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The Harp Inn
130 E 17th St # A
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Wednesdays: 7:30 PM
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12:29 PM, July 24, 2014
I've Gaza Feeling 73

I Could'a Been a Comic-Con Contendah 72

Yes I Can Name All 3 Hanson Brothers 69

We Were All By Ourselves 69

Team 2nd Amendment 68

I Was Saying Boo-urns 66

Quizzards 59

Spaceballz 59

I Love U2 59

Bada Team, Bada Boom 55

Wendy's 51

Banditos 40

Resident Egon


Quiz Schedule
Bryan (Resident Egon)

Born on a mountaintop in NYC, crowdedest place in the land of the free. Moved cross the country just tryin' to see, come to California when he was only 3.

Bryan, Bryan the Quizmaster. Duke of the wild frontier. (I wouldn't want to be King...too many assassination atttempts)

Time machines rule. Don't they? I bought one last night after quiz and thought I'd roll back and see what we were doing at the ol' Harp Inn this time last year. Well...literally this time last year instead of writing a blg I was preparing to host on 7/24. So...being 7/24, here is your 7/24 blog courtesy of Geeks Who Drink and the Wayback machine.


Oh the pain, oh the agony, oh the ignominies of defeat by a few points when going into Round 8 with a tie for 1st place! Tonight we started it all off right, complete with our own Solid Geek Dancer (I'd have recorded more but I left my phone charger at hoe and I still need to buy a dedicated camera for this thing) and the miracle of nerdy knowledge slowly unfolded from there. Every time I got set to read your scores there was movement on the score sheet. For a few there it looked liked little ol' Ginger and family was staring down the barrel of another trouncing, but alas...it came to just a few measly little points and that last question on R8.

Man Fair traffic and summer weather are a horrible combo in this summer heat. It's hard to dress for this weather, but trust me edible undies was the wrong call. So lets put a red satin shade over the lamp, turn on some Barry White, and I'll spend some time calling out your names affirming how wonderful you are.

My favorite Team Names Tonight:

  • It Can Only get Better (or you can stay right in 5th place for over half the game)
  • The All Greens(admittedly I took your team name in another direction til I realized you were quiz first timers...silly old hippie)
  • The Great UK Cock Block (another one I misinterpreted rather than your ex I though it was something to do with me wondering why we fought a war over 200y ago so I didn't have to give a shit about a tiny british human wrapped in a plastic bag of its own excrement)


  • If I could walk with Round 3, talk with the Round 3
  • Round 6 and you're telling me I'm the ONLY one to remember my childhood in the 70s? Seriously...I'm the hippie punk here and I should be the one with total memory loss by this point but nooOOOooooo....
    • Oh shit...speaking of Round 6 there was a bonus email question. You're on the list, right?  


We had some action on the scoreboard tonight, a real flip-flopper, real humdinger, real peanut butter in the middle of the candy! Sometimes it comes down to Jokers, sometimes it comes down to a tie breaker. Tonight it came down to Round Mothafukin' 5! Wait...Round 5?! Round fucking 5 decided this game?! Goddamn....go visual round...


  • In 3rd - We Found a Babysitter
  • In 2nd - The All Greens
  • And your victors in 1st - Do You have anything to declare? Yeah, don't go to England!

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Here's to young men and matrimony
Old men and alimony
the fuckin you get for the fuckin you got

The Harp Inn
130 E 17th St # A
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Wednesdays: 7:30 PM
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9:35 PM, July 19, 2014
Hermoine Granger and the Insufferable Know-It Alls 76

Hollyhead Harpies 75

Mischief Unmanaged 71

Guided by Errol 59

Chicken & Quaffles 56

But What About Hannah Abbott?? 53

Golden Snitches Get Golden Stitches 50

Drop Dead Fred 44

That's So Ravenclaw 44

Dumbledore's 15 inch DeathStick 43

I Whip My Stairs Back & Forth 42

Lupin Patronus 35

Moony's Menagrie 29

A Family Obsession 29

U Huff & U Puff 13

Wizard Wheezes 13

Resident Egon


Quiz Schedule
Bryan (Resident Egon)

Born on a mountaintop in NYC, crowdedest place in the land of the free. Moved cross the country just tryin' to see, come to California when he was only 3.

Bryan, Bryan the Quizmaster. Duke of the wild frontier. (I wouldn't want to be King...too many assassination atttempts)

Did you ever answer any quiz question with an answer; an answer you couldn't explain? You're a quizzer, Harry. It took but a few moments, and you all entered those doors with your classmates, through the changing staircases, past the guarding portraits, and into your house common rooms. For those who joined us today, welcome to your first quiz. Place your hand over the pencil, and say "Up!" First timers should note that The Dark Ale(Guiness), is strictly forbidden(I'm totally kidding. Buy more pints! Tip more cash!) But understand this...not all Quizzers are good. But I think it is clear, we can expect great things from you.

A few years ago, you took the quiz and Geeks Who Drink became legend. And so tonight, for Harry Potter's fans, a new year of quiz begins. Magical lessons of how tough our rounds are continue, and old rivalries grew stronger(nothing like the Gingers playing together and arguing over who has the right answer to strengthen the fight between them at our next regular night). You cracked open your own Chamber of Secrets, deep in your minds, and found the answers needed...but not so much the polyjuice potion. but this is The Harp, and even though she placed rather low it is quite evident, Miss Ginger Bitch will always be around to ruin the day.

Now...turn to page 394. Put on your Sirius faces, and break yourselves out. But promise me, you won't go quizzing for him. Remember, it is not in the nature of a Quiz Master to be forgiving. But neither a filthy little mudblood, nor a foul loathsome evil little cockroach could keep you from your appointed answers. Except during that one round...why no one cast Expecto Patronum I will never know.

My thanks to my regulars tonight, for your personal Hogwarts Castle(Harp Inn) was not only your home today, but home to some very special guests as well. The proud sons of Brix, and the lovely ladies of Durty Nelly's(Gerry included). A time of change, of growth, of much rejoicing and dancing and a chance for glory. For The Harp was chosen to host a legendary event, the Tri-Wizard Quiz! TEAM CEDRIC! The Dark Quizzers shall rise again...beware. And an influx of so many lovely new faces can mean only one thing. Everything's going to change now, isn't it?

Well it's changing out there...there's a storm coming, quizlets. Just like last time. No Dolores Umbridge isn't being appointed your new Quiz Master. Things at The Harp aren't far worse than anyone fears....cause like no one fears for us, they just fear us. You have been told that a certain dark quizzer is at large, but this is a lie. Still...kind of exciting isn't it? Breaking the rules? Well...the ministry's gonna have a full uprising on its hands, and from us that could mean trouble. I mean if Voldemort's building up an army, then we want to fight. But if we're wrong, my little quizzing potters, you will lose...everything.

Quizzes are often memories, specifically of one very important person...you. To know the future, the answers, return to the past. Some pieces of quiz are just...a Riddle. You have to ask when we first began quizzing if we knew, knew that we had just met the worst dark quizzer of all time...no.

These are dark times, there is no denying. Our world has faced no greater quiz than it did today. But you can't answer these rounds on your own, mister quizzer. We're too strong. You infiltrated GWD? We have nothing to hide. And the longer you stay here, the stronger we get. But nobody else is going to lose, not for me. This July, only one could quiz. I have seen your hearts, and they are mine. You quizzed valiantly. On this day, joined with me, and confronted your fate. I never wanted anyone to quiz for me, so we finish the way we started it...together.


My favorite Team Names Tonight:

  • Hermione Granger and the Insufferable Know-It-Alls
  • Drop Dead Fred (just cause it got the most groans of any name)
  • Dumbledore's 15 inch DeathStick
  • That's So Ravenclaw



  • I'm thinking of getting MUGG tattooed across my stomach in honor of Round 1
  • It seems many of you in Round 3 were just too afraid to call out the moniker of Voldything yourselves too.
  • Can I quote you on Round 4? No? You didn't know Death Eater's so well? You scores kinda show that too.



  • In 3rd - Mischief Unmanaged
  • In 2nd - Hollyhead Harpies
  • And your victors in 1st - Hermione Granger and the Insufferable Know-It-Alls

Check us out officially on the web behind the Orange Curtain!

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Here's to being single...
Drinking doubles...
And seeing triple!


The Harp Inn
130 E 17th St # A
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Wednesdays: 7:30 PM
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12:08 AM, July 17, 2014
Penguins Stole My Sanity 74

Lady Boyz II Men 70

Kevin Sorbo & His Immigrant Child Army 69

If you love someone, Set them on Fire 62

Cup of Ramadan 62

Nailed It! 61

Peter Love Paul Long Time 60

Balls Deep 58

Suck It 56

Resident Egon


Quiz Schedule
Bryan (Resident Egon)

Born on a mountaintop in NYC, crowdedest place in the land of the free. Moved cross the country just tryin' to see, come to California when he was only 3.

Bryan, Bryan the Quizmaster. Duke of the wild frontier. (I wouldn't want to be King...too many assassination atttempts)

STABBED!!!!!!!!!!! In Medellin, Colombia

Sounds like the title to a horror flick, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, this was not a movie.  I’ve had a lot of people ask me the details of what happened, and I found myself repeating the story ad nauseam the next 8 days in Colombia, and continuing when I returned to the states. 

I figure, what better forum then a quiz blog to tell the story for good and also share with you my thoughts and feelings after the dust settled.

I consider myself an experienced traveler. The more you travel the more useful tricks you learn to navigate the unknown. You develop rules. The fallacy that often befalls the expert is giving way to over-confidence, which is exactly the trap that got me. After you do something like solo back-pack across Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and Israel during the riots in a volatile, dangerous time and come out unscathed, you get a little cocky. You think you can’t be touched and it can’t happen to you. Guess I fell for that one, because this night I knowingly violated almost every one of my rules out of sheer laziness and over-confidence:

Leave your passport in the hotel room in a safe place

Take all your cards and extra cash out of wallet: only bring enough cash for one night

Stay away from dark areas keep under the spot lights in well lit places with lots of people

The only rule I stuck too was #1 and thankfully they didn’t get my passport too. 

It went down like this: wrapped up in the excitement of being in a new city for the first time drinking beers on a park bench, we were blissfully off-guard in the midst of a fun conversation having a really great time. That’s when I felt a hand just ripping at my wallet chain violently trying to tear my wallet off me. The group of attackers had quietly snuck up on us from either side. There were 4 of them, 2 to attack me and 2 for Aaron. 

I instinctually went into “fight mode,” stood up, spun around and swung at the thief trying to knock him away. He was swinging at me at the same time; the difference was he had a straight knife, like a switch blade. That’s when I heard Aaron scream:


Soon as I heard this, I saw a river of crimson gushing down my arm. The fucker stabbed my left shoulder. Yep…. they got knives alright. I backed up so quickly that I fell backwards onto the bench and dropped my camera and phone out of my pocket on the ground. That’s when the guy lunged at me with the knife. He was trying to take me out so he could get my phone/camera. In this moment, I felt a real fear for .5 seconds (all the time I had) that this guy had the intent, and the capability to kill me. I violently kicked at him while lying on my back trying to prevent him from getting any closer, he backed off slightly and swiped at my leg (hence the slice wound on my leg in the pictures). 

I immediately jumped off the bench onto my feet and found myself at a standstill with this guy. The camera and phone were at the midway point between us on the ground, and I knew he wanted them. The smart thing would have been to run, but something inside me was determined he wouldn’t get them. I looked into his eyes and this motherfucker was crazed. Probably around 20 years old, and swinging this blade around manically. I jumped forward quickly grabbing the camera and phone off the ground, and then moved back out of his striking range. That’s when the 4 of them called it quits and ran off together. I ran after them for a while screaming

“Quatro Banditos!! They stole my wallet!! Help!!!”

I stopped pursuing when I realized how much I was bleeding. The policia, as usual, were fucking useless. They did nothing except tell me to catch a cab to the hospital. Nice fucking work guys. Way to look out. This dear old lady was much more helpful. She came out to me and put a shirt over my arm to help stop the bleeding. Unlike the cops, she had a look of caring in her eyes. Bless that sweet old woman. 

In all, they got my wallet with both cards in it and around $1000 USD (all the money I brought on the trip). They also stole Aaron’s phone, but didn’t get his wallet. I was able to save the camera and my phone.

At the hospital, I could only tell them the name of my insurance company and give some basic info. My insurance info was all stolen with my wallet. Unlike at a U.S. hospital, their priority once they realized that I didn’t have all my info was to help me out regardless because they knew I was in a bad situation. It’s almost as if they viewed me as a ::GASP:: human being and not a walking wallet, unlike the doctors in America the ugly. They say that how a nation takes care of its people when they’re hurt speaks great volumes about the character/quality of that nation. Whereas in the United States I’ve never felt like the doctors gave a single shit, these Colombian doctors were very good to me: they patched me up and gave me shots for pain and infection as well as medication. And they did it all for $40 USD. This kind of treatment would be un-heard of in the United States. As Aaron said, this would have cost me hundreds of dollars without insurance here. The bottom line is I felt like their priority really was to take care of me, not rush me out the door as soon as possible for as much money as possible.

A few hours afterwards, though I could barely move my arm, I felt overwhelmed by a blissful sense of Euphoria.

I simply felt lucky to be alive to experience more of the now. I realized that they could have stabbed at my neck, or my heart. And I would be dead now, vanquished forever. It happens. I felt so happy and grateful as well as appreciative that I am able to keep living this gift, this pointless gift of life. The universe is, at its core, playful. There is really no need for anything to exist. But because it does exist, it’s something to be cherished. 

I want to tell you something…

We all believe something different will happen when we die. Reincarnation to some, heaven or hell to others; this is what I believe: As the great Alan Watts once prophetically said:

“This is IT.”

Meaning, that once you die, you return to the place you were before you were born. Oblivion. Your consciousness will end. You will end. Forever. “You” will never exist ever again. I know this is an absolutely terrifying thought to most that internalize it. And a lot of people don’t internalize death. They realize it logically, but think that’s its so far off, it’s out of sight and out of mind. The truth is, unspeakable numbers of us are dying and being born every day. Consciousnesses are being vanquished and new ones are being formed: all the time.

I’m a realist and I prefer to live in the truth, no matter how painful it might be. I think most people prefer delusion. The human ego and attachment doesn’t allow them to see beyond their individualism to the greater whole, that you are indeed just a speck in the winds of time, you are simply a part of the greater universe and just like a changing season, you are here to die out. Every day from the moment you were born you are dying. Sometimes I look in the mirror and I see the ageing on my face and my white hairs and wonder where the time went. I see that, for all the ego I’ve ever accumulated, all the rationalizations I’ve ever mustered up, I am but a spiritual being in a physical body and this body is ever decaying. Then I begin to cry: It’s not meant to last. That’s its beauty. 

And I don’t recommend you internalize death. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. When you stop to consider the billions of years and people and generations past that got us to where we are today and those to come and you realize that in a small time span, less then 100 short years for most of us, your part in this crazy play is over forever:

Something very special awakens inside of you: a sense of URGENCY.

Unlike the duped man who is living for “heaven” or some off-kilter future promise, you live for the NOW.

You realize that, if this life is all that there is for you, there is but one and only one option:


So, if I had it to do over again, would I return to Medellin and get stabbed, all over again?


I made a decision that same night: I can either let the wound and the loss of material possession ($$$) become my reality that night, or I can accept and move on to create a new, better NOW.

I went on to make love to a girl that night, despite the gimp arm. (Turns out only one appendage really need to work correctly!) Then I went on to get married to a cool girl I met later that night and slam dance till 7 am in the morning with one of my best friends.

And you know what? Slam-dancing till 7am in the morning to Rammstein and Combi-Christ is fucking priceless. I am so grateful I got to live on that night to experience that joy.

I proclaimed that “Well, this trip can only go up from here!” And indeed it did!!

I spent the next 8 days doing some amazing adventures in Medellin.

And I know I do some things in my life that some or even a lot of you wouldn’t approve of. Your axioms don’t allow you to do so, and you are put off that my actions counter them. But that’s another beauty of it: It’s my script, not yours. It’s my life to live how I choose. In the beginning of this post, I told you that it wasn’t a movie. But I deceived you. It is, but a part of my film: the one I am directing as I go.

So what do I recommend you do? Go visit Medellin, Colombia. Or, if that doesn’t suit you, then go do what does. I’m sure that Game of Thrones is likely a great show. But to me, I would be wasting my life basing my time around a television show. I am just not that guy. I long to make my own adventures: not live to watch someone else’s contrived ones. I’d rather be stabbed again. It’s easy to be judgmental, and I hope I’m not coming off that way. My point here is that if GOT truly is what you want to spend your precious finite time doing, then DO IT. Whatever you do, don’t exist in misery doing something you don’t really love in the vain hope that “one day” things will be better. 

There is no “one day.” There is only RIGHT NOW.

If getting stabbed furthered any thought in my mind, and any one thing I want to share with you, it’s this: Don’t waste your life. 

The people that stabbed me believe that life is cheap. I disagree; I believe that each and every life is priceless. No war is worth even one life. And I know this could have happened to me anywhere in any big city. I am so enthralled that I got to meet all the cool people that I did this trip and I thank you for your kindness and sympathy and help, and I am happy I got to share myself with you in the different ways that we shared. I am happy to experience your culture, I love your country and so I am announcing it now, for the third time:

I am NOT DONE with Colombia. VIVA COLOMBIA!!!

Until the next time…. SALUD!!!


My favorite Team Names Tonight:

  • Kevin Sorbo & His Immigrant child Army
  • Mostly cause they kept grouping together in varying orders:
    • Suck it!
    • Balls Deep
    • Nailed It!
      • Yes I'm 12 inside...



  • Round 1 was fucking irked me.
  • For the majority of Round 2 you scored more than a minority of answers.
  • Round 6 just so clever...so so shapely...and clever... mostly clever
    • Oh shit...speaking of Round 6 there was a bonus email question. You're on the list right? You signed up with me at quiz? 



  • In 3rd - Kevin Sorbo and his blah blah blah
  • In 2nd - Lady Boyz II Men
  • And your victors in 1st - Ginger Bitch!

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Here's to being single...
Drinking doubles...
And seeing triple!


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