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Pinthouse Pizza
4729 Burnet Rd
Austin, TX 78756
Tuesdays: 8:00 PM
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9:54 AM, October 22, 2014
Front Butts 79

Beeriodic Table 78

Bridget Jones' Diarrhea 77

Tonight We're Going to Give it 35% 76

Four 4-Eyes 75

Token White Guy 74

LILY! 72

Oh, My Mongo 72

***Clifford the Big Red Double-Sided Dildo 71

The Hunt for Blue October 71

Rumblies Tumblies 70

Return of Salad! 70

Sarah, Jeremy + Their White Friends 69

Bipolar Stability 68

Better Late Than Pregnant 65

I.C.U.P. 65

Unhung Heroes 63


Ovaries Before Brovaries 57

Hand Banana 56

Los Tres Leches 56

NWA (Nice White Athletes) 55

P-Shitty 55

Wizard Sleeves 54

Dog Biscuit 53

Babes on Babes on Babes 48

The Knob Goblins 48

Great Lakes 41

Pepperoni Pals 34

Pugatron 31

Crimea River 26



Quiz Schedule
Mondays 8PM Tower Pizza Bistro Scorekeeper Tuesdays Pinthouse Pizza also 8PM
Steve (Carlos)

Do you remember the last time somebody proved they loved you?

Do you know why there would be a missing day in the history of the universe?

Does the idea of the M-Class jaunte seem unreal to you?

Ooh sports! What a fun time we had, quizzers! Even though your favorite Lorde-based team didn't win, we still got marginally smarter from fact retention!

You all had your own great moments, but my favorite part was where that loud drunk assclown shouted out "NOCTURNAL" at the end of round one.

Man, that was great.

Do you enjoy our 50/50 rounds as much as I do? Because they are generally the best at confusing the shit out of you while making you laugh.

How many of you remember the OJ Simpson trial but don't remember reading To Kill a Mockingbird? My guess is every goddamn last one of you quite a few of you because every time we ask questions about books or presidents this glaze covers your eyes all of a sudden and the room falls silent.

It's okay to read books on your days off, quizzers. It's okay.

But you did set the bar pretty high for Morgan Freeman-related questions, seeing as how every single team was familiar with his voiceover career. This means any time we ask questions about Morgan Freeman in any quiz in the future, you have to get it right.

The punishment for getting aforementioned questions incorrect will include but is not limited to us stealing every movie you have featuring Morgan Freeman and dubbing over every one of his lines of dialogue with recordings of Beluga whales or Martin Freeman.

You've been warned.

Thanks so much for another wonderful turnout, and we'll see you next week in what I hope is another booze-soaked riot-inciting grab-assing quiz!

Peace. Love. That's Right.


Pinthouse Pizza
4729 Burnet Rd
Austin, TX 78756
Tuesdays: 8:00 PM
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1:42 PM, October 15, 2014
Front Butts 74

Doug-less 72

Wizard Sleeves 71

Oh Snap! (chat) 70

The Golden Queef 69

The Revolting Blobfish 69

Just Back From Liberia 69

Columbus Day Blanket Sale 67

Phasers Set for Fun 66

Trill Cosby 65

***Birthday Hat 65

Sibling Rivalry 64

Tyrannosaurs in F-14s 64

Tam Tam's Jam Wams 61

I Am Tom Selleck 59

What Are We Doing Here? 59

The Beanie Babies 55

Zach Galifianakis' Thigh Gap 54

Firm, But Fair 54

Unicorn Farts 53

Halloweenie & the Butt 52

Diddler on the Roof 49

Aristocats 49

Dilligaf 47

Pville Crew 39


James Sterling Pound


Quiz Schedule
Mondays 8PM @ Kick Butt Coffee, Tuesdays 8PM @ Pinthouse Pizza, Wednesdays 7PM @ The Highball
James (James Sterling Pound)

James is a Movie Geek, Comic Geek, Music Geek, Internets Geek, and Beer Geek.

Family Matters was a spin off of Perfect Strangers, and Steve Urkel appeared on Full House AND Step By Step and some show called Meego. Man, TGIF shows sure were incestuous.

Hey there Pinthouse Peepers! Another smashing night of quiz, thanks for joining us. You know it’s nice when people pay us compliments during/after the show, but when you say we’re way better than some other QM it’s kinda weird. I mean we’re all pretty friendly with each other. Also it’s awkward when you say we’re better than some other venue, and the scorekeeper was recently filling in at said venue… Do you have Prosopagnosia/face blindness? Anyways, thanks? We quizzed all over the place, let’s clean it up.

We started with candy grams in honor of the oncoming onslaught of little people in over priced plastic renditions of the latest super-heros asking you for handouts, then got repetitive in Round Two, and followed that by figuring out the crossover timelines of famous dead people. Next we got sauced in Round Four and might’ve gotten some answers from the tap wall, oh well. Then in Round Five we did some more crossing over, which alerted me to the facts that we have some Hannibal fans in the mix (yay!) and some people that don’t know Tom Selleck (boo!).

Round Six gave us the up to the minute news. 30 states have legalized gay now! We’re halfway there US! Round Seven kept the news train rolling but we hit reverse and headed back in time to ’88, ’98, and ’08. Any chance to shit on Dan Quayle, I’ll take. Also, just because I make mention of the robot voice in a clip doesn’t automatically mean it’s Steven Hawking. Like 7 teams thought the Unabomber’s crazy pamphlet and “PLEADING GUILTY” seemed like something Hawking would do. Ooookay. Then we put a period on the night talkin bout Fruit By The Foot, which some team has clearly never experienced since they thought a single package was 40 feet long. I cried a single tear for your measured fruit-less childhoods.

We’ll be back next week with more for quiz, beer, and za for ya, won’t you join us? In the meantime, I’m gonna go make myself a little snack!

Ghostbusters Quiz!

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Pinthouse Pizza
4729 Burnet Rd
Austin, TX 78756
Tuesdays: 8:00 PM
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12:22 PM, October 08, 2014
Ebolah, I Ha'dly Knew Ah 78

Front Butts 76

The Dougs 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition DVD 70

Los Tres Leches 69

Tam Tam's Jam Wams 69

More Like Jizzmaster 68

d[ou]g sucks 67

2nd Place 64

Shit, She's On Her Beeriod 63

Autopsy Turvy 60

Sloppy Salmon 58

Ovaries Before Brovaries 58

3 Strokes& You're Out, Phelps 57

White Girl Problems 56

Things White People Do 56

I Went to the State Fair and All I Got Was Ebola 55

Ebola? I Barely Know Ya! 52

Dog Biscuit 50

EBOLA: The Viral Sensation That's Sweeping the Nation 50

Treats and Snoozin 48

Wizard Sleeves 46

Generic Punny Name 40

Derbel McDillet 39

Mud Butt 38

Ewoking Dead 24


Davison 12

James Sterling Pound


Quiz Schedule
Mondays 8PM @ Kick Butt Coffee, Tuesdays 8PM @ Pinthouse Pizza, Wednesdays 7PM @ The Highball
James (James Sterling Pound)

James is a Movie Geek, Comic Geek, Music Geek, Internets Geek, and Beer Geek.

PHP, back in full effect! With Carlos in tow it all felt right again. Thanks for being there gang and bringing “da noise”, Carlos brought “da funk”, and I brought you “da quiz”. I read the Robert Downey Jr AMA on Reddit earlier yesterday and at one point someone asked him what he gets on his pizza, so C-Dawg and I decided to get the “RDJ”. It consists of pepperoni, spinach, garlic, onion, and extra cheese. Let me tell you, that pizza was legit magic in our mouths. Iron Man knows what’s up. But duh, of course he does. Alright hombres, enough about our taste buds, what’d we serve you buds?

Round One took stock of the situation, then we dished out some Chi-town cuts, hurried through some baseball stats (zzzzz), and then hit the books. The books written by people that don’t normally write books. But definitely not fictional characters books. They write even less published novels than their actor counterparts do. Dummies. Round Five asked you to turn in your V card, and most of y’all were champs on that one, go fig. Round Six had badass girl power all over it, while Round Seven was full of death (and hard to place speaking voices. I swear that was Elvis Presley though.). Finally we capped it off with black burgers, BarCamp (I do not think it means what you think it means), and “The Thing That The Sea Goes Towards”, which sounds like a crappy title for a 80s slasher flick or something. Well, Alaska can be pretty scary.

Thanks again for chilling with us. We’ll be back for more next week, and I promise Carlos won’t give a dog bowl of water on you again. Until then, if you're join to ACL enjoy your Saturday in the Park…

Ghostbusters Quiz!

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