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Pinthouse Pizza
4729 Burnet Rd
Austin, TX 78756
Tuesdays: 8:00 PM
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12:25 AM, November 19, 2014
The Dougs 83

Shit Creek 80

The Revolting Blobfish 77

Let's Smoke Ebola 75

Holy Dicks! 74

Analrapists 73

I've Seen Kim K's Ass and Its Name is Kanye 73

Wam Wam Tam Jam 73

Dr. Huxxxtable's Sleepytime Tea 72

Dropkick Murphys Would Rather Kill a Guy Than Play in Austin 69

Mmm Wow? 68

Cheesy Potatoes 68

Not the Worst 67

The Apple Ciders 67

Drop Trou and Riot 67

Von Braun Had the Reich Stuff 66

What's the Answer to #2? 64

Ovaries Before Brovaries 63

Fromage A Trois 62

Charls Manson is Getting Married and I'm Still Single 61

Gary Patterson Sucks a Bag of Dicks 61

Beeriodic Table 60

We All Met on Tinder 59

Our Moms Like Us 58

Tam Tam's Jam Wams 58

Front Butts 58

Bad Bitches 56

Wizard Sleeves 56

Dick-Shaped Back Massager 55

WhatisBoom 54

Licking Laura's Lollypop 54

Bennie & The Jets 52

Blank Space 48


James Sterling Pound


Quiz Schedule
Mondays 8PM @ Kick Butt Coffee, Tuesdays 8PM @ Pinthouse Pizza, Wednesdays 7PM @ The Highball
James (James Sterling Pound)

James is a Movie Geek, Comic Geek, Music Geek, Internets Geek, and Beer Geek.

Hello Pinthouse friends! A wonderful night of quizzing with y’all, thanks for being there. Dang, back up to 34 teams. We’re doing something right! Or it’s too f’ing cold for any fun outdoor activities? Whatever, you love us. Carlos and I were very impressed that such a strong turn out could get so quiet! You guys were really in it to win it last night! Let’s recap it.

First Round had connective tissue through wordiness. I think we used to call those rounds “Human Centipede” something or other, but I guess that reference has lost social relevance. Well, not in my (fucked up) household. Human Centipede is just everyday life. Round Two was all like, “Whaaat?!” And we was like “______ Whaaaaaat!” You;re welcome for allowing that 4 Non Blondes singalong later in the evening. I hear that song way too often. Round Three hustled though the evil of the world, and then I became the bad guy apparently after some folks didn’t get their answer sheet in on time. I did explain how it works pretty well I thought and there was a 98.9% success rate on at least turning in the round so…. BEANS! Then we talked heroines. I loved all the names that were way more creative than “The Bowler”. Janeane “Carol” Garofalo coulda used your help.

Sixth up was rocket science in honor of that comet landing that humankind just pulled off and that Matthew McConaughey movie I still need to see. Then we found Round Seven was instrumental to winning the evening. Because instruments. Finally Round Eight closed us out with lyrical athletes, easier to memorize credit card numbers, and “sherm sticks”. The regular stuff.

Thanks again for fun times. Carlos and I appreciate every one of your butts being there. We’ll catch ya next Tuesday before your Turkey Time. Bring the family if they’re in town early, show off your nerd skills!

Hunger Games Quiz THURSDAY!!

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Facebook Page!

Pinthouse Pizza
4729 Burnet Rd
Austin, TX 78756
Tuesdays: 8:00 PM
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12:25 AM, November 12, 2014
Is It Tuesday 78

Trivia Newton John 69

Alright Alright Alright 68

Front Butts 67

The Marty + Dee Experience 67

A Gentle Singularity 67

We Need a Name 66

Whats In a Name 62

Deviant Preverts 61

Jackie Treehorn's Trampoline Cream 61

Huge Subpoenas 60

The Dougs 59

Wizard Sleeves 59

Tam Tam's Jam Wams 59

Revolting Blobfish 57

Anal Kant: Let's Get Metaphysical 57

North Needs Coffee 55

The Dougless 54

Hello Pony 53

Blue Barracudas 52

Dickhole Mind Control 49

Carl Drogo & Friends 49

The Wives 47

Ha Ha His Boots 45

A+ Ers 38

The Belugas 32

Ebola Fruit 31

Unikitty 17

Jewish Jaguars 14

The Pumpkin Lushes 9

James Sterling Pound


Quiz Schedule
Mondays 8PM @ Kick Butt Coffee, Tuesdays 8PM @ Pinthouse Pizza, Wednesdays 7PM @ The Highball
James (James Sterling Pound)

James is a Movie Geek, Comic Geek, Music Geek, Internets Geek, and Beer Geek.

Heya hey Pinthouse peoples! Such fun tonight! Thanks for being there with us, Carlos and I truly appreciate seeing you. Like I said at the top of the show, I think this is the perfect time of year and perfect weather for pub quiz for some reason. I dunno, I guess it’s around when I started playing GWD myself forever ago and so it always just feels right. Joining together with friends to cozy up on brain power an booze to keep you warm. I like it. Okay, enough warm and fuzzies, let’s get down on the cold hard facts of quiz!

We kicked it off with seasonal names which was cute. Well, maybe not that part with Brad Pitt cutting out his bro’s heart, but y’know. Round Two had some high kicking, spandex wearing, rock troubadours blowing our minds with their covers. And some other unnamed shitty bands murdering some tunes. Next we learned some new slang from across the pond. I still wonder what a Banger In The Mouth is though… Maybe Carlos can teach me. Fourth Round featured nicknames of the rich and famous. Well, I can only assume Typhoid Mary was rich in some regard. Rich in disease? During Round Five I think I heard the biggest collective groan/forehead slapping when I named Princess Uni-Kitty. It was right there for you. So simple, yet so hard.

Round Six had the bro that hated the slang round rethinking his hate with all its fashion week-ness. Pretty decent scores all around however. Round Seven proved again that the news is always pretty much a downer now matter how many decades back you go. And in our last round we mourned the loss of Marley (not Cujo) over some kimchi in space with Andre The Giant and a marathon of It’s Always Sunny In Philly. Good times.

Thanks so much again for being a friend. Y’all look so horny in your team photos (a-hyuck). Sorry, I’ll butt out… C U Next Tuesday Hellions!

Pinthouse Pizza
4729 Burnet Rd
Austin, TX 78756
Tuesdays: 8:00 PM
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10:25 AM, November 05, 2014
***SS Cardenia 86

Midfirm Erections 80

Hola! Me llamo Evan! Ya Vote! 79

The Dougs 78

Penis Grigio 78

Aristocats 77

Beeriodic Tables 76

Gio has the Runs 75

Vagitarians 75

Shut Up I Already Voted 72

Frosty Nixon 71

Dixon Cider 70

The Puggles 68

I am Lorde, la la la 67

We All Met On Tinder 67

The Jimmy Trombones 65

The Billdozers 62

Will the Real Greg Abbott please Stand Up? 62

British Invasion 59

Ovaries before Brovaries 57

Sisqo's Thong Squad 55

Still Not 30! 53

Tom CryBrady 51

The Belugas 51

Free as in Bears 47

Mustache Cash Stash 45

Chimas 32



Quiz Schedule
Mondays 8PM Tower Pizza Bistro Scorekeeper Tuesdays Pinthouse Pizza also 8PM
Steve (Carlos)

Do you remember the last time somebody proved they loved you?

Do you know why there would be a missing day in the history of the universe?

Does the idea of the M-Class jaunte seem unreal to you?

Visit GeeksWhoDrink dot Mu for more details!

We all braved the elements a good deal last night, didn't we, quizzers?

The proverbial Tuesday Night Rains When You're Tryin' to Get To Pub Quiz in Texas kind of storm, right? That's a thing, right?

You got to meet greenhorn Quizmaster DAN and indoctrinate him to the madness frenzy scorekeeping that is Pinthouse! Welcome to our booze-soaked hell, Dan!

I would normally say "I don't know about you but I had a blast," but I know EXACTLY about you, and you clearly had as wonderful a time at quiz as I did. If not, more wonderfuller.

Everybody did pretty well on their Greek lettering, and I was proud that some people knew Beta failed as the popular medium for video consumption (despite being technologically superior) because they didn't produce any porn. VHS did. End of competition.

Easily my favorite round of the night when some of you proved yourselves to be smarter than a few NFL players- but if we set down a copy of the actual Wonderlic test in front of you, I'm really curious as to how hilarious the results would be. Do you know how many oranges are in a bag containing one dozen oranges? If all Moggles are Choggles and all Choggles are Squoggles, do Moggles get the same social liberties as Squoggles? Follow-up: do they all wear goggles? 'Fugly Munter' is a good name for: A.) a baby girl B.) a pet frog. Quasimodo rang the bell at Notre Dame- how many extra testicles did he have?

How did you do on Carlos' Imagined Version of the Wonderlic? Terribly? Then you passed.

If there's one song I don't want you to ever get out of your head, it's a shitty cover of Satisfaction. So you're welcome. But I think you should all be proud of how quickly and accurately you deciphered those beer anagrams! Way to drink, teams! Be sure to come by next week when we give all NFL players the Turing test to see if we've been overpaying any androids for the past six years!

Peace. Love. Tell Me You're Not Human and You'll Pass the Test.


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