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The Maple Leaf Pub
514 Elgin St
Houston, TX 77006
Thursdays: 8:00 PM
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9:02 AM, February 27, 2015
Brunch Club 76

They're Just Jealous 76

The Table Next to Us is Cheating 72

Gaza Strip Club 70

She's a Nice Lady 70

My Milkshake 69

Charlie Work 68

Elders of Zion 66

Ginger Jesus 64

Maple Queefs 64

Panda Slide 57

Mofos Fo Sho 54

Pain Gretzky 54

Alal 52

E=MC Hammered 51

Thunder Chickens 50

Mogg Hoggzz 45

Macon Mayhem 43

The Daring Duo 41

*69 That B*tch 35

Can't Win For Suckin' 31



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Ramey ()

I've had a song stuck in my head and I have no idea how it got there. It's the main theme song from that old 8-bit Nintendo game, Star Tropics. I haven't really met anyone else that's played that game, though it was a fun one to play.

You play this kid who is looking for his missing uncle or some shit like that. He was last known to head to these islands, and then no one heard from him again. So, you set out to find him armed with: a yo-yo?!? Yup, that's how you kill the badguys and beasts that come your way, with a goddamned yo-yo.

I remember there was one part in the game where you had to enter a secret code. The only way to get that code is by taking your instruction manual, turning it to the page with the letter from your uncle, and dipping it in water to make the "secret note" appear. Pretty clever, but I always wondered what you would do if you didn't have the manual. It's not like you could look stuff up on the internet back then; you'd be fucked!

The game was a lot of fun and it turns out aliens were behind everything the whole time, (oops, spoiler alert). If you ever get an emulator or even get it from the Nintendo store, it's definitely worth checking out. Just look up the secret code!

See y'all next week, 8pm as always!

The Maple Leaf Pub
514 Elgin St
Houston, TX 77006
Thursdays: 8:00 PM
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8:30 AM, February 20, 2015
Justin Osborne & The Mutha Fuckin' Sorcerers 81

2+2=Chicken 69

Vanilla ISIS 62

Charlie Work 61

In the 5 Hole 61

Hastag Boner Problems 60

Quizically Challenged 51

The Labatts 51

Here for a Bit 50

CW 43

Two Hosers and a Mini Moose 40

Sorry We're Late 36

Maggie Hates Bunnies 34

Alpha Megatron Wolfpack 31

Maddog Millionaire 29

Miami Crew 24

Jacking It in San Diego 21

Sesame Street Fighter 14

Insoluble Soyuz 9



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Ramey ()

That was my favorite part of the night; when I played the Dumb and Dumber clip and before I could even ask the question, the entire bar shouted out the answer! I really had to restrain myself from doing the same thing.

It was another fun night at the MLP. The weather even agreed with us! I can't wait til it gets even warmer and we have teams playing out on the patio. We've certainly been filling up the inside.

Had some great teams last night too. One team even broke 80 points! Way to go! I'm loving the team names that people relate to hockey as well. They make 
me giggle. Y'all are certainly more creative than me. :)

Well with another week in the books I'm going to wrap this up. We'll be doing it all again next week; Thursday night at 8pm! See y'all then!

The Maple Leaf Pub
514 Elgin St
Houston, TX 77006
Thursdays: 8:00 PM
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7:57 AM, February 13, 2015
Alpacca You A Sammich 81


This Round Belongs to Beyonce 67

Boats N Hoes 65

Hashtag Boner Problems 65

The Slutty Pumpkins 65

Dumpster Baby 61

Laissez les bon tempe roulen 59

Anya Knees 58

GG 58

Pussy On The Chainwax 55

Bon Voyage M.G. 53

The Last of The Mohicans 40

Suffolk N Good 35

Gingers Have No Soul 33

TnR Together 25

Emerald City Slashers 15

St. Michaels 11

Team Hershel 9



Quiz Schedule
Ramey ()

It's Friday the 13th! Are you scared? Are you superstitious? I'm neither. In fact, 13 is my lucky number!

A lot of good things happen to me when 13 is involved. For example, I came back with 13 more dollars than I left with when I went on my trip to Vegas. That's a win!

I lied earlier when I said I'm not superstitious. I'm very superstitious! I'm a poker player and a sports fan, of course I'm superstitious. I've got my lucky charms, lucky shirts, and lucky rituals. People say I'm lucky cause I'm Irish. Well you may not realize that the Irish are some of the most unlucky people in the world. They were almost wiped out by a little bug for crying out loud! I need all those lucky things just to cancel out my bad luck.


One thing I am lucky about is you guys! I still can't believe they pay me to hang out in such great places with such great people! So come out next week with me and get lucky! Same bat time, same bat channel (8pm at the MLP). See y'all then, you lucky motherfuckers.

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