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Tickets for Geek Bowl VI are now on sale! Grab your credit card and click here.

What is Geek Bowl VI?

Geek Bowl is a big deal. For one, it's the largest live quiz in America -- ever. But it's also an over-the-top event packed with pagaentry and entertainment. The competition is fierce, the glory is immense, and the cash prize is cold and hard.

When Is Geek Bowl VI?

Saturday, January 28th, 2012. Doors at 6pm- quiz at 7pm.

OK, then where Is Geek Bowl VI?

This year we are taking Geek Bowl on the road to Austin, Texas. The championship will be held at the Austin Music Hall.

What if I want to be a part of the spectacle?

Perfect! Win your entry fee back with the first ever Geek Bowl Dance Off. It's simple: The dance off will run during the final scoring break, and you'll be our entertainment. Your ENTIRE team must participate; Steve can't sit in the chair and laugh at you. You have 45 seconds to shake it. Teams MUST provide song title and info (in point, out point) by 5pm on January 25th. Judging will be at the sole discretion of thoroughly corrupt Quizmasters. This in no way, shape or form affects your Geek Bowl score. Sign up here.

I'll be in Austin on Friday. Where will the Geeks be?

On Friday, January 27th from 7-11pm there will be a badass Geek Bowl pre-party The Highball, one of the best venues in the Geeks Who Drink Empire. We'll have a beer special -- good beer, not swill -- that includes a GWD pint glass. We've got karaoke hosted by quizmasters. We'll be playing a Meet Your Quizmaster Scavenger Hunt for prizes. And The Highball is a fun venue: karaoke, bowling, drinking, eating. Free for anyone and open to the public. Come commune with fellow geeks.

Why did you move Geek Bowl to Austin?

We tried to host Geek Bowl in Denver again. But the Fillmore wasn't available, and there really aren't any other venues suitable for so many geeks playing a quiz. So, we made lemonade and decided to take it on the road. The Austin Music Hall suits our needs without compromise, and Austin is a fun town to visit. Come to Austin for Geek Bowl, but stay for all that Austin has to offer. It's the "Live Music Capital of the World." We're gonna make it the live quiz capital this January.

Where do I buy tickets and how much are they?

Tickets are on sale now, you can purchase tickets HERE

Competitor tickets (sold in groups of 6) are $25.99 each now through January 25th, after that they will be $40.  Competitor ticket sales will close 6pm MST January 27th, 2012.

Spectator tickets are $14.99 each. Spectators are welcome to play but won't be scored and can't win cash.  Spectator tickets will be available day of the event at the Austin Music Hall box office.

Is Geek Bowl the same as a regular GWD quiz?

Yes, totally. In the same way your mom is like a drag queen because they both wear panties and makeup. Seriously, no. Geek Bowl is filled with pageantry, live performances and drama. The competition is heated with the best and the brightest from across GWD's burgeoning empire competing for a hefty amount of cash and a year's worth of bragging rights.

This is the LARGEST PUB TRIVIA EVENT IN THE UNITED STATES so winning here, or even coming close, means something. 190 teams will compete; three will win cash. Few will retain their dignity.

What's more, Geek Bowl is a spectator sport. That's right, there's room for your parents, brothers, sisters and estranged children to hang out and watch.

Having said all that, in terms of format and rules, Geek Bowl is identical to a regular GWD quiz. There's eight rounds of eight questions. It will vary from musical to straight questions to audio and visual rounds. Like a normal quiz, but bigger in scope.

The six-person team is still the limit. You can still joker one round, which will double your points for that round only. The point values for each round will be printed on the answer packets so you can make an informed decision on when to joker.

Should I wait to buy tickets?

Hell no! BUY YOUR TICKETS EARLY. Last year, over 50 teams purchased their tickets in the first minute they were on sale.   This year 90 teams bought their tickets in the first night.  Buy your tickets now, we will cut off ticket sales BEFORE the event to plan seating.  You can purchase tickets HERE.

Do you tease the themes via email like a regular quiz?

No. We want everyone to be on the same page from the first question to the last.

How much cash is on the line?

We can’t drop an exact number at the moment, but last year we gave $7,000 in cash for the top three teams. Stay tuned to the blog for updates.

Is it true that proctors monitor the floor and deliver Taliban-style justice to teams caught using cell phones, PDAs or any extra cranial devices?

YES! There's money on the line and we don't want the integrity of the quiz called into question by someone who swears up and down they're "just checking in with their cancer-ridden sister in Fresno." Screw your cancer-ridden sister. If you're seen so much as looking at a smart phone during the quiz, your team will get a goose egg for that round and may be ejected from the event. Please leave phones and all wireless devices in the car. If you're obsessed about what time it is, go retro and wear a watch.

Additionally, if you leave the main seating area in the middle of a round to use the bathroom, make a call or howl at the heavens, you won’t be allowed back in until the answer sheets have been collected for that round.

Anything that was not given to you by GWD (answer sheet packets, pencils, swag) or you didn't buy (beer and food) must be put away while the quiz is in play. The primary reason is to eliminate the possibility of outside notes/reference material being brought in. Security.

How long will it last?

Our goal is to be announcing the winners three hours from start time. That's ambitious, we know. 

Is there reserved seating?

At the Bolshoi Ballet maybe, but not Geek Bowl.

How does the seating work?

There are 1140 PLAYER tickets (190 teams) available. Teams who buy their tickets first (in blocks of six) will be seated at tables close to the stage. As more tickets are sold, the further back teams will be.

What's the deal with having to buy six tickets?

Tickets are being sold in groups of six. If you haven't arranged a full team, our recommendation is simple: Buy your (six) tickets and then recruit the rest of your squad. Use our Facebook page or ask us to Tweet requests for additional teammates. Come Geek Bowl time we can more or less guarantee there will be lone players without tickets looking to get picked up. This has been the case in Geek Bowl's past.

Will there be food?

The Austin Music Hall does not serve food. But we are working on a food option to keep your energy up during the quiz. Stay tuned.

Are spectators allowed?

YES. Tickets will be available for purchase. Spectators can play along for fun, though they won't be seated at tables and their answer sheets won't be scored. Spectators who shout out answers or are seen communicating with teams on the floor will be ejected immediately.

Will there be quizmasters and teams from other states?

Yes. At each Geek Bowl we attract players and quizmasters throughout the Geeks Who Drink empire. We expect Austin as a destination city will bring folks out.

Where should I stay?

We've worked a deal out with Hyatt Place Ausitn to get you some great rates on rooms close to the event. Click the link below for the GBVI rate of $99 for a King and $109 for a double.

Hyatt Place Austin/Arboretum
3612 Tudor Boulevard
Austin, Texas 78759, USA
Tel: +1 512 231 8491 

What kind of live performance rounds will you have?

The fantabulous and bilarious kind.

Why should we buy tickets for Geek Bowl when our team never wins at our regular quiz?

Aw, this is a question we love even though it makes us sad. If you play each week and never place then winning clearly isn't that important to you, right? So consider Geek Bowl a dork bacchanal. You're not going to win so just relax, drink up and enjoy the show because a show it definitely is. Here's the thing with Geek Bowl. It's raw spectacle. It's pageantry. It's a ritual. It's part of history.

Not unlike The Super Friends or the All Star Game, it's a convergence of disparate powers, namely all the most spirited teams and quizmasters in the Geek Who Drink community. It's like when you wondered how The Professor from Gilligan's Island would hold up to the rigorous scientific scrutiny of Dr. Bunsen Honeydew. Alas, there was no context for these two worlds to interact. At Geek Bowl, it all comes together.

I hear last year's winners, The Anti-Social Network, are really good?

Eh. Teams win, and then they choke. We predict they'll wind up between 1st and 39th place.

Stay tuned to the blog for our picks on who the smart money is riding on. Disregard the fact that we've been wrong about this for the last four years.

Is there an actual Geek Bowl?

Why yes! Thanks to Geek Bowl II's winners, The Betas, there's a bowl that has been roosting at the Irish Snug in Denver. If your team wins, your home bar hosts the Bowl until Geek Bowl 2012. Glory!

My question was not answered here!

Sorry, but that's not really a question is it? Shoot us an email at info@geekswhodrink.com and we'll get back to you.  However, if you've waited this long and are now ready to buy tickets, you can purchase tickets HERE.