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The Infamous Cheating Incident of 2012

See these folks to the left? That's Jackie Thomas and Mitchell Mazurek of San Marcos, Texas. They are cheaters. Here is the cautionary tale of what they did and how they got caught.

In September of 2012, Geeks Who Drink hosted "The Geeky Cauldron," an all-Harry Potter quiz in four Texas cities, starting with San Antonio. These two played that quiz as Pansy Parkinson's Disease, legitimately winning all that cash. Good job! No cheating there. But then...



 Three nights later, they drove to Austin (see photo on right) and played the quiz again. Now, each themed quiz has variations, but if you've already played it in another city, you have an unfair advantage. it's kinda like quiz doping. It's cheating. They did not win in Austin and went undetected by the quizmaster. (Admittedly, an oversight on our part.) The story doesn't end here...




 Two nights after playing in Austin, this duo drove to Dallas (see instert to left). With two quizzes under their belt, they had a major advantage, and won. Surprise, surprise -- no Potter knowledge needed other than what they memorized at the previous quizzes.

The next day, with three photos of them on our site -- two as winners -- we caught on. We asked that they return the second cash prize to the rightful winners. At first, they agreed. But then they challenged us, saying we did not make it explicitly clear that what they did was cheating.

So, here it is: Playing more than one themed quiz is cheating!

In the end, we compensated the rightful winners, and the cheaters were a no-show for the final Texas Potter quiz. We have yet to receive any forfeited winnings from these cheaters. Don't cheat, people. Don't cheat.