music Geek, Internets Geek, and Beer Geek.

Hey Highball gang! Boy, 8PM sure seems like the place to be huh?! I always thought so, but the lovely return to form kind of turn out we had Wednesday night really solidified that thought, so THANKS! John and I had a wonderful boozy time. I hope our slurring and rambling and sound effect repeating didn’t scare any newbies away. I blame waiter Zack for getting me loaded. We didn’t ask for more than half the drinks and shots we were brought. Oh well. Lots of goodness in the quiz itself!

We started out with celeb's first jobs, including Amy Adams as a Hooters waitress! My first job was at Hollywood Video, and I think John’s was Blockbuster if I’m not mistaken. Little did we know our friendly rivalry had begun so long ago. Round Two slapped the skins and gave us our new calling card DJ sound effect. Round Three looked at blood ties. Yes, animated character’s blood ties… Sisqo loved Round Four on strings and Comic Book Guy loved Round Five on death (of heroes). Our Foxy Round Six allowed me to piss off John some more with those Ylvis doofuses and then King Doofus Jim Morrison and his “poetry”. I love disgruntled drunk John. Round Seven was our Movie to Broadway Round, featuring the new American classics The Wedding Singer Musical and Rocky: The Musical. Finally we shut it down with PT Barnum and Mr Hand on some psychedelic mushrooms at TGI Fridays. What a night!

We had another lovely drawring contest for tickets to Idiocracy (good timing Alamo!) and asked you to give us a portrait of the future American President. You guys did not disappoint (well, except for the lack of phallic symbols). We had nominations in the form of a cactus, an algorithm machine, an alien in a Wu Tang sweater, a Norse God, a police sketch of cro-magnon John, and a fair share of stick figures. In the end though, we elected future President Centaur and his visible penis. I bet he’s a Libertarian.

Well, once again, we had a blast with you all and hope to see you next week! In the mean time I’m gonna go to the studio and spend some time behind the kit…

(NOTE: The scores listed are only through Round Three and are NOT the final standings. Through human error and a paper shredder the original scores were lost. James and John have been flogged accordingly. Apologies to those affected deeeply.)

Hunger Games Quiz!

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