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Blue Star Cafe & Pub
4512 Stone Way North
Seattle, WA 98103
Mondays: 8:00 PM
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11:24 PM, March 02, 2015
Followers of King Kashekim Nedaleh 66

Hobo Dance Party 65

A Team Named Slickback 62

Dr Spaceman 60

Dr. Spock, man 57

Loose Seals 57

Star Wars Episode XIV: Enter Honey Boo-Boo 55

Word to your Mother 54

Somewhere over the changbow 53

Birken-crocs 50

Witty & Winning 47

Avant le fin de la nuit, on sera a poile 46

Boobs 46


Kitty's Got Claws 41

Third to last 39

Dude Team 36

Sex with an alligator 27

Ivan the Adequate


Quiz Schedule
Mondays (8pm) @ Blue Star Cafe & Pub
Ivan (Ivan the Adequate)

I have no idea what the hell happened last week.

I mean, I know what happened to me. I caught a virus, found myself out of commission, and enlisted Colin to take back the reigns for a single evening - knowing that if anyone knows how to take care of the Blue Star, it’s him. What I don’t know is how it ended up going – I mean, I presume well, but I can’t really know for sure based on the grammatical abyss of a blog post he threw together for last week (go back and read the very first line and tell me if it makes any sense).

Therefore, I have to use context clues. Quieter crowd? Check. Deflated enthusiasm? Check. Less drunken disorderly conduct? Check. Colin, what in the world did you do to these people? They’re not themselves anymore.

Who am I kidding? It’s all me. I’m the problem here. I can’t expect to waltz back in here with a weakened immune system, inability to consume alcohol, and general lack of my usual chipper personality. I’ve let you people down with these newfound mortality I’ve been struggling with.

Never again. From here on out, it’s all multivitamins and Moscow Mules. Back to business next week.

We apologize for the unexpected hiccup.

Blue Star Cafe & Pub
4512 Stone Way North
Seattle, WA 98103
Mondays: 8:00 PM
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4:01 AM, February 24, 2015
A team named slickback 85

The Tits 77

Dr. Spaceman 74

Chang chang chang chang of fools 73

Where's Melissa 71

Chris Pine's Tears 64

KY Jelly Babies 64

Super Balls Deep 64

Doctor Who Cares 63

Jaci Is Spinning 63

#Dick by the pound 58

Ron Swanson's Moustache 58

your mom 54

loose Seal Team 6 53

Loose Seals 51

Captain Cranium & the epiphanies 46

this will only hurt a little 46

We know as much as Jon Snow 44

This Will Hurt a Lot 36



Quiz Schedule
Monday @ 8pm Blue Star Cafe & Pub
Colin (Rainier)

Folks around these parts know me by a lot of names. Having grown up in Seattle I went by Cookie during my time playing baseball. Also had the nickname Nature Boy at summer camp, and in high school Spanish class I was Diablo. Along with my many names come many talents. I was the state pickleball champion two years in a row (2005-2006) and have a pretty mean drinking arm when it comes to bar games. Try your luck and challenge me to some pool if you feel lucky. Am a passionate world traveler with plenty of plans to keep moving along in the future. Currently enjoying life and laying it all on the line Monday night at the Blue Star Cafe & Pub.





It has been over 8 months since Quizmaster Colin returned to the hallowed halls of Blue Star under the banner of QMing its quiz. Before his triumpant return two quizmasters had seen their reign come. Scott the first was there in the begining during the absence of Colin. It was then that the people held onto hope that their Colin would return and they were found with Ivan who led them from the shadow and into the light that was the modern era. So the time of Colin faded into myth and ledgand. 

In other words having QM Colin back was very clearly a truly auspicious evening. All should feel lucky and all should have asked him to sign their scorecards to sell on ebay for a unresonably amount of money. The fact that only three teams did this was insulting to me. Still it was a wonderful treat being back at the Blue Star with a microphone in hand and quiz in the other. Looking forward to coming back next week and hopefully winning the quiz. For now we can all hope Ivan has a quick recovery. To all the teams that know and remember me thank you. To those that didn't now you know what you missed.

Looking at the top scores it seems things haven't changed much as the top three teams are all ones I remember from my time at the Blue Star. Though when I started Slickback was really a one man army often seen cutting people behind bars; however, that is a story for another blog. Here are your champions from the quiz. 

1st - Team Named Slickback

2nd - The Tits

3rd - Dr. Spaceman

Blue Star Cafe & Pub
4512 Stone Way North
Seattle, WA 98103
Mondays: 8:00 PM
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11:34 PM, February 16, 2015
A Team Named Slickback 80

"60% of the time...we win everytime" 76

Team Right Shark 76

Drinking and Deriving 73

For a good time, call…[redacted] 71

Dr. Spaceman 70

Gene Parmesan 69

The San Diego Padres 68

Rhino Gosling 67

I got VD on VD 66

Loose Seals Team 6 66

Boobs 65

Loose Seals 63

Pheasant Pluckers 61

Bakula Future 53

Steamboat Steamers 52

Why Bother 49

The Ronal Ragins 21

Catty Wumpus 5

Ivan the Adequate


Quiz Schedule
Mondays (8pm) @ Blue Star Cafe & Pub
Ivan (Ivan the Adequate)

Today is once again a sick day for me, so it’s not going to be one of those occasions where I produce well-thought-out piece of critical analysis.

What? It happens sometimes. Every now and then. At least once before.

Interestingly enough, I’ve been sick a few times the last few months; probably more times than I’ve been sick in the last few years leading up to them. Kinda makes me think Obama might have been right about that whole thing about my generation realizing that we’re not invincible. I should make note of that.

Great quiz this week as always. A Team Named Slickback took top marks again, with “60 percent of the time...we win every time” following behind in 2nd after winning the sudden death tiebreaker.

We’ve had some packed houses lately, and I’m hoping to see the trend continue.

Until next week.

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