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Pinthouse Pizza
4729 Burnet Rd
Austin, TX 78756
Tuesdays: 8:00 PM
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12:29 PM, July 23, 2014
Hey Carlos! 81

Malaysian Airlines Now Offers Nonstop Flights into the Ground 80

The Revolting Blobfish 77

Sick Sad World 75

The Dougs 75

Trill-via 73

Wizard Sleeves 71


LabTIME Real-View 70

The Ugs 70

Oh Shit! The Tow Trucks Are Here! 68

Quiet Storm 67

Ovaries Before Brovaries 66

Malaysia Airlines 2: Die Harder 65

Suck it Trebek 65

Iron Maidens 65

Am I Right Ladies? 64


Dick Joke 61

Vitamin Viagra 60

Skeletor deFrance 58

Mauve Avenger 58

Marge, Beer Me 57

Tiny Pants in a Jar 55

You Look Fat When You Cry 48

Couch Movers 47

First Place 43

Garks 36

Assless Chaps 35

1984 Chicago Bears 34

B to the Ling 32

BuzzKill 30

Baby Duck Face 25

Tiger's Blood 23

Messi Mob 23

James Sterling Pound


Quiz Schedule
Mondays 8PM @ Pinthouse Pizza Tuedays 8PM @ The Goodnight
James (James Sterling Pound)

James is a Movie Geek, Comic Geek, Music Geek, and Beer Geek.

Howdy ho, PHP fans! Great to see y'all again last night! Wee had a bunch of fun quizzin ya like always and our trend of teams being 30+ keeps chugging along. Amazing! I'm gonna keep this one short and sweet so I can get back to nursing my hangover.

We started off real easy and cheesy with a quesarito, then got our daily vitamin C; as in, we listened to the band Vitamin C just like I do every day. Next was divorces and other oopsies. I'm glad I've never had a $1.7 billion oopsie like Rupert Murdoch! Then we talked of true Americans, those born and bred in the southland. Luminaries like Conway Twitty, Lil Wayne, and Britney Spears. And really? You're gonna ask me which Crossroads I'm referring to? No one ever talks about the Ralph Macchio one, okay. Deal with it. After that we named the Aquaman's super friends of the sea, but sadly no Revolting Blob Fish this time.

In Round Six I read tweets from authors and characters. Boy, Twitter sure does translate well verbally, huh? #sarcasm @ChandlerBing. Then we listened to some non-football movie “football movie” clips. I'm surprised we didn't play anything from The Hunt For Redskins October. Finally we wrapped it all up with the Hanson brothers, some spicy Latinas, and Delaware.

Good job with the Mystery Playlist this week, and yes there's still tickets available to see me in a dress and heels this Thursday... Thanks once again for being awesome, we'll catch ya'll next week!

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Pinthouse Pizza
4729 Burnet Rd
Austin, TX 78756
Tuesdays: 8:00 PM
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12:43 PM, July 16, 2014
More Like Ignoble Pig (2nd) 84

A Farewell to Ben (1st) 84

The Dougs 82

Everything's Coming Up Pinthouse (3rd) 82

Are We Done Pretending to Like Soccer? 81

Team Friendship 80

Germany Likes it Rough & Messi 78

In 15th Place, That Shitty Team in the Corner 78

Wizard Sleeves 77

Dick Wolves 76

The Fucking Pinball Machine is Broken Again #PinTheseBalls 75

4 Guys, 2 Girls & A Pizza Place 74

Ramones Reunion Tour 73

***Ever Seen a 5 1/4" Floppy? 72

Beth Dressed 72

Man-O-War 70

Erotic Friend Fiction 70

I Wish This Microphone Was a Penis 69

Lance Armstrong's Missing Testicle 69

The Titters 69

Wait This Can't Be Right 68

Gregorians 68

Knights of N.I. 68

Ze Germans Were Klose, Then They Gotze It 66

The Not-So-Noble Pigs 65

Braided Butthairs 65

Noble Figs 65

The A Team 64

Wagner Loves the Cock 63

***Getting Bombed Harder than The Gaza Strip 63

Cheetah Grrrls 62

Snow White & Rose Red 62

For a Good Time Call? 58

Fireworks 52

Random 2 33

Drinks on the House 30

Lindson 27

Gavin a.k.a. The Bar Mitzvah 26

James Sterling Pound


Quiz Schedule
Mondays 8PM @ Pinthouse Pizza Tuedays 8PM @ The Goodnight
James (James Sterling Pound)

James is a Movie Geek, Comic Geek, Music Geek, and Beer Geek.

What a night last night! A new new record of 38 teams with nary a Chive event in site! Holy hell y'all, thanks! Carlos and I had a blast with you guys and I hope you did too. I'm gonna focus my attention on one particular question from Round One for the blog this week. One question that brought forth the idea of mailing Anthrax. Here's a guide on how best to mail Anthrax*:

First off you'll need a package large enough to fit the five band members, so I would suggest a shipping container. The tallest band member is around 6'1” (not accounting for metal hair), so your standard shipyard container height of 7'10” should work just fine. Also that will allow for the stacked bunking system you will need to install for the boys. It would be advisable to drill holes in your container to let the metalheads breathe. Much like the fireflies you captured in jars in your youthful summers, you don't want a dead Joey Belladonna upon opening your receptacle. The men will also need sustenance along their journey, and have collectively agreed that pizza is an acceptable morning, noon, and night meal. To my knowledge, Anthrax has not sampled Pinthouse Pizza's wares, but I'm betting they would enjoy it. And in that case, while you're at it you could get them some growlers of beer for the trip too ('cause fuck water). Scott Ian would most definitely be into the skull n' crossbones n' beer logo, and I think the Man O' War IPA has a decidedly metal moniker they could get behind as well. I hear they like chicharrones too if you want to get on Anthrax's good side.

Fortunately for you, Anthrax's tour rider is nowhere near as demanding as Slayer's, so all you will need to provide is changes of black pants (Levi's 510 Slim Fit 32x30 preferable), black socks, and a Sega Genesis (because they were black and came out in the 80s) with Mortal Kombat I and II. The other major question is who you'll be sending Anthrax to. This can make a major difference if they will be traveling via boat or train or even possibly airlifted Operation Dumbo Drop style (not an optimal method). I recommend a state senator like Ted Cruz or Mitch McConnell or someone of the like as the recipient. Someone who could really stand to learn something about your agenda by sending them Anthrax. While this process may be costly and arduous to accomplish, I feel if your heart is in the right place mailing Anthrax to someone can be very effective.

Hope that helps. We'll see all your un-blinking faces next week for more quizzing (and hopefully less towing).

Harry Potter Quiz this Saturday!

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*I'm pretty sure this blog put me on a government watch list.

Pinthouse Pizza
4729 Burnet Rd
Austin, TX 78756
Tuesdays: 8:00 PM
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1:01 AM, July 09, 2014
Penis Grigio 78

Brazil Did Nazi That Coming (3rd) 77

Orphan is the New Black (2nd) 77

All Hail the New Flesh 76

Pop dat Coochie! 75

Tenacious Tims 74

Game of Thongs 71

DAM! 68

The Dougs 67

Finding Neymar 67

Master Debators (AM) 66

Deutschland Uber Alles! 66

Fish Jammies 65

The Real Dougs 65

The Wet Bandits 64

Wizard Sleeves 64

Nein Dollar Brazilian Wax Special 63

Obsessive Compulsive MD 61


The Milkweeds 57

I've Had More Beers than Brazil Had Points 56

Lady Coons 55

The German Occupation of Brazil 55

The Good, the Bad, and We Left Matt at Home 54

Hungry Hungry Suarez 54

Ethnic Klinsmann 53

None for Brazil 47

Clever Soccer Pun 46

The Triangles 46

19 46

Sweet-T 41

I Could Use a Seat 41

Pillow Princesses 28

Sotally Tober 27

Kallies Princess Warriors 23

Banner 11

You're Drunk 9

James Sterling Pound


Quiz Schedule
Mondays 8PM @ Pinthouse Pizza Tuedays 8PM @ The Goodnight
James (James Sterling Pound)

James is a Movie Geek, Comic Geek, Music Geek, and Beer Geek.

Holy shitballs what a night. A new Pinthouse record with 37 teams playing! Just crazy. I've had a horribly stressful week so it meant a lot to see so many of you guys out (even if some of it might have been a carry over from some "The Chive" event earlier in the night...), the power of quiz is strong at Pinthouse. Real quick like (cause I've got a plane to catch), here's the rundown.

First, we got a leg up on the night by arm wrestling some bootleggin', Farmville playin', earmuff wearin' Legionnaires, then mashed it up in Round Two. I was actually pretty okay with that disco Pink Floyd. But yea, get to know Michael Sembello, I guess. Round Three taught us that Iggy Azalea comes from a land down under and Snow White dated some questionable suitor named “Florian” apparently. The Fourth round was themed around two S words, and damnit, sometimes that's good enough. You take your Spam and Supercollider Round and you like it!

Round Five taught us to be wary of pretty much everything. I think it might not be in our best interest to talk about alcohol giving you cancer though. Just a thought. Round Six featured everyone's favorite X-Men member Colossus as portrayed by the muscle-bound Famke Janssen. Also, can you imagine living on an island where freaking sheep out number you 165:1. If that scares you, steer clear of this movie. If not, it's hilariously weird and awesome and you should seek it out. Round Seven was full of ludicrous dialogue, featuring everyone's OTHER favorite X-Men character, Toad, played by Halle Berry. At least that's how I choose to remember it right now (I should keep drinking). Finally we closed it out walking the thin line between religion and racism in our music (is it weird to say the supremacist’s song is more tolerable?), eating eclairs in Eau Claire, and keeping tabs on our international stocks.

Thanks sooo much again for a stellar night! And an epic white boy dance off!We'll see y'all next week when I fly back in and drive directly to quiz you! Come for the quizzing, stay for the jetlagged word stumbling!

Harry Potter Quiz!

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